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11 Best Billing and Invoicing Software

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If you own a business, you will understand how crucial it gets to make sure your customers pay the bills. The truth is, if you become casual and overlook the importance of the best billing and invoicing software, then you might also miss out on the payments.

But luckily, there is plenty of options for billing software available that helps remove the ‘Pain’ from the whole billing process. This software helps in speeding up the entire process and, at the same time, give more options.

It is such software that helps in adding channels of electronic payments and networks for mobile payments. This helps in enhancing the payment process of the customers seamlessly.

11 Best Billing and Invoicing Software

The type of business an individual runs and the clients have helped them find the best billing invoicing software they should get their hands on.

Especially for small to middle-sized companies, the articulation of services rendered and getting paid at the earliest is considered a professional way of getting paid promptly.

Let’s have a look at our collection and select the suitable one for your business.

1. FreshBooks

This billing invoicing software offers the intuitive, well-rounded, and double-entry experience of accounting, which supports both invoices and estimated expenses.

It is very useful in tracking time and anticipating the business needs of different genres much better than all the competitors. The USP of the software is that it is very simple and seamless to use.

FreshBooks website


  1. Easy Invoicing: It helps in impressing the client by making professional invoices, which only take a second to make.
  2. Organize Expenses: No more need for a shoebox for keeping the receipts. Businesses can easily log and track expenses with Fresh Books.
  3. Time Tracking: The team can easily log into the hours and then put them automatically into the invoice


  • Access to lesser fees and slashed transaction fees.
  • Account manager offering custom services.
  • Hands-on assistance to help transform the current accounting platform

2. Vyapar

Vyapar is a very popular beginner-friendly billing software packed with all the features you want. Finding multiple reputed tools or services is not easier in this chaotic environment. Thanks to Vyapar for proving a bunch of features under a single dashboard. Now, over 10 million businesses are using this simple-to-use and incredibly secure tool.

The GST billing feature is very useful for creating invoices quickly. Manage your inventory effectively and improve business performance using inventory management features. Want to send payment reminders to recover dues? Then Vyapar allows you to do this in a few clicks. Moreover, you can create an online store and list products/services for sale.

Vyapar website


Create GST Bills – This software complies with all the GST norms and let you create error-free GST invoice in minutes.

Track Orders – Set a due date for orders and save time with automated tracking.

Inventory Management – Perform all the inventory-related tasks in one dashboard.

Create Online Store – Using drag and drop interface you can easily create an online store.


  • Easy to use interface for any size business.
  • Over 10 million happy customers already using Vyapar
  • More than just a billing software

3. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is one of the best billing and invoicing software that enjoys great goodwill in the market. For all sole proprietors, small businesses, or middle sizes firms, Zoho Invoice works wonders, as it is specially designed for such a layout.

The software provides an ample number of features such as flexible pricing, customizable, etc.

Zoho Invoice website


  1. Invoicing: Get customized invoices and quicker payments with the proper online payment options.
  2. Client Portal: It allows customers to view their transactions at any place they want and at any time.
  3. Expenses: This allows to upload of the receipts to stay properly organized and track the money properly.


  • Easy generation of bills which helps in tracking business.
  • Helps in proper communication with the vendors.
  • Easy access to direct upload of invoices.

4. BQE Core

BQE is one such free invoice software that is indeed growing at a rapid speed. It is on the go to increase its customer base and do so; it leaves no stone unturned to improve its features.

Although it began as accounting software, BQE Core currently has other features, such as time tracking, human resource, project management, invoice management, etc.

BQE core website


  1. Dashboards: Helps in discovering the performance metrics for profits, and projects in just a single notice.
  2. Project Management: Keeping the project on track, the budget in line, and the staff properly organized.
  3. Billing: Pushes in speeding the cash flow by cutting the time to pay the bills.


  • Helps in getting deep visibility in every element of the firm.
  • Manages all the financial transactions and accounting aspects.
  • Can manage the business through the apps.

5. Wave

Especially for all the freelancers out there, a wave is an excellent option. It is one of the most accessible billing automation software to get used to in complications. In addition, Wave has dedicated billing and invoice management tools that provide flexible invoices and proper reminders as and when needed.

Wave website


  1. Professional Invoice: The software helps in creating professional invoices seamlessly and easily.
  2. Robust-Management: This software understands and helps in managing income and expenses by tracking every transaction.
  3. Complete Picture: With the help of Wave’s software, you will be one stop closer to getting the complete picture of the software.


  • In one single package, everything is automated.
  • Access to advanced features such as automatic payments, recurring billings, etc.
  • In-depth tracking of expenses and transactions.

6. Intuit QuickBooks

Amidst so much competition, this billing invoicing software still has acquired a good user base. It provides in-depth flexibility, extensibility, and depth to the users. The software is built correctly and can serve a wide variety of users.

