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Top 10 Best 3D Animation Apps For Android

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Showing your caliber always gives you pleasure and confidence, it does not matter what is the field in which you work, if enjoy your work then you will definitely succeed.

But remember you have to do things in your own unique way and try to give your best. When it comes to Animation there is a lot of tools or apps which come into play. But all you need is the best animation apps to give your best.

Everyone thinks that if you want to animate photos or videos you must need a Desktop or Laptop, as you get the big screen and extra tools in it. But the fact is you can do it in your android smartphone also. You can easily use an animation maker for android.

In Pc, you can get more tools and better performance true but Pc is not the only place where you can convert your ideas into reality. you can also make 3D  animation by using your smartphones or tablets. As there are lots of good animation apps being available.

On a smartphone or tablet, it is very easy to perform. You don’t have to carry your laptop all the time to do animation. If you are on holiday and an idea came into your mind to make GIF or animated video, you can instantly use your smartphone to do it.

Now you confirm that you can do animation in your phones, But all you need is the best 3D Animation Apps For Android device which will help you to drag out your potential.

List of 3D animation apps

There are so many Animation maker apps for Android which you can find on google play store, but you need the best to show your best.

Here I’m going to point out some of the best 3D animation apps for Android, which will help you to create the best-animated images or videos.

Without any delay let’s see what are the best animation apps for your android phone.

1. Draw Cartoons 2

Draw Cartoons 2 app

This app is full of lots of animation maker tools and you can easily build your own imagine character and can make a short cartoon movie.

This is the best animation maker for android in which you can convert your ideas into reality. The current rating of this app is 4.6/5 on Google play store, with over 5 million downloads. You don’t need to Paid for this, it is a fully free animation app for android. They’re also a pro version of this app named Draw Cartoon 2 FULL. But you have to pay for this.

Some other features of Draw Cartoon 2 are.

  • Build smooth animation.
  • Library of cartoon characters and items.
  • You can create an item for scratch or use templates.
  • You can add a voice over a cartoon.
  • The option is available to export the project to a video file.

Download From Play Store

2. Legend – Animate Text In Video

Legend – Animate Text In Video app

Another 3D Animation apps for android is Legend. Basically, it is a turning text into a stunning animation app for android. In just about 2 taps you can convert your words into motion and inspire people, also make friends laugh.

Use this app is very simple. Just write your text, select animation style and color, background color and save it. Then send it to your friends or save as GIF or mp4 video. This is also a free animation app for android.

It very good animation maker for Android to create 6-sec animation GIF or videos. It is a free app, the current rating of this app is 4.5/5  with  10 million downloads on the Google play store.

Some other powerful features of this app are.

  • You can add a photo to the background.
  • 20 amazing text animation style.
  • It has emoji support, which makes good your animation.
  • You can send an auto-playing video to the messenger.
  • You have the option to share the video on social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Legend highlights hashtags, usernames, markdowns, etc.

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3. Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D app

Toontastic 3D is another best 3D animation app for Android, which bears 3D in its name, so you can now imagine how good it will be.

You can easily make an animation using this app on your phone. There are many characters, scenes or platforms or land which are already embedded in this app.

With Toontastic 3D you can draw, animate and narrate your own cartoons. It is easy to make an animation with Toontastic. Just move your characters on the scene, tell your story and it will record your voice and make an animation for you and save it in your device as 3D video.

It is a powerful and helpful animation maker for android by which you can create adventure videos, breaking news reports, video game design, family photo album or whatever you imagine in your mind make it a reality with this app.

It is a very good animation app for android free download with current rating 4.5/5 on Google play store over 1 million downloads till now.

Some other attractive features of Toontastic 3D are

  • You can design your own character with 3D drawing tools
  • A giant toy box in which you can find swashbuckling pirates, transforming robots, nefarious villains, car, cars 3, fruit ninja and many more that you can’t expect.
  • You can mix your soundtracks with dozens of built-in songs.
  • You can add yourself to your adventure with photos and custom colored characters.
  • It has three-story Arcs for digital storytelling:- short story, classic, science report.
  • You can export the 3D Animation video that you make to your photo gallery and also share it with your friends and family members.

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4. Stick Fighter

Stick Fighter app

Stick fighter is another tiptop animation maker for android. In which you can build simple battle animated videos.

You can give your character one of many weapons like ax, sword, bow, and arrow, etc. and easily create your own cartoon battle. You can also change the size, the color of your objects, if you like.

Then save it to your gallery, share it with your family and friends. With the help of this app, you can draw and change your stick character. Stick fighter allows you to create a flipbook – type frame by frame animations by using a simple touchscreen interface. This is one of the best animation games you can enjoy. Of course, you have to manage the low-quality graphics. Otherwise, you can enjoy the game in your free time and have some fun.

It is one of the fine 3D Animation Apps For Android which is free. The current rating of this app is 4.4/5 on Google play store.

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5. FlipaClip—Cartoon Animation

FlipaClip app

In this 3D Animation app, you can relive your childhood and express your creative ideas and use your professional skills in a very much unique way.

Draw your cartoon by using frame by frame animation. Whether you want to draw a sketch, storyboarding, animating or simply playing  around, FlipCalip offers intuitive  tools to convert your ideas into

This is a very good and cool animation maker for Android, which you must try. The current rating of this app is 4.3/5 on Google play store, with 5 million downloads till now. It is also free to download.

Some other eye-catching features of this 3D Animation app are

  • New audio recording, audio library and audio import feature.
  • Drawing layers.
  • Frame manager.
  • So many drawing tools.
  • Text tools
  • Build animation videos
  • Samsung spent support
  • You can share your created videos and animations with your family and friends.

