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15 Best Bill Reminder Apps To Keep Track Of Bills Due

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Every month we pay a lot of bills. But it is a headache for someone to remember the bill amount and due date. In a result, we forgot to pay bills in time and sometimes pays extra amount. Have you heard about bill reminder apps that are making life easier?

These apps are very helpful to list the bills and allow you to set a reminder so that you will never forget any due date. Rather than checking mountains of documents and diaries to check the due date and the bill amount you can list all in the apps.

List of 15 best bill reminder apps (Android and iOS)

It is an essential thing to keep track of the bills and the due dates. To make this process hustle free you can use some of the best bill reminder apps.

Here is a list of 15 best bill reminder apps for Android and iOS that reminds you to pay bills before the due date.

1. Bills Reminder by Amazier

Bills Reminder is one of the popular and best bill reminder app available for Android and iOS. You can manage and organize all your bills in one place.

You can sort the bills based on the due date and mark them Upcoming, Overdue, Paid and Unpaid. It allows you to modify the default options like Reminder time, currency, etc. as you wish.

Bills Reminder by Amazier app

It automatically sends a reminder so that you won’t miss any due date with payment action. You can also create recurring bills to any date range so that you need not set a reminder every week or month.

With the updated version you can save payment URL within bills details. Another feature allows you to make payment in the notification.

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2. Bills Monitor & Manager Free

Bills Monitor & Manager Free app is also a good app to keep track of bills due. It is available for both Android and iOS.

It makes the bill payment process hustle-free by sending on time reminders. This app allows you to identify the state of your bills by an individual marker on dates.

Bills Monitor & Manager Free app

This app has a built-in calculator so that you can quickly calculate bill amounts without leaving the app. The search feature is also that allows you to search bill by name or bill notes.

It gives you the DropBox BackUp/Restore feature so that you won’t lose any data. It shows the statistics in a visually rich format like a pie chart, bar chart.

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3. Due

Due is a new bill and subscriptions reminder app that can also remind you for bill payments. It allows you to add, edit and delete as many bills as you can.

Due app

It has a user-friendly design and easy to use UI. Due allows you to add monthly and annual bills and subscriptions. You can easily sync it to your Google calendar and view the bills from any device anywhere.

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4. Bills Reminder by Balli

Bills Reminder by Balli is also a nice app to keep track of your bills and expenses. Currently, it supports 7 major languages.

Bills Reminder by Balli

I like the color they give to each bill you save in it. The calendar view distinguishes the bills in different color like upcoming bills (blue pin), paid bills (green pin) and overdue bills (red pin). You can easily create one time and recurring bills using this app. It allows you to set a passcode to protect your data.

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5. Bills Reminder by 124APPS

Bills Reminder 124APPS is easy to use bill reminder notification sending the app for Android. You can add bill reminders with the receiver’s website or QR code so that you can pay straight away.

Bills Reminder by 124APPS

It gives you an option where you can select when you want to be you’re your bill reminder notification. One of the unique features of this app is, it supports a wide range of currencies. Currently, it supports more than 160 currencies, including Bitcoin.

It takes auto-backups of data including captured bill photos daily. You can also upgrade to the premium plan to get some more features.

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6. Easy Bills Reminder

Easy Bill Reminder is a popular and best bill organizer app for Android. It gives an easy way to manage all your bills and daily expenses under one app.

It contains various date formats and calendar view. This app also supports multiple languages and currencies.

Easy Bills Reminder

You can allow this app to take automatic backup to Dropbox. You can also Import/Export your data to Dropbox or locally.

Easy Bill Reminder app is available for free. You can upgrade to its premium plan.

Download From Play Store

7. My Budget Organizer

My Budget Organizer is a bill organizer, financial planning and personal asset management app for Android. It helps you to plan your budget, track your money track your bills.

My Budget Organizer

It also allows you to create and manage bills and expenses. Using this app you can set bill reminders with snooze option even the snooze option is also customizable.

It supports a wide range of languages and 160+ currencies. You can protect your bills and expenses lists using pattern lock and password lock.