Intuit QuickBooks website


  1. Real-Time View: With the software, the business can get a real-time view of the company’s dealings.
  2. Easy Sync: The software allows for easy syncing with other popular apps to snap receipt photos when needed.
  3. Up to Date: Businesses can stay up to date by being anywhere and anytime. Can access the software through mobile apps.


  • Great invoicing features such as payment reminders, invoice tracking, etc.
  • Very easy to set up the software
  • Get access to secured software where all your data is safe and sound.

7. Xero

A tiny business accounting software with a substantial, powerful invoicing share. This solution will allow you to set up bulk send invoices, repeat invoices, replicate previous invoices, charge billable expenses, and many more.

It provides the same time view of the cash flow, which is accessible from anywhere at any time. If you have a just growing business, then Xero will be a good choice for the best billing and invoicing software to manage your accounting work.

Xero website


  1. Estimates and quotes: Built the formal assessment, which shows the services or products required and the exact cost.
  2. TimeTracking: It is spent working for the users and making invoices based on your delivered work
  3. Invoice Making: Change the customizable invoice templates to make invoices and bills the way you want them.


  • You can access it any time you want and track the business when you are on the go.
  • Helps in simplifying everyday tasks.
  • Get 30 days of free access.

8. Invoicely

This invoicing software for free is very much useful for tiny businesses looking to brutalize the process of their existing invoicing. With unlimited invoices and exactly no cost to the business, the invoice is the top selection to stay on top of your billing.

Shipping, discounts, and taxes can also be generated like single-line objects, letting the invoice details shows the detailed breakdown. You can get the proper support from this billing software.

Invoicely website


  1. Easy Invoices: Control the returning invoice scheduling, branding & logo support, documentation of payment reminders, and send via email capabilities.
  2. Live Tracking: This feature has been used in real-time and, after the fact, employee time tracking to facilitate client billing.
  3. Free of Cost: The biggest USP of invoices is free of cost.


  • Helps in making customized and easy business reports.
  • Accepts different forms of payment gateways.
  • Tracks hourly transactions

9. Freedom Merchants

It is well known as the payments integration device which gives invoicing potentialities. This billing automation software will help you create the checkout for the customers to your business pages.

These pages can also include invoice details and permit the customers to set up recurring billing for the products you offer.

Freedom Merchants website


  1. Easy Online Payments: These include ACH payments and processing of the credit card. Other payment options are also available, including Apple Pay, PayPal, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and many more.
  2. Simplified Tracking: This can track the costs combined with each project or service by preserving the exact records of how and when those expenses were acquired.
  3. Real-Time Estimation: The quote can include the same valid date and be easily readjusted.


  • Transactions can get exported and imported through the software.
  • Very affordable pricing
  • No training is required to understand the software.

10. Brightbook

Brightbook is the flexible solution for accounting software to the link. It is the smartest online invoicing software, including the built-in payment processing device.

Its capabilities comprise bank transfer, the capacity for the customers to pay with credit cards right in an online invoice, and the support for various currencies.

Brightbook website


  1. Unlimited Invoices: With the software, businesses can create unlimited invoices
  2. Real-Time Performance: With real-time tracking of the transaction, businesses can assist their performance.
  3. Export: Easy to export the data anytime and anywhere you want.


  • Proper control of cash flow.
  • Unlimited number of users of the account
  • Regular reminders for chasing the invoices.

11. Clear Books

It is an accessible, digital accounting and billing software built for tiny businesses, freelancers, and contractors. Quickly make and send the invoices, and expenses, track bills, make taxes, share access with the particular individual, and many more.

Clear Books website


  1. Online Payments: Helps to save customer payment details for more manageable payment collections. This billing automation software is amazing to provide the best solution.
  2. Full-Control: With the help of software, you can take proper control of purchases, invoices, tracking, and financial reporting.
  3. Tracking: Software helps in tracking the business bills as well as the employee expenses.

If you are an owner of a business, you have to know how important it is to ensure that your customers pay their bills. For that, this billing and invoicing software will help you properly.


  • Easy submission of information and details to HMRC
  • Easy to search, sort, and filter the bills and invoices
  • Take full control of the information


That’s it from our side, now it’s your turn. These are some of the best billing and invoicing software that will make your billing process a lot easier. However, fewer businesses are selling locally installed versions of software solutions.

This implies that you’ll have to spend a significant sum upfront to get the program on an outright basis. A business that does not want to be bothered with regular payments would appreciate this.

If you prefer to use a locally installed solution, be aware of additional costs. As well as initial expenditure, there are implementation and training expenses. Furthermore, you must consider the need for ongoing assistance and yearly upgrades.

These are generally optional, but if anything goes wrong, you won’t have a workable solution if you don’t have them. The assurance that customers will always have access to dependable support and software upgrades is a central selling point for subscription-based pricing models.

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