Mobile phone myths

12 Famous Myths About Mobile Phone Busted

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Over the years technology has been growing quickly. But there are some mobile phone myths are around us. Technology may be a part of the lifestyle and also the method we have a tendency to live is continually rising and still grow quick Knowing human use communication by texting and business.

Well, you are reading this article on the evolution of technology that gives you the device.

It’s careless for humans as a result of not seeing one another may cause them to possess issues. rather than going out along and move they only waste time on their phones.

It is widely spread from iPhone to tablets, from high-end gaming laptop to phone and like a ton others.

As the technologies world is widespread there is some misunderstandings and myths are related to them.

You may have some myths related to gadgets.

Mobile phone myths

In this article, I am going to clear the biggest mobile phone myths in the world.

So let’s revealed the mystery.

1. Mobile phones can cause cancer

Too much use of mobile phone cause cancer because it emits radiation.

Well, I have heard this stuff a thousand times, you may too. This is the biggest myth.

This is absolutely wrong.

There is no dispute that mobile phone emits radiation and it can be absorbed by the human cell.

But mobile phones emit very low-frequency electromagnetic radiation. This radiation is very similar to your microwave produced radiation. This radiation is negligible. It doesn’t harm your body.

As of now, there’s no convincing evidence that mobile phone use increases the risk of cancer.

If you’re concerned about the possible link between mobile phones and cancer, consider some limiting your use of mobile phones.

2. if you charge your gadgets overnight it will explode

mobile phone connected with charger

Nowadays almost every device comes with rechargeable batteries. We are fully aware of our battery life to keep it as long as possible.

There is a stupid saying throughout several years back that if you charge your device overnight( or a long time) your device will explode.

This is completely wrong. you can leave your device plugged in overnight.

All the rechargeable batteries are made up of Li-ion. The devices are very smatter nowadays. Now we have less to worry about battery health because power optimization has been put on the shoulders of the software running these devices.

3. Mobile phones can cause a fire at petrol filling stations

You might be heard this. Some people have wrong thoughts in mind.

This is completely wrong.

Petroleum and gases used for fuel in vehicles are flammable. These things can easily take fire by a small spark. But that spark will probably come from matches or static electricity and not for your mobile phone.

The fear is that if the phone has a fault in hardware or in the battery may cause a spark.

But this possibility is extremely rare. There is not a single justified incidence of this happening in the past.

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4. Bigger the battery more the battery life

You may have heard this thing or may your friends talked about this.

This is also a myth and this is completely wrong. This is another big myth.

Now a day every mobile phone powered by a battery. So we are very much aware of battery life.

Sometimes we fell bigger battery will run more than the smaller battery.

But the battery life of device depends upon the number of factors like screen resolution, number of an installed app, etc.

The battery life is closely related to how much power the device consumes. So if you have two same mobile phones one may last longer than others depending on the above factors.

So we can’t judge the battery life based on their capacity that.

5. Mobile phones affect the navigation system of the airplane

inside an aeroplane

Now a day’s aviation industry is the fastest-growing communication medium. Modern aviation guidance systems are incredibly sophisticated.

But there is a myth related to it. If you active phone in an airplane that will affect the navigation system of an airplane and hence it is banned inside the airplane.

This is completely baseless.

Airplanes are built airtight against outside signals and works on completely different frequencies than cell phones.

The actual region of phone baned inside an airplane is, when you make a call at 10,000 feet high, your phone signal bounces off several available cell towers in that region, rather than one at a time.

That means many phones will be affected up by the networks on the ground. Because of this reason, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) banned cell use on planes.

This is a very popular myth and some people believe it today as well.

6. Airplane Mode related

world map

First, this keeps in mind that if you are not a terrorist or not running from the police or don’t do any illegal activity no one will track you.

First I am going to start putting your phone in airplane mode. Putting your phone in airplane mode usually turns off Wi-Fi and network provider services.

Many people don’t know that a phone essentially has two operating systems. The first OS connects your phone to the cellular networks around you and the other is a direct connection between phone and consumer.

When you switch your phone to airplane mode, it disables the interaction between phone and consumer. But the other part of your phone that communicates with cellular networks around you is still active. It can be tracked.

Then let’s comes the second part, Turning off the phone.

Every phone needs the power to transmit the signal. By removing the battery may protect you from being tracked. But not always.

The last part, removing the SIM from the phone.

You can’t hide it by removing the SIM also. Because your phone still has built-in identifiers. It can be detected by Stingray devices(The StingRay is an IMSI-catcher, and it is a controversial cellular phone surveillance device used by intelligence agencies) or fake cell towers used by the NSA(The National Security Agency is a national-level intelligence agency of the United States Department of Defense).

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7. Set the Automatic Brightness will Save Battery

This is completely false.

The technic behind the auto-brightness is to balance the screen brightness with the surrounding automatically. This process is done through the light sensor of the smartphone.

It may save a bit battery, but the light sensor actually uses more power to carry on the process. It engages more processing power on it.

Well, it depends completely on your use. If you always prefer to use the minimum brightness of the screen then forget about auto-brightness.

8. Drain your battery Completely Before Recharging

battery low

Lithium-ion batteries can perform well when they charge regularly. If you constantly let them drain 0%, and then charge it will perform less they and it became unstable.

Each Lithium-ion battery has a finite number of charge cycles. Every time it fully dies one cycle is over.

It is a good practice to charge your phone every day than to do a “deep charge” from time to time.

9. More the megapixels better the camera

Simply, the sensor surface of a camera divided into very small areas of rectangles, each rectangle is called pixel.

A single megapixel is exactly one million pixels in an image.

The number of megapixels in a camera actually relates to how big a photo you can take with it. When you go to buy a mobile ignore the megapixels and look instead at the quality of the sensor, the lens, and the image processor.

Now the trends of 48 MP and 64 MP cameras going on and everyone is measuring it from the number. It is too easy t put a difference between these cameras. But that’s not the measuring scale.

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10. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct Kills Your Battery mostly


Nowadays Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are the most common medium of data transfer.

Will they kill your battery?

No, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi now consume little battery. Until you don’t start transfer they will not consume any battery. Once you start transferring then they use your battery.

11. Higher the Specification Mean Better Performance

When we see a phone advertisement first thing we do to check the specification. We think Higher the numerical figure better the performance.

It is not correct.

The truth is the specifications are not the real indicator of the performance. The performance of the phone depends upon a number of factors. It varies from device to device.

So when you go for a new smartphone check all reviews and real-time experiences.

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12. The charger Came with Phone is the best for charging

This myth was created mostly by phone manufacturers. Any charger built to the OEM’s requirements, are safe to use with your phone.

These are the most common myths related to the phone that should die. Do you know any common myth that should be in this list? Then feel free to comment and let us know.

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