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10 Best Beard Apps to Search for Perfect Beard Style

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Beards have been a popular trend for men. However, it can be quite a headache to find the perfect beard style. With tons of options available out there, it is hard to choose the best beard style that suits your personality and improves your look.

But that’s not a problem anymore!

You can now get dozens of ideas from beard apps that are specifically designed to recommend beards for men. These apps are popular for their interesting features where you can easily achieve your desired look in just a few minutes. In today’s article, we will share you with the 10 best beard apps to search for the perfect beard style.

Whether you are just starting to grow a beard or thinking to get a new look, these apps can help you achieve more by putting in less effort. Instead of seeking help from others and asking them for beard ideas, you can try it out on your own.

This article aims to provide you with the best apps for the beard that can be worth checking out.

10 Best Beard Apps

Here is the list of best apps for beard styling inspirations and the latest trends.

1. Beard Photo Editor

This Beard Photo Editor app is great for those who want to touch up their existing beard or add a virtual beard to their photo to get some new ideas. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, this app is perfect for those looking to experiment with their look.

Beard Photo Editor app

Their user-friendly interface lets you try new virtual beards for free. Now without paying any extra fee, you can try their hundreds of features and find the one that best suits your need.

Download From Play Store

2. Beard Booth

This app allows you to try on different beard styles and get what looks best on you. You just simply need to upload a photo of yourself and use the app’s tools to experiment with different lengths and shapes. This app can be worth checking out.

Beard Booth app

The app offers multiple features such as beard styles, hairstyles, and more. You can take a picture of your face and apply different designs. Once you have found the best picture, you can download it and save it on your device to use later.

Download From Play Store

3. Beard Cam

Beard cam is number third in our list of best apps for beards. This app is perfect for those who are just starting to grow a beard or are looking to change their current style and switch up to a new one. You’ll get access to their huge library of beard styles, as well as virtual try-on features that allow you to see different styles.

Beard cam app

Not only this, you can try new mustaches, and hairstyles, and adjust the brightness and tone of the picture to see which one perfectly suits you and in which shade.

You can also try their clothing feature that lets you make your picture wear different kinds of shirts and t-shirts. Beard cam can be used by both men and women.

Download From Play Store

4. Beard Man

For people who are serious about their beard and are not able to decide which will be perfect to keep, you can have this app. They have a variety of tools to help you groom and maintain your beard, including a virtual barber feature that provides step-by-step instructions for trimming and shaping your beard.

Beard Man app

Users can set multiple shades and change both their hair and mustache to see what matches perfectly. You can adjust density and color to enhance the quality of your image.

Download From Play Store

5. Beard

This Beard app can be a great choice for those looking for inspiration for their next beard style. The app consists of a large collection of photos of different beard styles and an instant try-on feature that allows you to apply different styles to look at your face.

Beard app

Users can get funny beard images of yours and share them with their friends and family. They can access their tools and create stunning beard photos that they might have never imagined before. It also has stickers that can be applied to improve creativity.

Download From Play Store

6. Beardify

This can be titled as the best beard filter app. Someone who is looking to enhance their personality and get the best beard ideas must check out this popular Beardify app.

The app offers a variety of stickers and overlays that can be added to photos to give them a unique look. They have a huge collection of realistic beard stickers with different shades and colors. The app is not just limited to this. Users can also animate their images, create hairy video selfies, add mixed effects, and more.

Beardify app

It also has the feature of sharing images with others which means your new beard look can be shared through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and all other social apps.

Download From App Store

7. Mooch

To have a simple and easy-to-use beard styling app, you can count this app on your list. Here, one will get a variety of different beard styles and any kind of beard they want to keep on their face.

Mooch app

People can select their favorite from their library and drag it to the right position to apply it perfectly.  You will get multitouch features that allow you to resize or rotate the picture.

Once you have got the style of your choice, you can save and share it with your loved ones using the share feature.

Download From App Store

8. Hairy

The Hairy app has some stunning beard styling stickers that you might not find on other beard simulator apps. This men’s makeover app has a collection of amazing designer men’s beard, hair, and mustache styles and trendy looks.

Hairy app

The Hairy app allows you to change styles and use any of their given tools. You can easily make your dull picture into any kind of new stunning look. Not only their beard feature but you can also get virtual tattoos on your image. For tattoo lovers, you can get them on your body part by simply uploading your picture.

Download From Play Store

9. Men Hair Mustache Style

Men Hair Mustache Style changer will help you get the dashing look. You can add multiple types of hair and mustaches, and beard styles and check all of their features by yourself. You can have a proper hairstyle idea by navigating to this hair section.

Men Hair Mustache Style app

This app has a collection of amazing mustaches and hairstyles where you can change your old image to new beard-styled photos.

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10. A1 Beard Photo Editor

At last, we have this A1 Beard Photo Editor that has some classic beard collections. From shaved to trim, you can have almost all kinds of beard stickers on your face.

A1 Beard Photo Editor app

Moreover, sunglasses, hairstyles, caps, uniforms, and other items can be applied easily to your uploaded pictures. You can try their tattoo editor section to paste different tattoos on your body parts.

Download From Play Store


So, here we shared the 10 best beard apps to search for perfect beard styles. Each app has its features that make them interesting and unique from the rest.

To have an all-in-one app that has beard, hair, and mustache ideas, you can try the beard photo editor or the beardify app. Instead of downloading multiple apps, you can have all the features and get new ideas for your beard in one place.

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