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About this blog

This blog Knowtechtoday.com is dedicated to all those people who have the interest to know technology. In this blog, I clarify each and every tech related article in depth and very simply.

Nowadays it is very necessary to have some technical knowledge. If you are not a tech guy you may think that understanding tech related things are very very complicated. No friends it is very simple if the clarification is in a simple way. I am regularly posting articles on this blog about technology.

About the blogger behind this blog

Hello, Friends, my name is Bibhu Prasad Bal and I am from Odisha. I am an average level student in all my study career. I have some knowledge of Software programming like Android etc. Beside IT fields I have a deep interest in all other technology.

Future of this blog

In upcoming months I will add the more useful article for you. I will work hard to give you up to date and depth knowledge about tech-related topics in a very simple way.

If you want to contact me you can directly to Contact Us page.

Thank You.