Best Funny Face Video Apps for Android

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People are making fun of their own face and voice by using funny face video apps. People generally get irritated when someone makes fun of their face and voice in front of them or by drawing irregular shapes on their faces and dubbing their voice in photoshops or by using face editing apps. But nowadays it is reversed. 

Making funny face and voice by using filters and make other laughs on you is now on trending. Every day Million of search and download occurs on the topic “funny face and voice app” in the Google play store.

By using the funny face and voice app people share their funny and weird pics, videos, or GIF on social media to grab some attention and laughing others. Because laughing at others is an art.

Funny face video apps for Android list

So here I found out some impressive, insanely, hilarious, and monkeyish funny face video app for Android devices that are there to help you to become an artist at making funny faces. So without any delay let’s start.

 1. Face Changer

Face Changer

Face Changer funny face maker will help you to make your face funnier as it is full of funny faces and cartoons to give you look complete makeover. It is one of the best funny face and video apps for Android.

You can use this app to change any face, replace any face part with funny faces. It is also able to replace face parts such as eyes, nose, or even make bald. Here you can easily make your face thin to fat or fat to thin, pointy eyes and many other special effects present which makes your face even funnier.

You can also add text or even draw on photos and share them on Social media. This app is free to use. The current rating of this app has 4.1/5 on Google Play Store with over 50 million downloads till now.

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2. Crazy Helium Video Booth Lite

Crazy Helium Video Booth Lite app

Crazy Helium Video Booth
Lite is a camera app that distorts the user’s face and voice in weird ways. Several camera options warp the user’s face and replace their voice with either a chipmunk, robot or bear voice. This Face Changer app allows you to change the whole face in a new style. 

This funny face video app creates insanely hilarious videos with funny video and sound effects. In this app, you can convert your head shape to big like an Alien or a square head. After making your funny video you can share it on social media with your friends and family. This is a very good video app that changes your voice and face. The current rating of this app has a 3.7/5 on Google Play Store with 5 million downloads till now.

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3. Face Swap

Face Swap app

Face Swap
is an alternative to the Snapchat, which is a very good funny face and video app for Android from PIP Camera big family. It has awesome live face swap effects that directly fit your face without giving any trouble.

Just open the face swap camera and browse with your selfie cam and you can make funny face videos within a few seconds. There are so many free-motion stickers and cartoon faces available which will help you to make more fun of yours.

There is a motion swap option that allows you to swap your face with your friend and make funny faces of yours and your friends. Not only you can swap your face with your friends but also with superstars, celebrities, cute animals and also family members.

Some other features like motion swap, sticker sets, Photo swap, theme swap, photo retoucher, classic college, snap filter are there to make your photo and video funnier and attractive. The swift share option helps you to share your creations with your family and friends.

The current rating of this app is 4.3/5 on Google Play Store with 10 million downloads till now.

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4. Camera 360 Selfie Photo Editor with Funny Sticker

Camera 360 Selfie Photo Editor with Funny Sticker app

This app is awarded as the best app of the year 2016. It has professional editing tools and all themed funny stickers, & motion stickers, art filters, poster templates, and video effects which will give you a positive and exclusive result. Camera 360 is also a popular funny facial recognition filter app that helps you to make funny faces. There are 100 different filters to choose from and play around with.

Camera 360 allows it’s a user to go nuts on their selfie by combining their crazy looking filter selfies with editing effect for smoothing outcomes. There are some other exciting features present which will amaze you. Download this Funny Video Maker app and enjoy it on your smartphone.

The current rating of this app has a 4.3/5 rating on Google play store with 100 million downloads till now.

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5. Face Camera

Face Camera app

In this app, there are different types of faces, masks, motion stickers, and different themes like animal, cartoon, movie, and many others. Face Camera is another funny face and video app from PIP Camera big family. Which will help you to explore the hidden artist inside you? It has various effects and tools which make it the best video app that changes your voice and face.

Face swap has features that allow you to swap your faces with friends and family members easily. The best feature of this app is as artist filters so you can easily use your favorite artist’s face.

If you want to become a cute kitty or funny clown just add that filter to your face on the photo on your smartphone to face the camera. The real-time video recording and face-changing feature on this app giving a realistic effect to it.

This funny face video app has a 4.4/5 rating on Google Play Store with 10 million downloads till now. Just download and start making a funny face and video right now.

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6. Face Changer Video

Face Changer Video app

Face stickers like hats, glasses, mustaches, etc. which you can add to your selfie videos.  Chin face – that turns your face upside down and put your eyes on your chins to create an illusion which is bit weird but funnier also. Face changer video is the best funny face video app for android users.

Using this app you can apply funny face warp effect to your photos and videos. This app has a face mask like an Animal live filter, skeleton video face filter, and many more which makes videos and photos funnier. It is an awesome app if you are searching for a big mouth video app. Bigmouth always seems very funny.

Some other features like

  • Swap face between two people.
  • Record video or take photo.
  • Blend two faces into one.
  • Move your mouth to animate another face by using your face.
  • Save and share videos and photos.

The current rating this video app that changes your voice and face is 4.3/5 rating on Google Play Store with 10 million downloads. To make hilarious funnier videos and face download it now.

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You can use it to make both a funny photo and video with an option to broadcast it live on Facebook to share with all friends. Once you shoot a 30sec video or apply a filter to the selfie you can able to share it on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media. Apply funny face warp effects on your video using this app.

