Difference Between 4G LTE And VoLTE

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In the last few years, mobile technology increases like rocket speed. To fulfill the growing demand the mobile manufacturing company are in a race to develop the best phone in the market. There is also an increase in the mobile generation. In this article let’s know what is the difference between 4G LTE and VoLTE?

We have heard these words in our day-to-day life a thousand times. There may be a lot of possibilities that if you are reading this post via a 4G network. But when it comes to the real meaning behind these magical words you may face difficulties. You will also able to tell what is the difference between 4G and LTE?

You may have some idea about it but why to stick with the little bit of knowledge as we are using it every day. First, let’s analyze these then I will represent the difference between 4G LTE and VoLTE in a comparison table. Let’s dive into it.

What is 4G LTE

4G means fourth generation and LTE means Long Term Evaluation. This is the simplest answer and everyone knows more or less about it. But, it is only the full form of the term 4G LTE? Why not know about it in details.

When ITU (International Telecommunication Union) first introduces the concept of 4G we have to specialized hardware for this. No telecom operator at that time is eligible to maintain this. Means to run 4G network there is no hardware at that time to run the network.

At that time we are in 3G network and it is not possible for the telecom operator to migrate from 3G to 4G overnight. So they start their journey towards 4G. The journey is termed as LTE.

ITU observed this and it realizes that it is not possible to upgrade from 3G to 4G quickly. So ITU decides that the networks which are on the way towards 4G can term there network as 4G. In this section, the telecom operators can term there network as 4G on a blink.

But ITU has no control over mobile networks. As the networks are in the evolution stage there is no real 4G yet. Now you know the real truth behind the 4G LTE. The telecom operators in different regions around the world provide different speed.

Now you may know a lot of things about the first part of our discussion (the difference between 4G LTE and VoLTE) i.e. 4G LTE.

What is VoLTE

VoLTE means voice over LTE network. Why stick with this much of idea. Let’s discuss it more deeply.

As we progressed from 2G to 3G, 3G to 4G and now 4G to 5G we always concentrated on the speed of data. We always want fast internet speed from the telecom operator. So the telecom operators do the same thing. They constantly work on how to increase the speed of the internet connection and keep increasing it.

But we have been missing one important thing that is call quality. In 2G,3G and 4G telecom operator provide a poor call quality. Sometimes you may face the difficulties like the voice is not clear, the call connects after a minute, call drops many times.

The mobile network provides also realizes the condition and they work on it. As a result, they introduced VoLTE. In VoLTE network the quality of the call is awesome. You can enjoy crystal clear voice over VoLTE network.

You may have noticed that in 2G and 3G while you are in a call your internet connection automatically stops. This is because to avoid voice quality loss. But there are no such things in the VoLTE network. You can enjoy the call and voice simultaneously. So a new term came out i.e. HD voice call.

You can call the VoLTE network as voice call specialist.

Now you may know a lot of things about the first part of our discussion (the difference between 4G LTE and VoLTE) i.e. VoLTE.

Difference between 4G and LTE

Difference between 4G and LTE
Stands for (Full form) 4th Generation Long Term Evolution
Breef Description 4th generation of telecommunication standard as set by The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN). Shows that the technologies are on their way to meet up with 4G specifications. (Not fully developed)
Actual Data Speed Varies according to country and region, as well as a network provider Varies according to country and region, as well as a network provider
Relative Data Speed Faster than 3G, but nowhere close to actual 4G  Nowhere close to actual 4G


What are the benefits of VoLTE

Best call quality – The biggest advantages of VoLTE is the quality of the call. You can connect a call from your VoLTE network much faster than any other network. This provides an HD voice call.

Enjoy data and voice simultaneously – In this network, you can enjoy the internet during a call. There is no disconnect between data during a call.

Connect calls much faster – you can connect a call much faster on this network. Actually, the mobile network gives a priority to the VoLTE standard call. If there are other calls tries to connect at the same time network gives you the first priority to connect your HD call.

Upgraded coverage – VoLTE networks operates on a very high frequency around 800 MHz. Thus you can find signals far away from mobile towers. There is a very rare change of signal not found.

Offline video calling – You can make the best quality video calling via this network. The good thing about it, you don’t need an internet connection. This provides a rich experience in video calling.

Better battery life – VoLTE networks increases your smartphone battery life.

Things to know before using VoLTE call

After reading the benefits of VoLTE you may feel to migrate to VoLTE network. If you are already in that’s good. Focus on these three main things before steps your foot to the dreamland of VoLTE.

1 –  Handset that supports VoLTE: Choose a smartphone that supports VoLTE. When you are going to purchase a smartphone read the specification carefully. If the set supports VoLTE the manufacturer company highlight this. This is a new feature and every company wants to highlight this feature.

2 – Your telecom operator provides VoLTE or not: This is the main thing. Make sure that your telecom operator provides VoLTE or not. If not you can’t enjoy these things.

3 – Receiver must have to in VoLTE network: The person you are calling he/she must to in VoLTE network. If the receiver not in this network your call can’t connect as VoLTE call.

If all the condition satisfies then only you can use the VoLTE. Analyze all these things before making any VoLTE call.

Difference between 4G LTE and VoLTE

After a long discussion let’s take a breath. Let’s summarise the whole discussion into a comparison table.


Difference between 4G LTE and VoLTE
1 Stands for Long-Term Evolution Stands for Voice over LTE
2 This is good for Internet use This is good for the internet as well as a voice call
3 Voice quality over call comparatively low Voice quality over call comparatively very high
4 Data connection cuts during the call There is no effect of call on data connection

It can run both simultaneously.


After a long discussion lets conclude this topic difference between 4G LTE and VoLTE. This is all about LTE and VoLTE. Both technologies are revolutionary than the previous generation mobile network. Although VoLTE is much better than LTE, still LTE is in the race.

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