What Is eSIM? – Everything You Want To Know

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We are using mobile phones for decades. We have crossed through several technologies. The first mobile phone is not like as it is today. With the mobile phone, one SIM card is mandatory.

As you know the SIM cards hold a unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number that confirms that this SIM is unique. We first use the mobile phone the size of the SIM is quite big.

When the micro SIM concept comes to the market, people have the rush to cut the SIM. Them the size of SIM card is smaller.

After some year the nano-SIM concept came. After the concept came people are amazed that the SIM size almost nothing. The Size of the SIM has reached at its least.

Now, this is the age of eSIM. Just after heard this word there is a big question mark on our face. We have heard a lot of things related to “e”. But an “eSIM”?

Actually, eSIM is a new thing. It has introduced a few years before. But at that time there is no hype on it. As Apple launched the latest iPhone XS, iPhone X Max and XR the concept is on trending.

Apple has cleared that the latest models are dual Sim phones. But there is a twist on it. One SIM will be eSIM.

Don’t worry, I will go dipper into this and describe all the things related to it.

Before going into any discussion let me clear one thing. First, let me clarify what is a SIM card.

A SIM, which stands for “subscriber identity module,” you know it already. Basically, it contains the information that authenticates your identity to a carrier.

In simple words, the SIM card is what tells a carrier that you’re you. Without it, carriers wouldn’t know that you’re subscribed to their network. So when you dialing, it wouldn’t let you use their cell towers.

I think now onwards you have a clear idea about what is SIM. Let’s move forward.

What is eSIM?

This is the center point of our discussion. What is eSIM? Let’s find out the answer.

eSIM is a shortened version of an embedded SIM. No need to provide the full-form of SIM because I have already discussed it above.

When you buy a new phone, you pop out your SIM card and drop it into the new phone. Then you are going with the network.

But, in the case of eSIM, the functionality is different.

As the name suggests “embedded” this is actually built into the phone’s mainboard. It’s rewritable. You can compare it with an NFC chip. It will be compatible with all the major carriers, regardless of what type of network they use.

Technically, it is a small chip that’s used to authenticate your identity with your carrier. This will same thing as your traditional SIM card does.

We have traditional SIM cars. So you may think that why this eSIM concept has come.

If you have understood the functionality of physical SIM then you know that the SIM just contain an IMEI number and some storage.

We can easily implement these functionalities in a chipset. If you do so, this can act the same as the physical SIM. The cool thing about eSIM is, we can re-write it again and again.

This gives us the flexibility to migrate from one network provider to another network provider.

Now you may have a clear idea about what is eSIM. let’s move forward.

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Why would manufacturers switch to eSIMs?

We have the idea of what is eSIM. Here one question arises, why manufacturers switch to eSIM technology.

1. Better design

Physical SIM cards mostly contain useless plastic. The actual working part of the SIM is that tiny metal strip. SO we have come through the micro and nano. Just see a comparison of sizes of SIMs.

Size comparison between mini, micro, nano, and eSIMs

what is eSIM


And as phones and devices get smaller and thinner, each millimeter costs a lot. The manufacturer saw that eSIM take less space than physical SIM cards. So they can get some extra space to play more.

2. Better experience for device owners

This allows the manufacturer to deliver a much better experience for their customers.

With the eSIM is completely shield inside, so is there is no change of losses of SIMs.

Advantages of eSIM

Advantages of eSIM are as follows

  • One of the advantages of this technology is that it makes it much easier to switch carriers.
  • Easy to use
  • There is no change of SIM loss or misplaced.
  • International travelers can use it easily without changing the SIM cards. They have just to switch.

eSIM compactable devices

eSIM technology is not as new as we think. It has been introduced a few years before.

Google’s Pixel 2 phones (Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL) are the first phones to use eSIM technology.

After that, the latest iPhones like iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR, and Apple watch 3 and watch 4 implements this eSIM technology.

Wireless carriers that support eSIM

As this new technology is rarely used, so you can’t find a lot of carries providing this. These are the carriers that support the eSIM technology.


  • T-Mobile


  • Bell


  • Hrvatski Telekom

Czech Republic

  • T-Mobile


  • Telekom
  • Vodafone


  • Magyar Telekom


  • Airtel
  • Reliance Jio


  • Vodafone Spain

United Kingdom

  • EE

United States

  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile USA
  • Verizon Wireless

Worldwide service providers

  • GigSky
  • Truphone

Some other operators try to achieve the eSIM standard and soon added to the list.


Now we have a clear idea of what is eSIM. eSIM is a revolutionary technology. Some manufacturers are already started implementing this technology and lot to join this race.

People also start taking an interest in this technology. As time goes on the interest will increase a lot.

As eSIM has a lot of advantages, why to stick with the traditional SIMs. I agree that no one can predict the future but this may be the future.

As the eSIM technology is a little bit anonymous lot of people they want to know more about it. Share this article and the spread the knowledge.

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