MSQRD is very popular besides Snapchat to record video selfie animation. It is powered by Facebook Inc. It has many filters that change the user’s face in all short of whimsical ways. This app is able to turn selfies into a panda, zombies, pee wee Herman or even swap the face with others.

Some other attractive features are

  • Multiple face filter.
  • Selfie face filter for photos and videos.
  • More than 50+ motion filters.
  • Animal, movies, faces, fun, sports, emotion filters are available.
  • Share snaps directly on Facebook and Instagram or other social media.

The current rating of this app is 4.3/5 rating on Google Play Store with 10 million downloads till now. Just install it on your android phone and start making fun of yours.

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8. YouCam Fun- Snap Live Selfie Filters & Share Pics

YouCam Fun app

This funny face and voice app has a dramatic eye effect with many funny face filters which helps you to create an insanely funny face and voice. Youcam fun will help to create funny face videos and photos within a really quick time period. As it has real-time filters, animated stickers, motion stickers, and picture effects that make the silliest selfies that you want.

In this app, you would get a lot of funny faces, masks, motion stickers and use them to make funny face videos.

Some other exciting features are

  • AR filter that transforms you into a princess with a flower crown or Cinderella makeover.
  • AR filters help you to smash a happy birthday cake on the face whenever you or your friend have a birthday.
  • Stickers and effects on your face make you look funnier.
  • Photo effects include the animal face, hairstyle, costumes, and way more.
  • You can add stickers to make a live funny video and send to your friend’s
  • selfie effect for your camera roll.
  • It includes Frames, Backgrounds, Light Leak, Scratch, and Grunge. Create any funnier vibe you want.
  • Beauty camera that makes you beautiful without any effort.
  • YouCam Fun has the most dazzling array of effects, live filters, and photo cut out effects for your selfies and many more.

It has a 4.6/5 rating on Google Play Store with 10 million downloads till now. Without any delay just download it and make funny faces and videos.

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9. B612- Beauty and Selfie Camera

B612 app

B612 is known for incredible taking selfies and portraits using live beautification adjustment. This app has too many face filters to create funny faces and videos.

Various drawing effects that you can draw when it takes a video and shiny effect and a stylish analog feature that make your day brighter.

Some other features are

  • Perfect skin with a single tap.
  • High quality filters perfect for selfies, food, landscape, and for any occasion.
  • Easily use to create the music video and pair it with exciting sounds.
  • Take fun boomerang videos that play on a loop.
  • Motion filter for videos.

This funny face video app is very popular and the current rating of this app is 4.4/5 rating on Google Play Store with 100 million downloads till now and still increasing. Just download and make fun of yours and laugh at others.

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10. Instagram

Instagram app

Saying this trending social app as a funny face video app is not fair but saying it will not be unfair that it is the best platform to twitch out your inner artist. As it offers many funny face filters and effects that make your creation even funnier. You can save your funnier creation on your phone to share it on different social networks. Instagram is widely popular as a social app and it is trending as the #4 free social app on the play store. The best social platform for sharing posts allows you to use filters on your photos and videos.

The best app always gives you the best. Look out for some other features of it.

  • Apply filter to photos as well as videos.
  • Click and share photos and videos directly as a post or story.
  • It has 15+ different face filters.
  • Send photos and videos as private messages.
  • Follow the post from your friends and colleagues.

There is no need to describe more about it as it is a trending social app. The current rating of this app is 4.5/5 rating on the Google Play Store with 1 billion downloads till now and still increasing. So hurry up download it makes funny faces and videos and share. Although it is not a professional funny face editing app, you may try this one also.

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11 – Sweet Snap

Funny face

How many times you have tried different photo editing apps and got the same features and editing options again and again. Your answer may be very often. Right?

Why don’t try something interesting and edit your photos and videos the whole new styles? These are some of the best features you will get in this app.

  • Unique filter editor
  • Make interesting Videos and emotional passage
  • Funny hairstyle swap and face filters
  • Swap your face with motion stickers
  • Set wallpaper and share the edited photos on the social platforms

This a very famous app in this category. This app has more than 100 million downloads and 4.4 ratings on the Google Play Store.

Download From Play Store

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12 – Face Live Camera

Funny Face video app

In this trendy social media age, everyone wants to be in the trend and the same thing we are seeing now. Every day you may see these types of edited photos in your social news feed.

Then you might think that how the photo was edited. If you want to find yourself in this race then you might want some app that can get the job done.

Face Live Camera is one of them. This app contains many options to give your photo a funny look. Look at some of the features of this app.

  • Photo Emojis, Filters, Stickers’ incredible photo editing tools
  • Create cute and funny faces with pet camera effects
  • Live photo stickers, selfie filters
  • Face swap tool
  • Live camera tools and face swapper
  • Choose among tons of cool fonts
  • Hundreds of backgrounds for photo editing

Face Live Camera app has more than 10 million downloads and 4.1 reviews in the Google Play Store.

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So here are the 10 best video apps that change your voice and face completely. As you see all of them have millions of downloads on the play store so there is no need to doubt their performances. If you want to entertain someone and searching for a big mouth video app then its list will also helpful. Different filters, funny faces, animal faces, swap options, and a lot of effects you will find on them. To make funny faces and voice on these apps all you need to be creative and the apps will do the rest for you.

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