15 Best TV Guide Apps for Android and iOS

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Are you searching for the best TV guide apps for Android? Well, you are in the right place. Watching TV shows and movies has become a habit and many people are upset if they miss a TV show or one episode.

It might not possible to remind all the TV shows day and time. So many apps are available for this purpose to let you know when your favorite show will begin.

Please note that none of these apps mentioned below will provide access to watch TV shows. If you already have some subscription or method for watching your favorite shows these apps will be useful.

The TV guide apps we are going to show you will have a list of programs for the next few days and remind you to watch them.

So let’s get started.

Best TV Guide Apps

There are many apps that can show upcoming TV shows list and send reminders. But we come up with some of the best ones.

1. TV Time

TV Time appTV Time is one of the most famous TV guide apps available for Android and iOS. The app contains the time and date of the upcoming TV series and movies.

It allows you to manage your shows and movies with a personalized calendar. You can add any item to it and the calendar will let you know when to watch.

TV Time app allows you to create a to-do list of your favorite episodes and movies to watch later. Then it will send notifications when new episodes and movies are available.

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2. Hobi

Hobi appHobi is another simple and best TV tracker app that comes with a lot of features. Explore their extensive list of programs, and movies, and select your favorite one. According to the app they have over 50,000 shows in our series guide.

The app has a dedicated section where you can find trending shows. If you want to watch one of the shows then it allows you to add it to the reminder list.

According to the reminder list, it will send an in-app notification. The smart reminder system also tracks your reminder history. If a TV series session ends and starts the next series it will also new release notifications to you.

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3. Next Episode

Next Episode appNext Episode is another widely used app for the TV guide. Thousands of users use this app regularly to keep tracking movies and TV shows.

Please note that you cannot watch movies and TV shows with the Next Episode. After installing the app add your favorite TV series, and the Next Episode will track them for you.

There is also a calendar view available to view your entire upcoming shows. The discover feature of the app allows you to see other programs of that channel and you may add them to the reminder list as well.

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4. TV Listings USA

TV Listings USA websiteTV Listings USA is free which allows you to find out the programs in the next seven days’ schedules in the USA. You would get a listing of all the major TV channels and networks.

This app also works offline in case of temporary internet connection loss or to save bandwidth. Select your favorite programs and build a personalized TV guide.

According to your selected programs, the app will send you notifications. Keep track of individual TV shows and local cable listings using this TV guide app.

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5. What’s On India

What's On India appIf you are from India and searching for the best Android TV guide app then What’s On India is for you. This app has the largest collection of Indian TV channels and operators.

According to the official listing, the app has 7 days forward schedules for 700+ channels and 2500+ operators coverage across India. The Whats On India app covers all major Indian languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, etc.

You can search for a TV show or channel and set a reminder accordingly. Create a personalized list of your favorite TV channels the app will send a reminder.

There are many reminder apps but they don’t have the feature to check TV series time. 

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6. SeriesGuide

SeriesGuide appSeriesGuide is another well-known TV guide app having over 1 million downloads. You can find TV shows and movies to watch and keep track of what you have already watched.

You can also sign in to SeriesGuide Cloud storage to backup and sync your lists having TV shows and movies. The app also allows you to connect your Trakt account to access your watchlist and collection.

It will send notifications based on your list and you will never miss an episode.

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7. Sensy TV Guide

Sensy appSensy TV Guide is another free app to get the full list of TV shows on any channel. Never miss any TV show again with the presence of this Android TV guide app. You can search for shows based on gerns, name, cast, etc. The Voice search feature is also available to find your best shows quickly.

This app covers a wide range of channels. You can check the upcoming shows list of 600 channels across 17 languages. The dedicated actor page feature shows all the upcoming TV shows in a list view. Check behind-the-scenes interviews, unseen videos, bloopers, etc. 

You can use Alexa, and Google Home to have hands-free operations. Use Sensy TV Guide app without even touching your remote. This app gives personalized recommendations based on your recent behavior. 

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8. UK TV Guide

UK TV guide appUK TV guide is a free TV guide app featuring major TV channels for the United Kingdom. The app will show you TV listings for over 450 channels including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Freeview, Sky, and a lot more. As this app doesn’t provide you with content directly, you can only see the list. If you want to see the latest movies and TV shows then we have made a separate list of sites for this.

Search for your favorite TV series and the app will show you upcoming TV shows. The app allows you to set reminders. With will send a notification for when your favorite shows / TV Guide starts.

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9. TVGuiden

TVGuiden appTVGuiden is another free and easy-to-use TV guide application used by thousands of TV series lovers. This app is suitable for Available for Norway, Finland, Germany, Hungary Sweden, Denmark, and Thailand. In addition to that, there are some international channels.

The app has a program list of more than 200 channels. There is a search bar to search for any TV show or movie. Make a list of your favorite TV shows and the app will send a reminder.

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10. TV Show & Movie Tracker

TV Show & Movie Tracker appThis is another TV show tracker app. TV Show & Movie Tracker app comes with a clean design and helps you to discover popular TV shows. It has more than 80,000 TV shows in the series guide. You can browse them from all the shows listed.

You can also search and add to the list. It has a calendar feature to view all your upcoming saved programs. Then the app will send a reminder before the show started.

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11. Live Sports TV Listings Guide

Live Sports TV Listings Guide appThis TV guide app is for sports lovers who don’t want to miss live sports events. This app has vast support for TV channels. Currently, it supports 75 countries with more than 1800 sports channels.

The supported sports list is also huge and you can find all the leading sports here. You can add any sports or TV channel to the “My Sports” and “My Channels” list. Then the app will send you a reminder before the sports go live.

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12. TV Guide Smart

TV Guide Smart appTV Guide Smart is a well-known application to keep a record of programs. Check your favorite TV channel’s list inside the app. You can use this app in offline mode as well.

This app contains more than 700 TV channels and keeps a record for 14 days. Search in the TV program section and in the movie archive for anything you want to see.

You can get notifications of your favorite TV channels and programs. The simple and intuitive user interface allows users to find what they are searching for.

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13. TV Listings Guide the UK

TV Listings Guide the UK appLiving in the UK and want to see what would be on TV next? Then head to TV Listing Guide UK for upcoming TV shows guides and movies. It is one of the best TV guide apps for Android.

It is a lightning-fast app that shows timelines in a quick overview tab. You can check on-air programs and the progress bar that shows the time remaining for this. Program description, IMDB rating and wiki, and more available.

This app can show the scheduled program for the next 7 days. Sort your favorite channels in a single window for easy access. It lists all of Britain’s Freeview and Sky channels along with the main Irish TV channels.

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14. SG TV Guide

SG TV Guide app

SG TV Guide is one of the easiest applications to check the complete listing of TV channels in Singapore. You can check the full weekly schedule of programs on any TV channel.

This app is just 3 MB in size and loads super fast. You can search for your favorite programs and channels using the search function. Never miss your favorite TV shows, drama, or movies anymore with the presence of SG TV Guide.

You can share your current watching show with your friends on social media platforms.

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15. Dansk TV Guide

Dansk TV Guide app

Check all the upcoming programs and movies in Denmark channels using Dansk TV Guide. This app has a great rating and reviews in Google Play Store.

This is the best guide for TV programs in Denmark. You can find a program list of 120 Danish and international channels inside this app. There is also a filter option to sort TV channels.

It shows a detailed TV guide for any channel you select. Mark any program favorite to get a reminder when it goes on air. Never miss any of your favorite shows.

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So these are some of the best TV guide apps for Android and iOS. If your TV time is important to you then manage it with ease using the above apps. Install one of the above apps and you will never forget your favorite TV shows.

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