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10 Best Fasting Apps for Android and iOS

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Some medical research and study show that fasting is good for health. Are you thinking of starting Intermittent fasting but not sure when or how to start? Then these fasting apps will help you a lot.

Sometimes it is also a difficult task to track the habit of fasting. So there is some fasting tracker app also there to make this process hustle free.

Best fasting apps list

let’s see some of the best fasting apps that you can use as your fasting assistant. Here we have listed the apps for both Android and iOS.

1. Zero – Fasting Tracker

Zero appZero is a simple fasting tracker app used for intermittent fasting. It is the most popular app in this category.

The first thing we noticed that the user interface of the Zero app. It is one of the simplest and nice user interfaces. You will not face any problem during use.

The app developers claim that the app is used by some world-famous Hollywood celebrities like Hugh Jackman and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Zero uses your location to calculate the daily sunrise and sunset time for the best possible accuracy.

This app also supports 18:6, 20:4, and 36-Hour fasts. In addition to that, you can set your own custom fasting. Set up a custom program that best fits your fasting goals. You choose your fasting hours and you can continue it up to 5 days long.

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2. BodyFast Intermittent Fasting

BodyFast Intermittent Fasting appIf you want to start an intermittent fasting routine then BodyFast app is helpful for you. It is also another popular app in this category having millions of happy users.

The app is designed in such a way that, you would never face any problem whether you are an experienced or a beginner.

The app contains more than 10 fasting plans like 16-8 or 5-2 to choose from. Choose one of then that best fits your needs.

Track your weight and body measurements throughout the cycle and the app represents it through a graphical way.

Another good thing about this app provides is the BodyFast Coach. Each week a new individual plan will be added by the coach. They recommend you some personal program based on your progress and preconditions.

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3. LIFE Fasting Tracker

LIFE Fasting Tracker appAre you searching for a fasting tracker app that can track your fasting activities? Then this app will help you a lot.

This app supports 16:8, 24 hours, OMAD, 5:2 or extended fasts. It supports any time-restricted eating to the hour. In addition to that, you can also set a custom fasting routine according to your choice.

You can take part in fasting challenges with your friends. Invite them to this app and all can see the challenges and take part in it.

The app has an extensive knowledge base of articles. You will find almost all the queries and improve your fasting experience.

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4. Zero Calories

Zero Calories appZero Calories app also provides a handy way to track your fasting without any hustle. The app contains some pre-defined fasting routines that you can use in your case.

Otherwise, you can edit it and set your own fasting hours. To be sure about your fasting hours, you can set reminders using this app. This app will set you a notification for start fasting. The app can also send you notification for end fasting.

Track your body weight, body measures, ketones, glucose, and body fat. The app shows you the data in a graphically rich format so that you can understand it better.

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5. MyFast

MyFast appMyFast app comes with a lot of handy options that allow you to track your fasting habit and guide you throughout the process.

You can use the pre-defined fasting schedules that are listed on the app. Otherwise, you can make your own schedule and act according to that.

Schedule out all your fast and eating windows you want to continue for the week. Then allow the app timer to run automatically with on-time notifications that tell you when to stop eating and when to start fasting. For example, you could easily make a schedule of a 16-hour fast window for every day of the week.

In addition to that, the app provides some additional tracking options. Track water intake and other notes during the fast counter run.

All the stats will be represented in a graphical format. You can also export the data in .csv format.

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6. Clear

Clear appClear is one of the easiest ways to track your fasting habits. Simply launch the app and select a program, start immediately or you can let the app remind you later.

The user-friendly design allows you to track the whole process and all the data is available inside the app. Track your fasting and food windows with a friendly timer.

It contains all the popular fasting programs and you can start them right away. New programs are added regularly so you can try them as well.

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7. Fasti

Fasti appFasti is one of the simple fasting trackers used for track intermittent fasting time.

It allows you to select 3 types of fasting routine. 16 hours fast, 13 hours fast or create a custom fasting time. Custom fasting time allows users to set their own fasting hours. It even allows setting longer fasts up to 72 hours max.

The app can send notifications when you are scheduled to start and end fasting. Check fast time stats and track your progress.

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8. Intermittent Fast

Intermittent Fast appAn intermittent fast is easy with this app. This a beginner-friendly app that has special program for them only.

Join the 14-day Intermittent Fasting and starts your routine. The app tells you when to eat and when to fast. The app reminds you and gives coaching to you every day.

As per the routine, the app sends notifications throughout the days. You can also watch the timer to see the time remaining to eat. By repeating the same habit, again and again, you will be getting more benefits. To show the process, you can check the stats shown in the app.

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9. Fasting Secret

Fasting Secret appFasting secret is a useful app for iOS users to keep track of their fasting activities. Manually set your fasting routine and keep the app track you.

The calendar view of this app allows you to view the activity you have made throughout the month. Record and monitor your height, weight, and body fat, etc.

You can set notifications so that you would not miss any schedule in the routine.

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10. Fasting Tracker

Fasting Tracker appStart doing your Intermittent Fasting with this tracker app will keep track of it. It’s easy to use user interface allows you to set a fasting schedule.

Use the pre-defined fasting timings or create your own. Get notification reminders to fast every day (as per your schedule) to check the status of fasting hours.

View the fasting stats that you have done during the last few days. This app is good for both beginners and experienced peoples.

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So, these are some of the best fasting apps for Android and iOS. If you are searching for an app that tracks your fasting, then these will be helpful for you.

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