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20 Best Prank Websites to Troll Your Friends

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Prank websites are now very popular as they become a part of our lives and one can feel their presence around them. From friends to colleagues doing pranks and making fools. Most of them want to see that reaction after a prank is applied to someone and enjoy those hilarious moments.

If you are feeling bored and want to do some pranks then check out prank websites. Don’t apply the same prank on friends again and aging. With these websites, you can find something new.

So check the below websites.

Best Prank Websites

Here is a list of some of the best websites to troll your friends with different pranks. So explore them and apply them to your friends.

Remember one thing that always tries to prank them never take things in a bad way. In addition to that never prank anyone’s feelings.

Have a look at the websites.

1. Message Bomber

Prank your friends with the Message Bomber messaging service. You can send an anonymous text with image pranks to friends. There are different kinds of text formats available on the website and you need to choose one of them.

Enter the phone number, how many times the prank would be sent, and the time duration. Please note that this is not a free service as they will send MMS to the destination number. This service only works with US and Canada mobile numbers.

2. Fake Windows Update

Surprise your friends with fake Windows and Mac update screens. Many screen examples are available depending on the Windows version.

You can set this screen on colleagues’ desktops in the office and prank them. They will think that the system is really updating.

3. Generate Fake Facebook Status

With the Fake Facebook Status generator tool, you can create your own Facebook status and prank your friends. You can upload your own profile photos for posts and comments.

In addition to that, you can also set several likes, comments, etc. Once you did, take a screenshot or download it as a JPG image.

4. Google Terminal

Have you seen what Google’s search engine looks like in the 90s? If not then check the Google Terminal website. Send this prank link to someone and ask him to check it as well.

5. Mail A Spud

Mail A Spud is popular for its strange service. It delivers customized a potato to your friends. You can choose which style you want to print on the potato. You can also use prank apps to prank your friends.

6. Hackertyper

If you are searching for hacker prank websites, then Hackertyper is one of the best options for you. This website has a black and green interface that exactly matches a programming dashboard.

HackTyper website

Type anything and it would be converted into codes and shown on the screen. If you type in front of your friends they think that you know to hack.

7. Create Fake WhatsApp message

With the Fake WhatsApp message generator, you can create fake conversations that look like WhatsApp.

You change every detail like a profile picture, messages, online status, etc. Basically, you can customize everything seen on WhatsApp chat. After finishing customization, you can download the image that looks like a real WhatsApp chat.

8. Blow Up The Phone

Blow Up The Phone is another great prank website to fool your friends. This website allows you to send prank messages and prank calls to any number. No need to signup for sending hilarious messages. Just head to the website and start playing tricks on your family and friends.

BlowUpThePhone prank website

If you want to send prank messages then navigate to the respective page. Enter the number and hit the Prank This Number button. They have an awesome collection of online prank messages sent to them randomly. In the case of prank calls you have to select from a list of funny prank call ideas. After selecting an idea enter the phone number and the call will be delivered. When the person received the call, the prank recording starts playing.

9. PrankDial

Prank your friends with PrankDial voice calls. There are several options available to choose from. Depending on the like and area of interest of your friends, you can choose one of them.

PrankDial website

Enter your friend’s number and your number to send the prank call. Then a prank call will be forwarded and your friend would be surprised.

10. ShadyURL

If you want to prank friends with URLs then try ShadyURL. This allows you to convert a regular URL into an ugly and suspicious format.

When someone sees the URL then they think that the URL is spammy. But the real URL is hidden inside the ugly URL.

11. LoveCalculator

Do you want to know the name of the girlfriend of your friend? The try LoveCalculator tool to prank and know the name. Once you land on the website, you would get a link to share with friends.

LoveCalculator website

When your friend clicks on it, it would show them to enter their girlfriend’s name to know how much she loves them. Your friends would be curious and suddenly enter the name. Once they submit the name you can see it on this site.

12. GIF Dance Party

GIF Dance Party is one of the best prank websites for friends to have some fun. The website collected some of the most popular GIFs circulated around the web. Create a GIF dance party to prank with someone.

13. BoredButton

If you feel boring and want to pass some time then head to this website. You can send the website link to someone you want to prank as well.

There would be a big red button and you need to press it. It would generate random things to have some fun. Press the red button again and again to generate different tasks and games.

14. Cantmakeit

We have many excuses for being late to work. One of the most common excuses is traffic. With the help of the Cantmakeit website, you would get hundreds of new excuses.

Cantmakeit website

The website layout is very clean and has one button. Click the New Excuses button to generate random excuses.

15. SendRandomFacts

SendRandomFacts is very similar to Message Bomber. Interface wise you would get the same layout. This service sends SMS to your friend and prank instantly. They have an awesome collection of messages.

Enter your friend’s mobile number and several SMSes you want to send. This is a paid service and only works with US and Canada mobile numbers.

16. GreatBigStuff

GreatBigStuff is another best troll website where you would get common objects in big sizes. Order some items for your friends and have some fun. They would be surprised to see the big things of regularly used items. Scan through the item library and find your favorite one.

17. Chat ScreenShoot Generator

Generate a screenshot of social media conversations and troll your friends. Using this website you can simulate the chat interface of popular social media platforms like Facebook Messanger, Skype, Twitter, Tinder, WhatsApp, etc.

You can edit every element of the chat interface like profile images, messages, etc.

18. Pranx

Online pranks are nowadays very common and people are searching for new methods. Pranx is one of the best funny prank websites that will fool your friends easily.

Prankx website

Some of the features listed on the website are pixel errors, bios simulator, cracked screen, FBI lock, fake Windows update screen, etc.

19. GeekPrank

GeekPrank website comes with an online Windows XP simulator to prank your friends. It is specially designed to give the vibe of the old generation XP user interface with all the sample color codes. What to do with this prank with your friend’s laptop? Then just open this website and press the F11 to go full screen.

20. WhatPrank

WhatPrank allows you to send hilarious gifts to friends and prank them in real life. This website has a great collection of gifts and you can choose any of them. They ship orders within 24 hours and will deliver your prank item anonymously. You can also add a custom note to let them know.


So these are some of the best prank websites you can use to have some fun. Try the above websites to create some hilarious moments and enjoy them.

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