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What You Need To Know About Sending Faxes

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Fax is the short form of facsimile. Sending faxes isn’t as outdated as it might seem. Though large fax machines are not seen as often in offices, faxes are still an easy, fast, and effective way to send different types of documents. When a fax needs to be sent, there are a few things to know before getting started, including the following. 

Faxing Doesn’t Require Special Equipment Anymore

It’s no longer necessary to have a fax machine. There’s no need to purchase expensive and large equipment just to send a fax. Instead, an online cloud based fax service is a far less expensive alternative. It’s possible to purchase a portable scanner that is small, easily stored, and available to use anywhere in the office, but it isn’t required. This means any business can start sending and receiving faxes without having to make a large upfront purchase. 

Faxing Can be Done From Anywhere

Since faxes can be sent online, they can be transmitted from anywhere. Don’t have a scanner available? Documents can be scanned by a phone and then faxed to the destination. It is generally easy to scan documents using a phone, though it may take trying it once or twice to learn how.

Fax machine

With the ability to scan and send documents from a smartphone or tablet, it’s possible to send faxes without being in the office. This can allow employees to telecommute without missing out on anything or be used to help the company save money. 

Documents Can be Automatically Downloaded

It’s not necessary to watch a fax machine to make sure a specific document is received anymore. The faxes are automatically downloaded and stored on a secure server, so they can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. With automatic downloads, there’s no need to worry about missing important fax. The Fax was a major medium of transmission and reproduction of documents by wire or radio waves. You can see the uses in the modern era as well.

Faxes are Instant On Both Ends

Faxes do not take long to send. In fact, they can be sent instantly online to the recipient. If someone needs to send a fax, they can contact the recipient and will be able to know immediately if it was received.

Instant Fax

This can help save a significant amount of time and make it possible to verify important documents have been received on time. If time is of concern, sending faxes online is definitely the way to go to make sure it’s received before it’s too late. 

Faxing is Secure and HIPAA Compliant

Faxing is highly secure and documents are downloaded to a secured server for storage. This means they can be used to send official documents or documents with personal information. It also means that the faxes are HIPAA compliant, allowing doctors’ offices to send and receive information with ease. Business owners won’t have to worry about the document being intercepted or anything happening before it reaches the recipient. 

Sending faxes didn’t disappear with the introduction of the internet. The process simply changed. It’s still one of the best ways for businesses to send and receive documents, especially if they’re concerned about security. Take a look at an online fax service today to learn more about how they work, how secure they are, and how they can help your business save money while still being able to send and receive faxes. You’ll find this is much easier to do compared to traditional faxes and provides numerous benefits.

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