What is smartwatch

What is smartwatch? Everything You Need To Know

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Well, what is a smartwatch? A smartwatch is a portable device that’s specially designed to be wear on the wrist. You can treat it just like a traditional wristwatch. I think this is the simplest answer to this.

What is a smartwatch?

In this article, I am going to discuss what is a smartwatch, history of the smartwatch, how smartwatch works etc. So let’s start.

Nowadays Smartwatches are just like the wearable model of your smartphone. Like your smartphone, it has OS, touch screen, network connectivity and nearly all features that a Morden smartphone have.

It is available for a wide range in the market like smartphones. It has become a Morden day trend.

All leading smartphone manufacturing brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony etc. have released their smartwatches in the market.

History of smartwatch

The first-ever digital watch introduced in 1972. The name of the brand is Pulsar and it was manufactured by Hamilton Watch Company. Pulsar later acquired by Seiko in 1978. You can say it is the foundation for the smartwatch era.

But the first ever smartwatch introduced in the market by Omate with the TrueSmart. The TrueSmart originated from a Kickstarter campaign which raised over 1 million dollars.

You can read the full history of smartwatch here

Features of smartwatches

Nowadays smartwatches do everything that a smartphone does. But when you buy it check the features that it is giving. you can synchronize it with your phone and display notifications and messages.

Features of smartwatch

Let’s discuss some major features in a smartwatch:

  Number of Apps

As smartwatches come with build in OS like Android or iOS it supports various apps. Recently Apple lunches Uber app on its Apple watch and you can book a cab from your wrist. Beyond this, It comes with lots of other apps. you can play music via Amazon Echo Dot.

  Fitness Tracking

If you are an athlete you can use your smartwatch as a fitness tracker. Don’t need to purchase a separately dedicated fitness band. The smartwatch can do its work. you are not an athlete and do work out to be fit and active, don’t worry it has something for you. Some smartwatch in the market can track your heart rate and counts each step a person takes by detecting the motion of the person’s hands or hips.

  Replay messages

Life became so easy when you have the ability to answer messages without touching your phone. Many devices in the market allow the user to reply to the text messages by voice.

Operating systems used in smartwatches

Especially a number of the companies are manufacturing smartwatches, therefore they use the different OS for there watches. Here is a list of major OS used in it.

Android Wear: it is a smartwatch operating system. Google Inc has developed this OS.

AsteroidOS: AsteroidOS is an open source operating system designed only for smartwatches. you can use it as a firmware replacement for some Android Wear devices.

WatchOS: watchOS is a mobile operating system of the Apple Watch. Apple Inc has developed this OS. it has many similar features as an iOS operating system.

Ubuntu Touch: Ubuntu Touch is a mobile version of the Ubuntu operating system. Canonical Ltd developed this OS. It is mainly designed for smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets.

Sailfish OS: It is a Linux-based Operating system. Jolla has developed this OS. This OS has been used in various devices like smartwatches, tablets, smart TVs, navigation equipment, etc.

Tizen: It is a Linux-based operating system. Samsung has developed this OS. It works on a wide range of Samsung devices like smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, etc.

How does smartwatch work

If you want to use a smartwatch with its full potential, just link it to a smartphone. You can link it via Bluetooth. Some advance smartwatches allow NFC technology for faster use.

Once you connect your smartwatches to a smartphone the actual power of smartphone now comes out. You can choose which notification you want to get on your watch. Along with normal call and messages, you can much more with it. Some smartwatches come with SIM and memory card options also.

As smartwatches have its own OS you can enjoy several apps in it. Morden smartwatches now having to support Uber-like applications from which you can book a cab directly from your wrist.

Samsung smartwatches support NFC system from which you can pay from your wrist.

Is my smartwatch work with my smartphone

I understand your query. Well, my answer is no. Smartwatches are specially designed to work with there specific mobile platform mainly Android and iOS.

Check the specification carefully before buying it. Also, Check is it compatible with your smartphone or not.

Examples of some best smartwatches

  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Samsung Gear S3
  • Huawei Watch 2
  • Asus Zenwatch 3


We start our discussion with the question of what is a smartwatch? Finally, we are at the conclusion stage. Smartwatches are slowly acquiring the market and becoming a mainstream gadget. The popularity of this become skyrocket now. Most people wearing this as a luxury product and some really need this.

You can except the more fancy and luxurious design of smartwatches in the near feature.

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