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Best Rap Apps for Android and iOS

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Are you searching for rap apps then I bet that you are a day hard fan of rap songs. The popularity of rap songs are skyrocket now and the craze is increasing day by day. We can imagine that the same craze was for rock and roll in the 60s.

It is hard to believe that hip-hop is now one of the most popular genres in music space. You can give this credit to your favorite rappers.

Have you ever intended to create rap songs? If the answer is yes then, then requirements might hold your back to move forward. Do you know that you can create your own rap songs using the rap app?

Yes, that’s true. If you have a smartphone then you can start your rap song creation in a few minutes.

List of best rap apps

There are many available to make rap songs. You can find these types of apps for Android and iOS as well.

So we have collected some of the best rap apps for Android and iOS.

1. Music Maker JAM

Music Maker JAM app

Want to sing your own rap song? Then this app will be helpful for you. Music Maker JAM app is one of the popular apps in this category. In fact, this app has the editor choice tag in the Google Play Store.

This app is packed with all the necessary features that you ever needed to create a rap song. In addition to that, there are more than ten free Mix Packs and over 2000 loops available in its store.

The premium version of this app has 300+ Mix Packs with 500k+ loops and more enhanced functionalities. This app allows you to share your tracks directly to Facebook, WhatsApp, SoundCloud, or Instagram.

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2. AutoRap by Smule

AutoRap by Smule app

AutoRap by Smule app allows you to create your own rap songs in minutes. This is the simplest app you can use to rap your songs.

No need to create your own rap style and voice. You just have to speak the lyrics and the app automatically converts your words to the rap song.

Launch the app and go to Talk mode. After that just speak anything that you want to make a rap. This will then turn your words into a rap song instantly.

If you have sing any rap songs before and correct that one, then you can do it using this app. Enable the Rap mode and add your old rap song. This app corrects your rap and it will be good.

You can take challenges from other AutoRappers and show off rapping. After rapping, share your unique rap songs in your social media profiles and show them to your friends.

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3. Rap Fame by Battle Me

Rap Fame by Battle Me app

Do you like hip hop and want to create your own rap songs? Then you can do this by using your smartphone. Just install the app and you are good to go.

Rap Fame by Battle Me is known for its recording studio. The studio is very rich in features. Some features include Auto-Tune, Equalizer, & Vocal FX. There is a vast collection of beats and choose one for free.

One of the cool things about this app is, you can join the extensive rap community. You can chat with your other rap friends and some famous rap stars.

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4. Rapchat

Rapchat app

Want to sing your own rap and it would be a nice one? Then you should try this app. Rapchat is a popular rap app having thousands of active users.

The power of this app is its library. There are thousands of free beats available form the world’s best producers. This one of the best rap recording app you can try.

Their mobile recording studio having a lot of filters, Equalizer, & Vocal FX. Vocal FX includes Auto Vocal Tune, Chipmunk, Radio, and more.

The app runs contests at regular intervals. You can take part in that and win prizes and get discovered. You can use them Near me feature to find some best rappers in your areas.

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5. How to Rap

How to Rap app

Do you want to be the next Kanye West or Eminem? Then you have gone a long distance to reach there. Rapping is not a walk in the park as people think. You have to know the fundamentals and make practices.

How to Rap app will help you a lot in this. This app is designed to take you on the path from the beginning.

The app suggests you heard a lot of rap songs. In this way, you can grab some ideas about how you sing rap songs.

The app contains many study materials for rapping. You can read them and make your fundamentals clear. In addition to that, you will also get many tips and tricks that you can use to be a good rapper.

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6. Rap Beat Dropper

Rap Beat Dropper app

Rap Beat Dropper is a good option if you are looking to make your own Rap, Hip Hop, Trap music beats.

Just launch this app and starts singing your rap songs. Then you can make it an awesome rap song by applying many effects and filters. It is one of the best apps for aspiring rappers.

There are already hundreds of rap beats available in their library. If they are not suitable for you, then you can make your own rap beat style.

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7. RapScript

RapScript app

As the name suggests, the RapScript app helps to produce various rap scripts. It is like a word-machine for freestyle-rappers.

To install the app and use it when you are writing your own rap scripts. Then you would be never run out of ideas. In this way, you will never repeat the same lyrics again and again.

You can use 3 Skill-Levels, 4 Languages, 10 Speed-Levels to compose your next rap songs.