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8. My Bills++

My Bills++ is also a best bill reminder app of iOS devices. You can track all your bills when they are due. Based on that it will notify you when they are due.

Add your bills and all the necessary information in it. You can set up bills in autopay as well. So no need to manually go to all the bills and pay them.

My Bills++

Notification will send as per your setting. If you are busy when the notification would send, then you can snooze the alert to show again later.

This app uses your iCloud account to take automatic backup. You don’t need to account logins or backing up your data.

To secure your app, you can enable a pin code or Touch ID to access the app. This app is available for free. You can upgrade to its pro version to get some extra feature.

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9. iBill Reminder

iBill Reminder is another app you can use as a bill reminder for iPhone.

This app allows you to create multiple bills with multiple color option. You can set Quick Pay option to save your time by swipe bills on the list in screens. It allows to set the auto-pay option so that you need not do the process manually.

iBill Reminder

If you are paying any bill every month or yearly then you can add that bill in this app and set a reminder. iBill Reminder app will send you a notification each month or year. In this way, you don’t have to set it every time.

You can set a password to protect your bills from curious eyes. It shows you the reports form of beautiful graphs.

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10. Bills Reminder by Handy Apps

Bill Reminder by Handy Apps is also a good app to keep track of bills due. It has a beautiful and interactive UI that gives an easy way to create and manage bills.

Bills Reminder by Handy Apps

You can set a one-time reminder and recurring bill reminders. You can also attach or capture photos of bills, invoices, with each bill reminder you created using this app.

This app also allows for modifying the default settings. You can download this app for free from Play Store.

Download From Play Store

11. Bills Reminder by TimelyBills

Bills Reminder by TimelyBills is also a well-known app in this category having thousands of active users. This app helps you to pay your bills on time and ensures that you would never pay extra money as of late payment fee.

Its feature rich UI never irritate you while using and let you create and manage bills without any hustle.

Bills Reminder by TimelyBills

List out your income and expenses in this app it gives you some graphical representation that helps you to save your hard-earned money smartly.

You can generate your account statement as an Excel sheet. It supports all the major currencies across the world. Bill Reminder by TimelyBills app is available for free with in-app purchases.

Download From Play Store

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12. Mobills

Mobills is a very popular app in the personal finance manager app category. This app has an intuitive and easy to use user interface and you can track your budget hassle-free.

It shows your money flow so that you can track it straight away. It allows you to create plans for your finances and set goals by creating categories.


In addition to that, it has a built-in bill reminder feature. You can manage multiple credit cards in one place.

Mobills app is available for both Android and iOS devices for free with in-app purchases.

Download From Play Store

Download From iTunes

13. Bill Keeper

Bill Keeper is also a good app for iOS devices to keep track of bills and payments. This app allows you to create any number of accounts and bills.

It has various customization options for having a flexible design. Bill Keeper app has auto bill pay feature that gives you a convenient way to pay bills.

Bill Keeper

It supports some major currencies in the word. You can protect your app with a password to ensure your privacy. This app is available for free in the Apple App Store.

Download From App Store

14. Smart Bills Reminder

Smart Bills Reminder is one of the apps that reminds you to pay bills. It allows you to add multiple bills and set a reminder for it.

Smart Bill Reminder

This app has cool home screen bills widgets. It allows you to customize each notification you are going to get. You can transfer the data to any android device without any hustle.

It also allows you to backup and restores unlimited data into the cloud. This app is available for free in Play Store with in-app purchases.

Download From Play Store

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15. Bill Reminder by App Masons

Bill reminder by app Masons app allows to create and manage bills and expenses and get a notification for it.

Bill Reminder by App Masons

Using this app you can set up recurring bills or a onetime payment. You can choose a bill category the app have or set up your own bills categories.

You can download this app from Play Store for free.

Download From Play Store


These are some of the best bill reminder apps for Android and iOS. If you often missed the date of bill payment then these apps will definitely help you. Go through the apps set bill reminder and don’t some extra as of late fee. Which app you are going to use? Comment us below.

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