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10 Best Infrared Camera Apps For Android And iOS

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Are you searching for an infrared camera app? A thermal imaging camera is a device that uses infrared light to produce visible light for the purpose of observing an object or scene in the dark. The resulting image is referred to as a thermogram, and the analysis technique is called thermography.

Thermal imaging cameras are state-of-the-art imaging devices that capture visual data and display it digitally. They can be run through specialized software including mobile apps to gather additional data, enhance diagnostic precision, and generate a report. So here is a list of the best infrared camera apps for Android and iOS.

Best Infrared Camera Apps

Here, we’re going to talk about mobile applications that can use your mobile camera as an infrared camera. These infrared camera apps are great for shooting in low light. To use them, you won’t need a flash or reflector, just your phone. Below are the top 10 apps.

1. Thermal Camera Fx

This free infrared camera app Thermal Camera Fx is a software that simulates infrared night vision (Photo & Video). This app is the best fit for photographers working in low light, as it doesn’t require a reflector or flash on your phone.

The app’s appearance is mind-blowing and it can be customized using built-in filters. Filter menu options include UV, IR, night vision, and thermal vision. Then, select a color scheme and determine contrast and saturation. The sensitivity of the heat detector can be adjusted for different lighting conditions.

Thermal Camera Fx app

For your convenience, the app’s image library will keep your phone’s gallery from becoming clogged. Its loupe feature allows you to zoom in without sacrificing image quality. The app includes a powerful flashlight to help you see in low light.

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2. Seek Thermal App

Look at this app if you want a thermal camera real simulator. It converts your phone’s camera into an infrared camera and can surprisingly detect excessive heat even when the lights are off.

Seek Thermal App

Its camera is good, so you won’t have to deal with blurry photos. To amaze you more, it also works in dim and bright light. This infrared camera app also makes storing and sharing photos easy and can display many colors, and different temperatures to produce different visual effects.

Its super smooth features can detect thermal activity even in dense smoke and rain. Seek Thermal is the best heat-detecting vision system for multiple climates. Experiment!

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3. Thermal Scanner Camera VR

Want unique photos? So, join the programm. This thermal camera VR app adds cool visual effects to photos and videos. Using a regular camera and custom-colored background, you can produce cool results and change the photo’s walls, furniture, etc.

Thermal Scanner Camera VR app

To add further, a color-changing wheel is available. The infrared camera app also uses VR., front and rear cameras to take photos. Just take photos. Your captured images are saved in a gallery. Online, share with family and friends. The app uses a heat scanner.

This app’s sleek design and eye-catching visuals have won fans. Free, all-ages app. Downloading software lets you view images separately. No doubt this night vision camera LITE is worth trying.

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4. Hidden IR Camera Detector and Spy Cam Finder

If you are concerned about your privacy while using infrared camera apps, look at this app. It protects your privacy by detecting any hidden cameras in your surroundings. Not just that, Hidden IR Camera Detector detects video recorders.

Hidden IR Camera Detector and Spy Cam Finder app

Activate the infrared camera with a microphone if you’re out with your family. This program helps you identify spying foreign objects. 15 centimeters from the object, the app will send a signal.

It has a camera, microphone, and spying techniques. Furthermore, the software requires a magnetic sensor. Check your settings or try another device if it’s not working. The software’s UI is well-designed, so don’t worry about accessibility.

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5. Thermal Camera VR

Want to take creative photos? Try this app. It takes photos in a virtual dimension. The app has plenty of built-in features. When using two cameras, use the flash. Adjusting the headphones’ volume is the quickest way to change effects.

Thermal Camera VR app

The program displays object temperatures. Settings give you complete system control. This app’s real-world effects have made it popular. Not just that, but this app’s interface and graphics are beautiful. No long videos or lectures are needed. This GPS map camera is good for keeping your pictures location-wise.

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6. Night Vision Flashlight Thermo

Next app’s name describes its function. Use this infrared thermal night-vision flashlight for nighttime photography. The app is a collection of heat detection filters. If you need specialized equipment to detect true heat, don’t use this app. Instead, look in professional stores.

Night Vision Flashlight Thermo app

The filters are attractive and adaptable. Adjusting each filter’s sensitivity can reduce its visibility. Each filter’s brightness, contrast, and color can be changed. The app’s powerful flashlight enables low-light shooting.

This night vision thermal camera doesn’t degrade camera image quality or cause camera latency. Upload and share photos without leaving the app. You can also upload the files to Instagram. Not to forget, it also adds infrared filters to photos and videos.

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7. Night Camera (Photo and Video)

Night Camera (Photo & Video) is a free app that simulates a heat-detecting camera to take photos and videos in the dark. This app is a must-have for low-light photographers because it eliminates the need for flashlights and reflectors.

Night Camera app

Within the app, you can choose from various filters. “UV,” “IR,” “Night,” and “Thermal” are filter options. Then, set contrast, saturation, and a color scheme. The warmth detector’s sensitivity can be adjusted to the light.

App’s image library eliminates the need for storing images in your phone gallery. Furthermore, the app’s loupe feature lets you zoom in without distorting images.

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FLIR ONE app with the FLIR ONE supplementary converts your phone into a thermic camera. If you need to examine electrical panels, discover the source of HVAC failures, or discover hidden water destruction, FLIR ONE provides the properties you need to evaluate problems quickly and get more effects in less time.


With up-to-date image amplification properties such as FLIR MSX and FLIR vivid  IR, FLIR ONE provides top-in-class thermic imagery for smartphones, you can determine problems with accuracy.

When you need to observe any electrical panel, search the app and get your answers. To make things faster, use the FLIR ONE application. Having the capability of identifying the hottest and coolest areas, this is one of the most loved infrared camera apps in the Play Store.

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9. Color Night Vision Camera

Color Night Vision Camera captures images and video in low light. This app’s flashlight doubles as a mirror in low light. The program uses your smartphone for optimal results.

Color Night Vision Camera app

To enjoy the best experience, you can adjust room lighting, geolocation, and device position. Color Night has many extras. The app adjusts to lighting conditions and includes VR. For comfortable shooting, use the device’s compass. You control all effects’ intensity.

Dark photos benefit from highlight frames and vice versa. Show off your cool photos with this camera at parties. Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Free and simple effects are growing Color Night’s user base.

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10. Night Vision Camera Joke

This app’s name reveals its purpose. Night Vision Camera Phone Joke lets you take photos in any lighting or weather. The app is meant to be lighthearted fun, so it is best to prank friends or post nighttime photos to Instagram.

Night Vision Camera Joke app

This app has no hidden charges or in-app purchases. It lets you use various filters. Custom filters with adjustable hue, brightness, and saturation can simulate night vision equipment. Its camera is good, so you won’t have to bear with grainy, low-resolution photos.

This wonderful app is useful when walking in the dark without a flashlight (for any reason). You can use the app’s camera as a flashlight by looking down at your screen.

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These infrared camera apps help us to take thermal pictures and identify the place, altitude, longitude, heat, weather forecast, location, GPS, etc. They help you in many ways. So, just get the one and take your photography to the next level.


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