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15 Best Riding Apps For Android and iOS

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We all love adventure sports and always be prepared to have some thrilling experience when getting a chance. And we never forget to bring out our smartphones to capture every special moment of our journey.

So, why not use it as a GPS activity tracker to get all useful statistics of the outdoor activity right on the phone’s screen. There are several best riding apps available on Android and iOS platforms which you can download easily.

They will help you to find nearby routes for biking, cycling, hiking, backpacking, or any other adventure sports you want. They also track your movements such as distance covered, time, max and min speed, altitude, heart rate, calories burned, location, and many other stats. You can also save routes for offline use as well. Some apps also come with voice assistance to guide you on your adventures.

15 Best Riding Apps

Here we have picked some of the best ones from the market. Along with the best biking apps, we have also listed some best horse riding apps for people who want an organized equestrian life. Let’s have a close look at these apps’ features and select as per your need.

1. Bike Tracker

Bike Tracker appThis is an amazing app for people who are involved in activities like cycling, running, trekking, hiking, or biking. It will measure your bike speed, distance, altitude, and GPS position. You can even record and mark your routes on the map and see full statistics of your sports activities.

It also shows how much time you took to cover a certain distance and how many calories you have burnt. It measures the altitude by using the GPS data, barometer sensor, and the elevation gain. It allows you to personalize your data on the main screen and record it to watch later.

The best thing about this riding app is it can work without even an internet connection. All you need is to enable your GPS connection and you’re good to go. It also helps you navigate on the enduro bike trails, finding interesting routes and tourist attractions, or stay in touch with your friends during the activity.

This cycling app can also be used to training cross-country, enduro bike training, running, skiing, skating or any other sports practiced outdoor. This app is useful for experienced professionals cyclists, but the beginners can also get the best out of it.

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2. Urban Biker

Urban Biker appUrban Biker is one of the best riding apps that enables you with dozens of functionality in one app. Its provides more than 75 statistic which includes distance, duration, altitude, ascent, descent, efficacy, climb power, kinetic energy, heart rate, step count, and many others.

This app only needs internet collection for online maps, otherwise, it runs fine in offline mode as well. It also very energy-friendly and doesn’t eat much of your phone’s battery, ensures that you can use it all day long.

It has some other interesting features like switching profiles on the go; for example, from cycling to running without stopping recording. You can also resume your past ride recording, no matter when you stopped it, one hour ago, or one day.

It automatically produces a bicycle bell sound when braking or manually by touching or shaking the device. It has an option to make sudden bike sound to surprise pedestrians.

It also ensures maximum privacy to the users as all the recorded routes are stored only on the device. Moreover, the location of your home, workplace, and other private places can be hidden easily.

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3. Relive

Relive appRelive helps you to create amazing 3D video stories of your outdoor activities. Whether you are a cyclist, biker, hiker, snowboarder, or any other adventure sports activist this app will let you take the best shots of your journey and convert into appealing stories to share on social media.

It shows your route in a 3D landscape mode. You can also see all your statistics and location in real-time. It also provides information like where you hit the max. speed, elevation profile, and photos that you have taken along the way.

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4. Bikemap

Bikemap appBikemap is one of the best bike riding apps that provides the latest and greatest routes between the starting and destination point. It also shows important POIs like bicycle rentals, repair shops, charging stations for your e-bike, and parking areas directly on the map.

Next to your route map, you can also see the current speed, distance, and duration of your tour during the ride. You also get real-time access to ascent, descent, altitude, and other stats with just one click.

It has a rich database of over 6 million cycling routes in more than 100 countries. You can filter these routes by length, bike, and route type as well as sort by relevance, popularity, and ascent to find the perfect route that will make your journey more adventures.

The app comes with in-built voice assistance that works both online and offline as well. It has a premium version that offers features like download maps for offline use, a variety of map styles, optimized routes for your road bike and mountain bike, and many more.

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5. Strava

Strava appStrava comes with an array of functionalities to track your ride statistics like distance, speed, elevation, time, calories burned, and more.

