why is my phone overheating so quickly

Why Is My Phone Overheating So Quickly (Explained)

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Is your phone overheating? Don’t worry, it is not only your problem. Most of us face the same issues. Sometime you may fire-up and ask yourself to know why is my phone overheating so quickly.

First, let me clear one thing, your phone doesn’t heat itself. It may completely depend on the way of user uses it. I agree that sometime it may be in a manufacturing defect but this is very very rare. All the phone manufacturers take special care and test all the mobile coming from the factory.

To get rid of this problem sometimes you may switch off the phone until it cools. This is not the only method. Here are some important tips on why is my phone overheating so quickly. Let us discuss it.

Why do smartphones heat up generally

Before going to any of the discussion let us know why smartphones heat up generally.

Do you are aware of basic Physics? If not that’s ok.

“Movement generates heat”. Your smartphone consists of a number of hardware parts. There are some micro moving things to work your phone. So this micro moving objects produces heat. To keep working this movement it needs electricity and battery provides this.

Let’s take an example. When you are playing a game it takes central processor and graphics processor units into work. Both housed in a central system-on-a-chip. So they will become hot, as they require more and more power to carry out their tasks.

There is no reason to worry about phone overheating. They are specially designed to work in that way and to handle the hike in temperature.

Your phone is very much smart. When your phone detects an unusual hike of temperature, the processor speed will be reduced. This is because making slower operating speeds to take the situation under control. In the worst circumstances, a warning message will be displayed. It preventing you from using the device until it has cooled.

When it is overheating than the normal, you need to take care of it.

Some common reason for overheating

There is some common reason for phone overheating. Following are the most common reason behind overheating cases.

Using third-party charger and cable

You may have noticed that your phone overheating while charging. This is maybe the reason.

Micro USB and USB type c cable charger are the most commonly used charger in Android devices.

You may think that all chargers are the same and I can charge my new phone using old chargers. This is completely wrong and this may lead to overheating problems.

If you notice that your phone is overheating while charging, then this may be strong evidence you need to take a second look at your charger. With this, you should check the health of the battery from time to time.

Although chargers belong to a specific category like USB type-c, there are some differences. Different chargers have different wattage capacity and optimization power.

You should use the original charger comes with the phone. Avoid those cheap chargers available in the market.

Avoid using a third-party application

This is a common cause. Sometimes our requirement is so unique and we just want to full-fill is instant. As per our requirement, we install some third party app or games from unknown sources.

Google Play store so big and it contains millions of apps and games. You may find a substitute app for your requirement. This is one of the main reason behind why is my phone overheating so quick

Sometimes the third party app contains malware and viruses and they have bad intention. This may use your processing power and increases the heat. Never checked the “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” button in the settings.

So avoid using these third-party apps and use trusted apps.

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The perfect case for your phone

Phone case may be the best way to enhance the look of the phone as well as to protect it. Phone overheating problem may happen due to this as well.

But do you know this is one the strong reason behind the phone overheating problem? This is a common factor that many phone owners overlook completely.

The most common materials using in the case are plastic, rubber or leather. No matter which material your phone case is made of off, one common problem is it insulates the heat.

Phones are made in such a way that it radiates heat when the phone performs the high-performance task.

So what are the options for you?

I agree that the case protects our phone. This may sound hard but real. You may start a habit of using the phone without the case. If it is difficult for you then use this second way instead. You may remove the case while the phone overheats and put it when it colls.

Choose a cover that overcomes these problems or take the second way. Choose wisely.

Don’t put your phone in direct sunlight

This is not very common. Who puts phones in direct sunlight?

But think about it. When you are outdoors on a sunny day you may use your phone in sunlight. Your phone may overheat with the contact of the sun.

Most modern smartphones are designed to deal with all the temperature. But sometime this may not enough.

This may not be the internal reason for overheating. This is an external reason for phone overheating problems.

Never Cool down Your Android Device in foolish Ways

When your phone overheats you may think to put it in the fridge. This may seem foolish but some people have already done this.

This is one of the awful ideas. Your phone may absorb moisture and may completely damage.

Instead of this, you may put your device in front of the fan. The fan pushes wind and the heat may reduce.

How to prevent overheating

After reading these above cause, you may have the wish to cool down an overheated phone. So how to cool down an overheated phone>

Take bellow steps

  • Never use third-party applications. They may contain malware.
  • Remove case while charging or when overheat (this is the best option if your phone overheating while charging)
  • Disable unwanted widgets and background running apps.
  • Lower your camera setting. It prevents you from overheating.
  • Avoid using the phone for too long time. Give some rest to your phone and then use it.


Now you have a clear idea of why is my phone overheating so quickly. And I have already discussed how you cool down your phone. As we are very much connected to our phone, this is now a common problem.

The easiest and fastest way to cool down your phone is, Switch-off it for some time. When phone cools down, open and use it. I use this technic when I feel that my phone is heated than normal. This works for me. Hope it works for you also.

Do you have faced the same issue with your phone? Comment me bellow.

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