Xiaomi’s Foldable Phone Shows Up In New Official Teaser Video

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The trend of the folding phone is running at its top. Companies like Samsung, Huawei has already ahead in the race. Although, unknown phone manufacture brand Royole has strike the matchstick, now everyone on that way towards futuristic design. official

Now, the popular smartphone maker, Xiaomi has also teased its presence. We’ve already seen some snaps of Xiaomi foldable phone when the company has released a video of its CEO playing around with the concept device.

Now, a new video – posted on Xiaomi’s official Weibo social account reveals some overview. Unlike those three foldable phones we have seen yet, Xiaomi offers two foldable edges instead of just one. We have seen this design in the first teaser video also. The phone folds nicely in terms of hardware as well as software. The two-fold design makes the phone bit thicker too.

One new thing the video does show us is a new form of gesture navigation. In this design, when the tablet mode is on, the user swipes in from the right side of the screen to close the current app they’re looking at. This device also seems like a concept device.

So there is no doubt that Xiaomi has started working on the foldable phone. Xiaomi hasn’t yet officially announced any details for its foldable phones such as specification, price, availability or release date.

Xiaomi is massively price-sensitive so you can expect that its price will much lower than Samsung and Huawei’s $2000 folding phones.

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