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KEAKR is recently being popular in the rap community and growing. It is not just another rap making an app. It has something more than that.

Just hold your smartphone and start recording your rap song. This app also allows you to create video rap songs and share them with the audience. As you are making video raps, then you can learn some dance to add some more visual attraction.

Thousands of rap videos are publishing on their platform and the number is increasing. You can engage with other rap artists and collaborate with other famous artists in their rap community.

The app also runs various competitions in their platform and you can take part in that. Get a chance to win exciting prizes and get noticed.

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9. Tune Me

Tune Me app

Tune Me app is like a pocket rap making a studio. You can make your rap songs whenever and where ever you want.

Record your rap tracks with Pitch Shift and Auto-Pitch effects. There are over 500+ free beats that you can use to enhance the rap quality.

Just sing your rap song and the app starts making that one in rap format. The processing happens in the background so that you don’t have to wait for the processing to happen. This app automatically syncs vocals with the beat.

They’re also a premium version of the Tune Me Rap app. If you want a multitrack recording, extra audio effects, and more beats then you can upgrade to the pro version of this app.

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10. The Art of Rap

The Art of Rap app

The Art of Rap app is one of the best apps to make freestyle rap songs on the go. No need to have a good setup and a hi-tech studio to make a rap song.

You can start recording your rap songs making in few seconds by using this app. Use their library of beats makes a unique rap song.

You can create video rap songs using this app and share it with the world. You will find direct options to share your video with the world. If you don’t want to show, then you can make them private and keep it in your phone.

You can also check other rappers’ songs and react to them. Means you can like, comment or share their songs as well.

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11. OffTop Studio

OffTop Studio app

OffTop Studio app is a mobile recording studio app that allows you to create rap songs. There are many exhisting beats available in this app and you can use them to make your own freestyle rap songs.

You can also make written verses over rap and hip hop instrumentals using this app. The cool part of this app is its extensive rap community. There are more than 100 thousands of rap artists in the community. You can share your rap song and get feedback from them.

This app hosts various contests and shows to encourage the rap community. You can participate in them and get a chance to win some exciting prizes.

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12. Rap Studio 2 Free

Rap Studio 2 Free app for iOS

Rap Studio 2 Free is also a good option for iOS users to start their rap journey. Or you just make songs to have some fun and let your friend know.

There are many beats available in their library which you can use in your rap songs. This app contains 48+ vocal tracks ready to be used.

There is no limit to how many rap songs you can make using their app. Sing as many as you want and share them in your social media profiles.

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13. Talking Rap

Talking Rap app

Talking Rap is a fun app and you can quick start your rap songs. This app is the best rap game you can play.

Just launch the app and talk to Tom (the carton inside the app). Tom will hear and repeat what you say. You just have to sing in your normal voice and the rest would be done by the app.

The app will add some beats and filters and change your normal songs to a rap song. You can adjust the song by adding your own beats. The fun part of this app is the talking tom. Tom will sign your rap song and it would be fun to watch.

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14. Rap Wars Free

Rap Wars Free app

So you have learned the rap song by using the above apps. Now you may want to compete with other rappers. Then Rap Wars Free app will be helpful for you.

The app contains hundreds of beats. You can use them to record your own beats and upload them to Facebook and Twitter in a few seconds.

This app provides you a platform where you can show your talent to the world. There are hundreds of other competitors to fight with.

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15. Raply

Raply app

Raply is recently getting popularity having thousands of active users. This app allows you to record your rap music using their app.

You can autotune your voice by using a wide range of beats. You will find a number of beats in the app to make your unique rap song.

In addition to that, the app has a massive community of talented rappers. You can show off your talent there and get feedback from them. The app also allows you to share the songs on social media.

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16. Rap Battle

Rap Battle app

You might have some rap skills and you want to take it to the next level. Rap Battle app can help you to improve your freestyle rap skills.

There are 9 battle modes available in this app. For a more comfortable and dynamic experience, you can use the timer function to stop and restart.

Currently, there are more than 100 beats available in the app. They also add one new beat every week. No need to update the app every week. The beat will be added automatically.

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So these are some of the best Rap apps you can use to record your rap songs through your smartphone. If you want to step your foot in the freestyle rap space, then these apps will be helpful for you. Try these apps and you are good to go in the rapping space.


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