Best Sound Effect Apps For Android and iOS

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Sound is everywhere and every day we are surrounded by that. We heard various sounds a countless number of times. Some sounds are pleasant and some are irritating and some are most important (conversion etc).

Some sound effects may be funny or pleased that you may want to hear every day. But this may not possible to hear it naturally. So you may use some sound effect apps that make it possible.

List of best sound effect apps

Here is a list of best sound effect apps and that you can use to produce various effects.

1. 100 Sound Buttons

As the name suggest 100 Sound Buttons app contains various sound effects. There are various categories like animal sounds, music instruments, memes, funny, vehicle & much more to explore.

The team behind this app consistently update it and add more sound effects. The app interface is clean and you will found all the buttons align symmetrically. Just install the app and click on your preferred button to hear the sound.

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2. Instant Buttons: The Best Soundboard

Instant Buttons: The Best Soundboard is a very popular app in this category. There are 10 million-plus active installation and thousands of good reviews in Play Store.

This app has one of the biggest collection of the sound effect we have ever seen. You can use the search option to search for any sound effect by using categories, languages, and tags.

If any sound feels good to you then you can use it as ringtone, notification or alarm. And the cool thing is, you can play with the default sound and customize as you own.

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3. SoundBox – Sound Effects Soundboard

SoundBox – Sound Effects Soundboard app has a good collection of sound effects. The app interface seems basic but you can get the best experience what you are looking for.

This also contains many effects on various categories. The buttons itself says what will the sound effect. Just click on the appropriate button and enjoy the sound effect. This app is available for free in the Google Play Store.

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4. Fart Sounds – iFart

Fart Sounds – iFart is quite an old app in this category. The interface is also old looking and feels like an old slot machine.

With the free version of this app, you will get 31 Fart Sounds. It includes sounds like Dirty Raoul, plus features like Sneak Attack, Wipe Out and The Brown Mosquito, I’m Feeling Lucky and Security Fart.

If you want more sounds then you can upgrade the app anytime you want. It will give you more 70 amazing farts and costs 99 cents only.

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5. Sci-Fi Sound Effects

Do you have an interest in Aliens and Sci-Fi moves? Then you would love this app. Star War fans will fall in love with this.

There are various sounds like UFO, robot sounds, Alien sounds, monster, and laser sound effect and many sci-fi sounds.

You can use these sounds for various purposes. You can set these tones as ringtone, alarm or notification tone.

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6. Equalizer

Equalizer apps are now getting popular and this app has millions of download.

This equalizer app can be used for various purposes. You can use this app to improve the output quality or edit the sound and create your own custom sound.

Adjust the frequency level of sound effects in the various tone and make it as your choice.


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7. Sound Effects

Sound Effects by PXL apps is also a popular app in this category. The app layout and user interface is quite clean and makes it user-friendly.

The buttons are shaped in a rectangle shape and you also big in size. You will not accidentally click any button. You will have a lot of fun with realistic sound effects.

There are more than 200 sound effects distinguished in different categories.

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8. 100+ Weapon Sound Effects and Buttons

Do you love to hear the sound of weapons? Game geeks will say yes. The pleasant music of firing guns and war machines.

If the above criteria match you then you will fall in love with this app. No need to play games or go to the gun range to hear the actual sound.

This app contains a huge collection of sound effects of guns and other machines. The app is regularly updating and adding more sounds.

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9. Loudest Air Horn (Prank)

Are you finding a way to prank your friends and make some fun? Then this app may be a good idea to have some fun.

This app collected various sound effects such as an air horn, car signal, siren, fire alarm, and other frightening sounds.

These sounds may create irritation on your friends so use this to a certain range.


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10. Fart Cushion

If you or your friends are not satisfied with the above prank then its time to level up the joke.

Fart Cushion is a classic joke and making fun for a long time. Place the device safely on the couch (under some protection) or chair just like a normal “Whoopee Cushion.”

The app will detect the pressure when your friend sits down on it and then emit a loud farting noise. Laugh at them as loud as you can and point at them.

You can trigger the farts in multiple ways like Accelerometer, GPS, Touch, and Timer. A lot of fun with this.

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11. Dank Meme Soundboard

Who don’t love memes? Monsters may be.

In the age of social media, memes are always on trending. This app has a good collection of meme sounds.

Currently, there are over 350 meme sounds and the number increases with each update. This app works offline so that you can enjoy it without having an internet connection.

This app allows you to search for the memes so that you can get it easily.

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12. Subliminal Work

Subliminal Work app is designed to give you a healthy and positive lifestyle by listening to subliminal recordings.

It can be used for various forms of stimulus and motivation activity. This app claims that you will feel relax and motivated after hearing the sounds in it.

There is a list of sounds in this app which can be used for various activity.

There are many categories like Personal Development, Brain Development, Personal Therapy, Positive Thinking, Social Skills, Health and Appearance, Money and Wealth, Weight Loss, Relationship.

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13. 150 Animal Sounds

Animal lovers, don’t be disappointed. This app is for you.

150 Animal Sounds is an app dedicated to animal lovers who want to hear various animal sounds.

This app has a good collection of sounds of animal and bards. You will find all the popular animals here.

The app has high definition photos and sound effects. This app contains 60 languages and knows the animal names in your own native language.

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14. Scary Sound Effects

Scary Sound Effects app is a good option for ghost lovers and hunted movie fans.

This app contains various sound effects regarding paranormal activity and scary animal tones like bats and wolf.

Press the buttons on the app and adjust the volume of the app. You will get the most if you try it in the dark night. You can also use these tones as ringtone, notification, etc.

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So these are some of the best sound effect apps you can use. If you are searching one of this category then you should definitely try these apps.

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