Broken Screen Prank Apps

10 Best Broken Screen Prank Apps for Android and iOS

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We often surprise our friends and family in different ways. We crack jokes, make fun of them, and do other exciting things as well. Have you ever tried to give them a sudden panic attack? If not, then try it once. I bet you can’t control your laughter by seeing their horrific reactions. There are several broken screen prank apps for Android and iOS available to trick your friends and family.

Along with the broken screen effect, these apps also come with many interesting games. So, they are a good source of entertainment and relaxation. They also offer multiple broken live wallpapers to choose from. These apps are only for fun, they won’t do any damage to your device.

Best Broken Screen Prank Apps

These apps are free to use and come with an intuitive interface for easy operation. Moreover, because of their small size, they won’t take too much of your storage space. So, let’s have a close look at these cracked screen prank apps and download your favorite one to carry out hilarious pranks on friends and family.

1. Broken Screen Prank

Broken Screen Prank appThis is one of the popular broken screen prank apps used by millions of users to play horrible pranks on friends, colleagues, and cousins.  Once you install and complete the setup, the app makes a false cracked screen and loud cracking sound whenever someone touches the phone and leaves the user in shock.

The app has featured a simple and straightforward user interface. It lets you choose the broken screen wallpaper that will appear at the point of effect, however, there are only 4 options to choose from. You can also set the activation mode to touch or shake.

The broken effect is so realistic that all your friends will believe that they actually have broken your phone and will be scared. To create an extra panic situation, the app has other effects such as fire screen and electric screen, which imitate fire or current coming out of your device.

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2. Crack Your Screen Prank

Crack Your Screen Prank appThis is another good app to play screen crack pranks on friends to have some fun. It simulates a broken screen image on your phone’s display that looks quite realistic to make anyone think that the screen is actually broken.

The app has three different methods to show a cracked screen. Those are crack on shake, crack on touch, and auto crack on a timer. After the crack screen image is shown, you can still operate your phone with full functionality.

The simulated broken screen image remains on top of all of your applications until you exit. The best part is it shows a broken LCD effect instead of the only glass screen.

The app also offers live wallpapers that you can set as your display image to create an illusion. Moreover, if you have a smart tv, you can install this app on tv from the play store, to play broken tv screen pranks on your family as well as relatives.

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3. Crack & Break It

Crack & Break It appThis is an exciting app that not only allows you to mock a broken screen on your phone’s display but also offers to break other virtual objects. With this broken screen prank app download, you will have some great fun in your leisure time.

The app has four different categories; image breaker, glass blocks, light bulbs, and fluorescent lamps. In the image breaker, you can import any image and break it to calm down your anger. Don’t worry that won’t cause any damage to your device.

Similarly, it allows breaking as many as glass blocks, light bulbs, and daylight lamps. The sound produced on every breakage is very realistic and pleasing.

The app has an amazing graphics design and supports multi-touch effect. Which means you can break multiple objects at once. To play crack screen pranks on friends, just select the background image in the app and you are ready to go. When your friend touches the screen, it will crack, and they’ll be shocked by this.

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4. Crack and Break Screen

Crack and Break Screen appThis is one of the best broken screen prank apps that artificially produce broken screen effects that can easily put anyone in delusion. Apart from that, it includes some entertaining games like breaking glass blocks, light bulbs, and fluorescent lamps.

The app has an easy-to-use interface and great graphics which makes all the effects look realistic to the user. It supports a multi-touch effect which allows one to beak multiple objects simultaneously at a time. You can also set up the broken screen application so that the smartphone screen cracked when someone touches it. 

There is also a user manual in the app that will help you to understand how to use its features. This will be a great app to make fun of your friends and family through crack screen pranks and enjoy some pleasant games as well.

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5. Broken Screen Wallpaper

Broken Screen Wallpaper appThis broken iPhone screen prank app is only compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch. The app not only simulates a broken screen effect but also offers addictive games like bubble pop.

The has other exciting features where it allows you to break bulbs, glass, play police sirens, bullet holes, and color finger painting. So, with this screen crack prank app installed on your phone, you’ll have some amusement in your free time.

If you have an Apple tv at your home, you can easily install this app from App Store on your tv and play broken tv screen pranks on family and relatives. Use this cracked screen pranks app and to create a funny environment.

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6. Cracked Screen Prank

Cracked Screen Prank appCrack screen prank is another popular prank app to spoof your friends and parents and have some fun. The app has several broken screen wallpaper and sounds that feel very realistic.

It has 4 different modes to trigger the effect. Touch to crack, shake to crack, set a timer to crack, and auto repair on return to the app. I think setting a timer to crack would be more effective, as the breakage happens while the user is busy checking the phone.

Apart from screen crack pranks, the app has two more interesting effects. Fire screen and destroying phone effects. In the first one, it seems like fires coming out of your phone screen. The effects are very realistic and can really amaze someone and force them to think it’s true.

Whereas, in the second effect, you can destroy your phone screen with objects like a knife, harmer, and gun. Don’t worry none of the effects won’t do any harm to your phone.

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7. Fake Broken Screen Prank

Fake Broken Screen Prank appThis is one of the best broken screen prank apps that you can use to play some chilling pranks with your close friend and family. The app simulates a broken screen with a cracking sound and makes them think the screen is actually broken.  

The app runs in the background, so you don’t need to open it to brings the effect into action. It includes some other features like broken screen images, cracked sound effects that feel much realistic. There are also many prank websites to have some fun with friends.

The app also offers broken live wallpapers, you can set one as per your choice. Once you set it, the wallpaper will come over every app so that the prank will look genuine to put the user in scare.

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8. Broken Glass Prank

Broken Glass Prank appThis is a two-in-one prank app with cracked live wallpaper and broken screen effects. You can create your own cracked screen or choose one of four backgrounds with a cracked screen offered by the app.

This is one of the funny cracked screen prank apps to play jokes on your friends. It is easy to set up. In settings just choose the type of cracks, background color, and size, then you are ready to enjoy the thrill. This fake crack your screen app simulates funny effects and seems real broken screen.

Now give your phone to your friend and ask to click a picture of yours and when they touch the screen it will start breaking with a loud noise. Although the screen won’t break in reality, your friend’s face will be worth watching.

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9. Crack Your Screen

Crack Your Screen appThis app simply adds a broken screen effect on your photos which you can set as your wallpaper to fool your friends. It has various broken glass effects to add to your photos.

You just need to pick a picture from the app or upload from your gallery, then add effects to it as you need. You can also call it a photo editor with the broken screen effect, as it includes features like image filters, cartoon effects, blur and focus effect, image rotation, crop, and more.

This app also allows us to resize the image, change the position, rotate, and make a mirror image as well. It is a good app to have on your phone which lets you play pranks as well as edit images on the go

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10. Broken Screen Prank

Broken Screen Prank appThis is a classic funny app to fool your friends by showing a cracked screen when they touch the display. The app bluff the user with a fake cracked screen and loud cracking sounds on your phone and make them believe that it is real.

The app has three different ways to play the prank. The crack screen on shake, crack on touch and crack on a timer. It lets you choose the broken screen wallpaper that will appear when the effect triggers. This app is helpful for creating the realistic effect of a really broken display.

Apart from the broken screen effect, the app has other exciting effects like fire and electric screen pranks. The app has an easy-to-use interface, so it won’t be difficult to operate.

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We all have a prankish mind that always looks for some ways to play pranks or make jokes on friends and family. Well, these are some of the best broken screen prank apps that simulate a broken display with a cracking sound that looks so real that your friend or family member will think that it has actually happened. Whatsoever, you will surely enjoy their shocking reactions.

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