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10 Best Kids Search Engines for Safe Search

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These days, the internet has become a great resource for kids to learn and find entertainment. However, without a kids search engine, you may not feel reassured about the information they surf on the web. You need to constantly monitor your kids’ online activity. And it is a waste of time.

Since childhood is the time to build strong morale, it’s important to ensure that your child is not accessing inappropriate sites. This article lists various search engines for kids to help their child freely browse the internet. That way, you can retain your peace of mind.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the list of kid friendly search engines.

Top 10 Search Engines for Kids

Take a look at the following passages for a list of the top 10 search engines. All of these facilities a safe search for kids. All of the sites are hand-picked after hours of research and appropriate for children.

1. KidRex

KidRex is a free search engine to prevent kids from finding inappropriate content. Such content is available on popular search engines. The search engine has a kid-friendly interface. Therefore, children can easily get a hang of using it.

KidRex website

The engaging interface has a wide array of cartoons and colorful images. All these are exciting for the kids. The best part is that the kids search engine is powered by Google. So you can rest assured that your kids are finding adequate resources. And these resources will power their educational needs.

If you are a strict parent, you can find a parents menu to impose further safe searching. It will enable you to restrict several elements that may seem to be inappropriate for your child.

2. KidInfo

KidInfo is a one-stop destination for kids. The safe kids’ search engine is rich with several links pointing to external websites. These sites are rich with information on diverse topics including history, math, language, and art.

Further, there is a separate section for music, games, coloring pages, recipes, coupons, historical events, and so on. Such categorization makes the search engine extremely kid-friendly. Kids can explore these topics without any hassle.

KidInfo website

This website lets young kids explore the internet while staying safe. KidInfo is a visual search engine for kids, offering safe kids web, images, posts, and video searches.

The homework hub of the search engine also has resources like educational videos, PowerPoint presentations on topics like grammar skills, etc. These are helpful for the teachers. There are various other topics covered in the school curriculum. Hence, KidInfo is a perfect homework helper.

3. Safe Search Kids

Safe Search Kids is yet another kids’ search engine powered by Google. The search engine is also available as a mobile app. Thus, it offers a coherent experience to your kids across browsing channels.

The search engine can deliver filtered search results once the kids use the internet. The tool automatically activates Google Safe Search. This prevents kids from visiting websites with inappropriate content. It is a mobile family-friendly safe search engine for kids.

Safe Search Kids website

Further, it has multiple sections like safe search, safe images, safe wiki, and safe videos. Naturally, it becomes easier for the kids and the parents to scan proper content. If you are looking for videos, you need not browse all the images. This facilitates the hassle-free search.

The homepage of the search engine is rich with articles featuring parenting tips, kids’ educational guides, and so on. You can browse these for more insights. No wonder that Safe Search Kids is one of the top child-friendly search engines.

4. Kiddle

Kiddle is a safe visual search engine for kids launched by the king of search engines, Google. It features all the resources of Google less inappropriate content. The safe search filters of the search engine are everything that parents and instructors need.

It helps us to safeguard our children against unwanted interactions. Kiddle does not collect or save any personal information while the children browsing their website. According to their “About Page” the Kiddle delete browsing history every 24 hours to help promote privacy.

Kiddle website

In addition to traditional web and image search, the search engine also has Kimages or popular kid images. Kpedia is Kiddle’s version of Wikipedia. Further, there is a video search feature and a news search feature. It also offers resources for educators and parents.

The toolbar at the bottom of the kids search engine has more information on keywords blocking, kids’ safe search, etc. All these make the platform a transparent and popular alternative search engine. And the best part is that the platform adopts various approaches to feature content.

5. Wacky Safe

Wacky Safe is Microsoft-powered kid-friendly safe search engine. The platform also has a dedicated app made for Android and PC. Indeed, it is one of the best kids search engines. Does your child need some help to research an assignment for school? Then Wackt Safe will help your kids quickly find the information they need.

The platform offers an ultra-safe environment that keeps parents and educators stress-free about kids surfing the web. Just like other safe search engines, it blocks inappropriate content, videos, and images utilizes strict keyword filters and facilitates the kid-friendly search.

Wacky Safe website

You can add it as a Chrome extension for faster access. According to the website, this child friendly search engines serve more than 2 million kids worldwide. There is also an option to make a search using voice commands.