For all the rides you use Strava ranked automatically based on times over popular stretches of road and trail, known as Strava segments.

It has monthly challenges where you can take part and push your limits to compete with others. You can also compare your new performance to your previous one or with your friends.

Another impressive feature of this best riding app is the sharing options, where you can see other players’ performance, encourage them by commenting on their post, follow then, and post your activities as well.

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6. Cycling

Cycling appCycling- Bike Tracker app helps to track all your exercise, provides stats, and will help to achieve your goals easily. No matter what your goal be it to lose weight, shape, and tone, build strength, bike race, get faster, improve endurance or just ride the bike, it ensures that you’ll stay on track until you reach the goal.

It maps your workouts in real-time and monitors progress. In the workout summary, you can see route distance, duration, speed, elevation gain, and calorie burn for the activity in an effective way.

This best free cycling app lets you set a goal for the day as per your ability (number of burned calories, distance traveled, or riding bike time during the day) and will notify you when achieved.

The app is very easy to use, just download for free Bike Tracker app and start tracking your exercise right away. This Cycling app works completely from your phone.

It throws challenges to you and keeps you motivated to complete them. It has in-built voice assistance which gives feedback on your progress. This Bike Tracker app offers everything that a hobby biker, BMX rider, road bike, or professional mountain bike rider could ever need.

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7. Equilab

Equilab appEquilab is one of the best horse riding apps that automatically tracks the horse’s moment and provides valuable information to the rider. So, the rider can focus on the riding journey while Equilab collects every hoof steps.

The app is very user-friendly, just add your stable, horses, and connect with your co-riders in just a few clicks. Then Equilab analyses your training pattern over time and provides statistics on your progress.

It users your phone’s sensor to measure your training and shows regarding data like gait distribution during your journey, percentage distribution between right and left turns, time, distance, speed, beat, stride, and more.

As you get everything about your equestrian life in this app, you can make all the necessary customization by looking at the chat. There is a safety tracking feature which you can access by taking its premium plan.

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8. Map My Ride

Map My Ride appMap My Ride is a monster of tracking apps where you can track over 600 activities like running, cycling, biking, gym workout, walking, cross-training, and any other activity that you want to track.

Get your fitness tips and stay active no matter where you’re. This app will help you to train smarter with a custom running plan fit for your exact running level and goals.

You’ll get real-time audio coaching for common stats like pace, distance, and duration on your runs. It provides nearby routes to run, walk, cycling, or even biking. You can also save favorite paths, add new ones, and share with others.

It has a huge userbase of over 60 million across the world who supports each other and share their health and fitness tips. The goal of the app is even though not all users be physically together, but all of them have the same goal: to stay healthy and to keep others healthy, too.

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9. Bike Computer

Bike Computer appBike Computer is an amazing app to track your fitness and outdoor activities on a simple intuitive interface. You can use this app for hiking, running, cycling, backpacking, and other sporting activities.

You can track the time like from how long you are into the activity, how much calories you have burnt so far, and many more. It shows the graphics speedometer and power meter intuitively.

It also provides statistics like current cycling speed, max and min speed, altitude, average moving speed, and more which makes it the best riding app to use for adventure sports.

It not only tracks your routes but also allows to save them in My Tracks for offline use. It uses your GPS to show details of your current location. You can also customize the setting to see only the necessary information on the screen.

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10. Upbike

Upbike appUpbike is the perfect bike tracker app made for cyclists. It will track all your bicycle rides and gives you statistics in an easy-to-use format. You can set goals like target time, distance, or calorie count, or simply ride for as long as you want.

When you finish the ride, you can access your route and statistics to analyze your performance. Whether you’re a road biker or just a regular cyclist this app will be very useful.

Upbike has four modes; specific distance, specific time, a target number of calories to burn, and no specific target. No matter which one you choose all of its features are available for every mode.

It makes bike exercise easy as it allows you to keep a log of your bicycle rides. You can compare your cycling or biking performance and keep yourself motivated to new feats on your road bike or mountain bike outings.

