Top 10 Uses Of MS Excel In Daily Life

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Life is full of tasks and daily routines. The daily routine may vary from person to person, but we have to perform them.

As technology has impacted our daily life we can’t think a world without it. In our day to day life, we are using various technologies to make our life simple and sophisticated.

Can you imagine a world without the internet and Microsoft services like MS Excel? Well, the images will be as black and white movies.

So, as of now, we have to sum up that, MS Excel is very important in our daily life. Some of us have a question mark that what is the uses of MS Excel in daily life?

It is obvious and let’s find out the answer.

Uses of MS Excel in daily life

As the name suggests, Microsoft Excel Application is developed by Microsoft Inc. It gives you the platform to perform some calculation, analysis of the data, and visual representation of information.

Excel is used by companies, job seekers, managers, freelancers, bloggers, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, retailers, distributors, and housewives etc. in their day to day life. Let’s see the uses of MS Excel.

1 – Uses of MS Excel in Business

There is a vast use of MS Excel in various business operations. It is using for team management, accounts management, budgeting process, expenses calculation etc.

2 – Charting

uses of MS Excel

MS Excel is one of the best tools for data visualization. You can represent the numeric data in form of nice looking chart formats.

3 – Manage expenses

To manage expenses is a headache. You can make it simple with the help of MS Excel. So you can set a budget for your next month expenses.

4 – Time logs

Time management can boosts productivity. So the use of MS Excel in this area will be helpful.

5 – Goal planning worksheet

Sometimes it is hard to put maintain the goals. You stay focused on goals like fitness goals, professional goals, and financial goals. By creating a various worksheet, you can manage it all.

6 – Task listing

uses of MS Excel

Many people use pen and paper to do their task list. Using the MS Excel you can make a robust task list. You can also able to track your progress.

7 – Storing important data like password

We are using many online services and there is a mountain of passwords. Storing these type of sensitive data in cloud storage may harmful. So you can make an Excel file for that and list all the password there. You can even password-protect the Excel file also.

8 – Inventory tracking

Most of the time Inventory tracking is a headache. Uses of MS Excel in this filed can give you an organized sheet.

9 – Crating forms

With the use of MS Excel, one can make simple forms to collect data. You can also create high-end forms which include drop-down menus and checkbox.

10 – Storing contact information

Storing and organizing contact information is always a challenge. But thanks to MS Excel. It provides a platform to store and organize contact information like phone number, address, Email ID etc.


In this way uses MS Excel in daily life makes things easier. Beyond this list, there are many uses of Excel also.

How you use Excel in daily life? Comment me bellow and let me know.


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