Further, the app also scans and blocks harmful sites that may affect parental controls. The interface is clean and akin to Google’s interface. Some of its sections include images WackyLearn, wiki, news, videos, games, and maps. The platform also powers voice search that significantly improves user experience.

6. Kidtopia

Kidtopia is a custom search engine for kids studying in preschool and elementary school. The interface of the kids’ search engine is beautifully classified by topics. Some of the topics include social studies, arts, language, people, etc. Other topics are animals, games or activities, countries, math, reference, religion, technology, and more.

Therefore, the kids can easily access the sites relevant to these topics. Further, the search engine’s interface features several student-friendly sites. Hence, parents and educators need not scan lots of sites to pick the best ones. All of them are arranged on the homepage.

Kidtopia kids search engine

Kidtopia is a search engine specially designed to provide the safest environment for kids and take their first steps on the road to safe online searching. This search engine does not display results or images that are inappropriate for children.

Further, the search engine has dedicated sections for students and teachers. The students can find resources for their homework while the teachers can explore ideas for assignments. Thus, Kidtopia makes it easy for the kids and educators to operate seamlessly.

7. KidsClick

KidsClick is a search engine and website directory established and maintained by librarians. The platform offers catalogued resources that offer age-appropriate and objective information. That way, kids can easily understand these topics.

The site administrators don’t list sites that readily obtain private information. They also prohibit product-centric sites. Further, they don’t list sites that charge a fee, or promote illegal activities, hatred, and violence. Naturally, parents can maintain their peace of mind.

KidsClick website

Kids can browse by topic and the sites will feature reading level and a description. Some of the sites offer fun stuff such as classic arcade games. Some of these are ideal as homework helpers. All these make the learning experience fun and enjoyable for the kids.

Since the platform is created and maintained by librarians, parents can rest assured of getting credible resources. Hence, you can be certain that your child is receiving proper education.

8. KidzSearch

KidzSearch utilizes Google’s SafeSearch to offer safe and adult content-free search results for your child. Sexually explicit search terms, curse words, profanity, etc. are blocked. The portal will discontinue the search if an inappropriate term is put in the search box.

Further, the kids search engine maintains an updated list of banned keywords, adult sites, and also has filtering algorithms. These algorithms can naturally detect methods like Leet.

KidzSearch website

Basically, Leet uses symbols and numbers to refer to the shapes of various letters. These are often used for overriding filtering. For instance, 1 can be used for the letter I, 5 can be used for the letter S. As you can imagine, Leet may affect a child’s innocence.

KidzSearch can detect and stop responding to such searches. KidsSearch also posts education-related articles and links to educational games. Its homework questions and access to an online encyclopedias has found immense appreciation from parents and educators.

9. Fact Monster

If your child needs assistance in researching online assignments, Fact Monster is the perfect destination. This is a free online portal, encyclopedia, and thesaurus. Therefore, kids can easily find a wide pool of information.

The platform targets kids of 8-14 years and is full of various facts and figures. Mostly, the site offers lessons in Science, Math, and Money. The platform aims at making the kids efficient about finance right from the beginning. It is trying to create an environment where children can feel safe.

Fact Monster website

The platform has dedicated quiz and game sections that facilitate learning through entertainment. Thus, it triggers the kids’ enthusiasm towards learning. No wonder that parents and teachers prefer the search engine.

10. AskKids

Dedicated towards 6-12 year olds, AskKids ensures a perfect job at finding age-appropriate and relevant content from the web. It is optimized to answer a kid’s keyword search. The portal pulls results from the database of the editorial section of

AskKids website

The best part is that the search engine algorithm scans all the results and features the safe and appropriate ones. The website provides the children with a filtered search engine. Further, it offers external links to the lists of games and movies suitable for their ages.

The answer section of the portal is expert-designed to offer reliable answers for the common queries of the kids. These questions are classified into varied subject categories. Thus, they empower kids in their homework.


As parents, we need to keep our children as safe on the internet as possible. With these kids search engines at your disposal, you can rest assured that your kid is in safe hands. They will receive the best education & entertainment and never find inappropriate content.

I highly encourage parents and children to sit down together and create an internet safety plan. It makes children cyber safe and avoid unthinkable situations. You can set up an internet filter and block specific websites.

Found the article insightful? Pick the best search engine for your child and thank us later.

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