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How To Choose The Best PDF Editor Easily

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PDF is the most used format of documents and you won’t deny that, regularly. We all are using it almost every day and know its importance. But most of us have a requirement to edit PDF files for various reasons. This is where the PDF editor comes into play.

Spoiler alert: no “best” or “perfect” PDF Editor exists. The chances are that you’ll like several tools and still find a few faults.

I think you might be clear now. So, don’t waste your time looking for the best PDF editor. BTW, I’m not recommending “whitewashing tools.” Instead, I meant that you should choose a fairly-priced editor with outstanding features.

Here are more conditions you should look out for.

3 Factors To Consider When Choosing A PDF Editor

Many people often get confused when choosing a tool for editing PDF files. A PDF editing tool can add text, erase text, highlight, and add images & signatures.

These are three major factors to consider while choosing an editor for PDF you.


The first thing I look out for in any tool is flexibility. And the same thing applies here too.

  • What can the editor do?
  • Does it only edit PDFs? What more can I expect?
  • Starting from the base, how good is it at the primary function?
  • What devices are compatible with the editor?

Short questions like that will give you closure on what editor to use. At the same time, you should know the standards too.

In other words, know the functions of an average PDF Editor. Here is a guide:

  • What can a PDF Editor do?
    • Edit PDF documents
    • Create PDFs from scratch
    • Compare different PDFs – outlining their differences for educational purposes.
    • Combine several PDFs into a bulky resource
    • Convert different documents to PDF
    • Compress large-sized PDFs into easy-to-share, smaller bits

PDF editor interface

  • The standard devices PDF Editors work with:

You can choose a use method as per your convenience and start editing a PDF file.


I know most people consider price as an important factor while purchasing a tool. But it should not be a decision-making factor for you only. I’m of the school of thought that quality tools deserve fairly-high prices. If you are getting more features in a tool in exchange for some more money, then you should go for that. The same is applicable to PDF editing software as well.

But there are a few conditions to consider.

  • For starters, you might not be someone who works with PDFs a lot. Maybe you only need to edit your PDF documents once in a while.
  • Also, you might not need the extensive features of PDF Editors. Maybe you only need the tool for converting documents to PDF.

PDF editor pricing

In either case, paying outrageous subscriptions won’t be fair for one-off jobs. So, it’s okay to look for affordable subscriptions.

But what’s the standard?

There’s no general rule, unfortunately. Also, the subscriptions vary per the medium used. The tool maker can set the price as per their convenience and as a buyer you have to pay that. Nonetheless, here is a little secret:

  • Subscriptions on mobile editors are the cheapest. The range is usually 9-11$ yearly.
  • Mobile apps often experience glitches. So, you might want to consider online PDF editors. They are relatively affordable – $50 yearly.

However, ensure the mobile developers are trusted brands.

Ease Of Use

To be honest not everyone has a technical bone in their body. A tool should be easy enough to operate by anyone. Flexibility and affordability are only the surface conditions. The KEY factor to consider when choosing any tool is how easy it is to use.

  • Can you use the tool without reading long, boring blocks of text?
  • What is the interface like?
  • Is the navigation properly arranged?
  • Are there any learning curves to test this site?
  • Is the design of the editor even beginner friendly?

PDF editor

So, ask questions about usage. And fortunately, you don’t need to pay upfront for any tool before testing them.

Some services offer a free trial to test the features and usability. You can enjoy free trials for up to 2 weeks to confirm if a PDF is RIGHT for you.

Note: collaboration is also another crucial feature you must consider. Your editor should support teamwork in your work through cloud computing.


In the end, the word best is only subjective. In reality, all tools can be improved with new features.

Nonetheless, while there are no perfect PDF editors, I still vouch for Adobe and Foxit. The two editors are from trusted brands and come with outstanding features.

If you want to narrow your choice even further based on affordability, Foxit PDF Editor is your fit. Pick one editing tool and start modifying your PDF document now.

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