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10 Best Voice Changer Apps for Android

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There are thousands of voice changer apps available on the Play Store that help our day-to-day life a little easier. If you like to experiment, change or modify your voice, many applications are present in the market to fulfill your requirement. Technology has advanced and it is changing every day. As a result, now many tasks are not as difficult as they used to be.

You may need these apps for a school project, for your video or sound production company, or simply for entertainment purposes. These apps can execute any sound alterations in a short span of time, you can record any voice, apply sound effects, change your voice, edit the audio file, and share as well. 

Best Voice Changing Apps

Pranking a friend is an all-time classic. With the advancement of mobile phones and networks, you can fool anyone quickly. Just apply a creepy voice and call your friends. Moreover, they will wonder all day who it was. However, it is inappropriate and even a crime to bully someone using these features.

As these best voice-changing apps support applying music effects, you should find the features that modify your voice. You can utilize the apps as voice recorders as well.

The following applications perform this task exponentially well. And the best part is- they are absolutely free. So read this guide, find the one that matches your preference, and download it. 

1. Voice Changer – Voice Effects

voice changer effects appIf you are a YouTuber or who loves to prank your friends, this application is perfect for you. It instantly changes your real voice to a funny avatar. Also, you can use this voice changer app for iPhone to dub your video. Furthermore, it allows you to adjust the voice parameters of your audio including pitch, clarity, and volume.

Some of the most popular voice alteration options are zombie voice, monster voice, alien voice, robot voice, etc. If you run a video production company, you can utilize ambient sounds. Without the use of expensive folly, you can obtain the effects of the noisy street, rainy days, and many more. 

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2. Voice Changer by AndroidRock

voice changer appIf you are exclusively looking for voice effects to place on your own voice, use this app. This is capable of applying amusing effects to your audio. Some of the popular sound effects include alien voice, chipmunk voice, etc. If you use this app to prank someone they will definitely love your efforts.

This app comes with some amazing features such as recording audio within the app. After recording, you can apply any effect from the library. You can also open audio and apply effects directly without recording it. With this voice app, you can view and edit existing audio. There is an inbuilt option from where you can share the audio directly. 

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3. Voice Changer – Audio Effects

Audio Effects appUsing an app effectively depends on its interface. This app comes with a user-friendly interface and an array of sound effects. This free app produces high-quality audio after applying the sound effects. If you run a video-producing company or a channel showcasing audio dramas, this app can help in your production stage. 

Increase or decrease audio speed after recording your audio in this app. It comes with customizable effects such as reverb, pitch, tempo, bass, mid, etc. Many music lovers look for a free app to boost the bass. Apart from this, there is a feature here that can boost bass along with applying effects. If you want to dub your videos, alter your voice here and save them on the device. There are many other features that can amp up your voice-related works.  

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4. Super Voice Changer, Autotune

Super Voice Changer Autotune appIf you are planning to start your own audio drama channel with limited resources, this app can benefit you. This is not a typical voice editor, rather it is a great app for budding voice artists. This app helps in modifying and modulating your voice. Here you can record your voice, cut any audio file to the desired length and edit the audio with effects. Apart from this, you can make ringtones with this app.

The best part about this app is its various voice effects and audio effects. The voice effects are crystal clear and come with no distortion. Besides, you can change your voice to a baby’s or a superhero’s within a few minutes. The app is convenient to use and does not need any expertise to operate.

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5. Voice changer by 302 Lock Screen

Voice changer appHow often do you use an app to alter your voice and it does not sound authentic? To solve this problem, the voice changer has effects that sound real. It does not compromise the quality of your original audio. Even after applying the effect, the sound clips seem authentic. In addition to standard features, this app allows you to apply effects multiple times. 

Some of the most common and used sound effects are child, chorus, creepy movie, devil alien, etc. Many users use this app to apply voice effects on existing files. Some even use the app to record and save the video. It allows you to share the audio through social media sites too. With its well-developed features, you can perform any voice-related task smoothly. Let your imagination unfold using this sound-changing app.

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6. Super Voice Changer- Editor

Super Voice Changer appThis app was developed keeping in mind the requirements of singers, voice-over artists, and prank lovers. This voice-changing app for calls lets you prank your friends. If you want to confuse your friends, choose an old man’s voice to trick them. Additionally, you can record audio via messenger.

This app can record your audio, perform the required alteration and customize your audio with different effects. Budding singers can get benefits of phonogram effects, concert reverb, karaoke reverb, etc to record their audio. 

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7. Voice Changer, Auto tuner

Voice Changer appVoice changers are absolutely appreciable for pranksters but it is equally important for work. When you create audio stories and dub videos, these apps can save a lot of effort and time. This particular app is convenient and simple to use. It acts as a recorder and processor. You can change speed, and volume, and add echo or reverberation. 

This app presents all the functions on-screen when you open the app. Along with all the typical features of a voice changing app, this app can help you to prepare a skit or SMS notification. The effects from this app can be applied to third-party audio files or on the recordings from app audios| 

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8. Voice changer sound effects

Voice changer sound effects appThis not-so-complicated app is organized and has all the features you look for in a voice-changing app. It can customize your audio file with echo, tempo, bass, pitch, reverb, etc. This real-time voice changer app is very capable of keeping the quality intact. If you frequently edit your ringtones, download this app. 

It also provides sound recording options so you can get high-quality audio from the app itself. Shy people can get them home karaoke with this app. If you are bored with regular effects, download this app and get a large library of different voice effects| 

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9. Funny Voice Changer & Sound Effects

Funny Voice Changer appAre you looking for a voice generating app with advanced features? This app can solve most of your requirements. The sound effects are available to apply on recorded audios. In this app, you get an option to create an image with sound. Additionally, You can share all the edited audio on your social media platforms.

The most prominent feature of this app is its capability of creating voices from texts. You can upload a document and it can make an audio file from the document. If you give voiceovers or want to make a speech without revealing your voice, let this app do that for you. Download the voice changer app to experiment with sound.

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10. Video Voice Changer Pro

Video Voice Changer Pro appMost people use audio changer apps for their videos. Through this app, you can edit your video sounds without any complications. You can use this voice changing app to record, trim and apply voices to your videos. You can apply any effects that would make the video match its genre e.g. funny, horror, thrilling, etc. 

There are some high-functioning video effects such as SFX reverb, three EA, and chorus that gives any voice a definition. The automatic setting feature will change the effect as you prefer. There are also some of the most common effects available such as robots, aliens, monsters, etc. Overall this has all the features you may need to prepare your audio for video or other purposes| 

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Finding a good and free voice changer app is really difficult. Some may not have the feature or effect you are looking for, some may not produce the best end result. However, these ten apps are actually great at what they do. Download an app from this list and thank us later.

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