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6. PicsArt Animator

PicsArt Animator app

Picsart animation app comes with a slightly different approach as it has more stickers and emojis. If you want to mix – match your real-life into animation with some artistic work then PicsArt animator is the perfect platform for you.

Here you will find all the helpful tools like frames, timeline support, ghost mode, layers, voice-over and cool collection of artwork to choose from. The main awesome feature of this app is you can control the speed and length of the animation. This is a free animation app for android.

This Animation maker app is awarded as the best and most entertainment app of the year in 2017. The current rating of this app is 4.2/5 on Google play store. It is also a free animation app for android. All you have to do is install it on Your phone and start creating joyfully.

Some other important features of  this app are

  • You can use animated stickers and use customized movement.
  • Use the animation timeline scroll through frames.
  • You can draw your photos and make animated selfies.
  • Advance sketching and drawing tools available.
  • You can record sounds and voice over for animations.
  • You can make your own personal emojis with Emoji me feature.
  • Use multiple layers for complex Animation.
  • You can draw frame by frame animation.
  • You can save your animations as GIF or mp4 video and can also share on Social media.

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7. Anitales

Anitales app

In this app, you can animate your story with avatars. The main focus in this app are avatars, custom voice-over and text message. You can play 3 avatars at a time on the scene with more than 1 million animations to compose.

There is no scarcity of choice in this app when it comes to props, scenes, backgrounds. You will get confused to choose one from many for your animation video. This is a free 3D animation app for android.

As it is a social app you can also use your friend ’s avatar in your animations. To create your avatar you can choose any scene which is available like weather, music, props, skies, etc. You can easily make your animation within 5 minutes if your story is ready.

The current rating of this 3D Animation maker for android is 4.2/5 on Google play store. It is also a free animation app.

Some other eye-catching features of this app are

  • You can add animation and record your own voice.
  • Up to 1 million animations to compose.
  • You can able to use your friend’s avatars in your story.
  • You can also share your animations with family and friends.
  • Export your cartoon story to video.

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8. StickNodes–Stick Man

StickNodes app

This is a better  3D animation maker is comparable to a stick draw animation app. Here you can find lots of tools for animation. It allows it’s users to make their own stick figure – based movies and export it to as GIF or Mp4 video.

The current rating of this app is 4.2/5 on Google play store. All you need to do is download this app and explore your ideas. There is also a pro version of this available on play store but that is a paid app.

  • Add sound effects to the frame of your animation and make epic movies.
  • You can find a verity of scales, colors, shapes in a large percentage.
  • Automatic frame-tweening makes your animations smoother.
  • The text field makes it easy to add text and dialogs to your avatars.
  • An undo and redo system, which will help you if you do any mistakes
  • Virtual camera to move and zoom, which makes your animations more cinematic.
  • Thousand of stick figures available in free.
  • Forward and backward onion-skinning for accurate animation.
  • Export your animation to GIF or videos.

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9. Plotagon Story

Plotagon Story app

There are lots of features like scenes, characters, audio customization and many more. Plotagon Story is an amazing animation maker for android for creating cartoon videos. One of the best parts about this app is you can use it offline.

The size of this app is quite big but it is very useful to you. Just pick your story, add dialogs to your characters. You can even create your own characters and scenes and make your animation movie with your mobile.

It is one of the best 3D Animation app and very useful for those who are a beginner in the animation field.

The current rating of this animation maker for android is 4.1/5 on Google play store. And it is free to access.

Some other features of this app are.

  • Make your own animated videos.
  • You can create yourself or your friend to act in your movie.
  • Record your own voice, sound effect, and music.
  • Export your animations to videos or GIF
  • You can share your creations on social media.

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10. Animate It

Animate It app

This 3D animation maker app is very useful for a professional animator, students, game developers, storyboard artists and also for those who love animation.

It is a very good 3D animation app that can use in your Android device with a number of scenes and props which you can use for animations. With this app, you can show your children how to make animations and they can make their own.

This animation app is built-in with scenes for characters, objects like a hat, sword, guitar, badminton and many more. In this animation maker, you can make 1 character at a time, but in pro version (which is paid app) you can create 3 characters at a time. In this animation maker each scene will hold up to 4 clips, each clip holds up to 32 keyframes and 20 files. While using this app touch and drag body parts of the character. Touching the free areas of your screen, you can easily adjust the camera, standard zoom and translate view.

It is a little bit complicated for beginners to operate it as it comes with no tutorial video on how to navigate it. You just have to give time for it to be used to. This app has a great fan base with 10 million downloads. The current rating of this app is 4.0/5 on Google play store with 5 million downloads. And this app also free to access.

Some other important features of this 3D animation maker are.

  • Each animation clips can be played on the spot or on the edited path.
  • For each clip is set up no of cycles and the amount automatically added in-between frames for smooth and speed of playback.
  • Ghost mode available.
  • You can choose your favorite character as there is a lot of presents.
  • Poses copy, paste, mirroring and reset.
  • Skins selection for any character.
  • Building creation and editing of cubs.
  • Props selection and all the basic features that are discussed in the above apps.

So here is the list of top 10 best 3D animation apps for Android, which you can use in your android device to give life to your creative ideas.

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Here I have discussed some of the best 3D animation apps for Android. Nowadays most people follow the copy-paste method in searching for shortcuts to success and ended up inside with no result. In animation, if you have your own story and have some creative ideas you can build your own animation world with the help of any animation maker for android mentioned above.

If you ask that if I  have to choose one then which one it will be? Is there a difference in their features. My opinion is to choose any of them because all are best animation maker for android, but if you have creative ideas and willpower to heighten them. Then you must succeed in it.

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