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11. Komoot

Komoot appKomoot is a wonderful bike riding app to use for outdoor adventures. Whether you are looking for hiking, road cycling, biking, or MTB adventures, just set your plan and get guidance along every trail, track, road, or path even in the offline mode.

It has voice assistance which gives turn-by-turn details on every path. You can also download the map of any route for offline use or when the internet is down.

It shows popular points like parks, peaks, sandwich shops, etc. on the map. You can also add new POIs to help the community and get some upvotes.

When you plan your journey path on your desktop, you can easily sync the details across devices like tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches for quick access.

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12. Ride With GPS

Ride With GPS appRide With GPS is the bike computer app that helps you plan, track, navigate, record, and share your outdoor adventures with a global audience. This app will be your companion in activities like running, cycling, biking, marathon training, and more.

It has a database of millions of routes in every area, so while planning for a ride see the nearby routes, pick the suitable one and customize it as per your wish, which makes it one of the best riding apps.

The bike riding app is compatible with running watches, so you can keep tracking important information from there as well. Its voice assistance provides turn by turn guidance, so you’ll never get lost in the new land.

It allows you to take photos using your preferred 3D camera apps, and automatically add them with your ride. Set goals, track your performance, beat your own records, and challenge yourself to achieve new feats.

You can see statistics like elevation gain, heart rate zones, pace, average speed, cadence, average power, calories, and more. Analyze the data and train accordingly for your next marathon, triathlon, bike race, or ultra.

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13. Equisense

Equisense appEquisense is one of the best horse riding apps to track your hack with GPS. It has over 300 exercise and training programs which you can choose for your horse.

It also offers motion and motion S sensors. The motion sensor measures the time spent at each gait, halt, walk, trot, or canter number of jumps and transitions, the symmetry of the horse, elevation, cadence, and regularity at a walk, trot, and canter.

Whereas the motion S sensor measures, the horse’s heart rate at each gait, recovery time after the effort, calories burned, and horse’s workload.

So, with all those statistics, you can easily track the activities of your horse’s, recording the workload, and anticipating abnormalities such as lameness. This app also helps you to track your route map, real-time speed, total distance covered, elevation gain, and a lot of other useful stats.

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14. Maplocs

Maplocs appMaplocs is an easy and convenient best free cycling app designed for cyclists who want to explore new mountain bike routes, road cycling routes, and more.

This app is powered by OpenRouteService which gives highly optimized and accurate routes for mountain bikes, road bikes, regular bikes, and even cars. It collects data from the Open Street Maps to provides many accurate routes for mountain bikes and road bikes comparable to Google Maps.

You’ll get details on the elevation profile of the entire route in an elegant way. You can also see total elevation gain and loss. Moreover, with just one touch on the graph, you’ll get the average gradient of each point on the route.

Maplocs comes with many route buildings with features like undo, close route loop, show all points, change distance unit, accurate travel times, dragging, removing and adding points anywhere on the route, and more.

You can access a variety of maps on Maplocs such as Google Satellite, Hybrid or Terrain maps to see live traffic. Another best feature of this riding app is to save routes for offline use. You can also use the best weather forecast sites to get accurate updates before starting your journey.

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15. AllTrails

AllTrails appAllTrails has the largest collection of GPS trail maps and topo maps across the world. It is one of the best riding apps to use whether you are planning for hiking, biking, cycling, backpacking, running, or any other outdoor adventures.

You can easily discover new mountain biking, running, or hiking trails, with reviews and ratings from a community of hikers, cyclists, and trail runners like you.  You can also filter trails by dog-friendly, kid-friendly, and wheelchair friendly.

This app converts your phone into a GPS activity tracker, so you won’t get lost while exploring the outdoors. You’ll get all your riding stats just at your fingertip. You can also share your outdoor experience with your friends directly from the app.

From its map database find the nearby trails to explore and also mark new ones. You can also save favorite trails to visit again. Follow the hikers, cyclists, and runners from their community and learn from them as well.

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These are some of the best biking apps that will guide you on all adventure outings. They come up with all the stats that you required to know about your journey. Whenever you get time go and explore this wonderful world because life will never be the same all time.

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