Top 10 Tattoo Design Apps for Android

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Many people love to print tattoo in their body. This is also a new trend and people are searching for the best Tattoo designs. Most of the time new designs are challenging and people want to find them. This is where tattoo design apps come into play.

With your smartphone and this type of app, you can visualize the design in your body. Many also use AR to show then tattoo when it will be printed on the body.

Here is a list of some of the best tattoo design apps.

Top 10 tattoo design apps

There are hundreds of app in this category and one can easily get confused. So we have tested and shortlisted some of the best apps for tattoo design.

1. Inkhunter

Inkhunter appInkhunter is the most famous app in this category having hundreds of regular users. If you search for tattoo design apps then you will get this app in the first result.

This app has a huge collection of tattoos. Inkhunter uses augmented reality and you can see the tattoo in real-time in your body. Just choose a tattoo design and point the camera on that body part. The app will reflect that tattoo in your body.

It will be fixed in that body part and you can see it from different angles. Without engraving the design in your body, you can check how it looks like.

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2. Tattoodo

Tattoodo appTattoodo is also an amazing app to get your favorite tattoo design. This app allows you to access the world’s largest tattoo community. You can get inspiration for tattoo design from 6,00,000 plus tattooists and 25,000 plus tattoo shops from all over the world.

The app has an amazing search feature that allows you to search by tattoo motifs, styles, tattoo design, and body placement. This helps you decide which tattoo would be the best fit for you.

Once you get that best fits, then there is an option to save it and can be used later. The tattoo artist & tattoo shops locator features allow you to search for tattoo shops near you.

You can also submit your tattoo ideas, and get in touch with interested artists. This app also allows you to book your favorite tattoo artist directly from the app interface.  

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3. Tattoo Maker

Tattoo Maker appHave you ever wanted to be a tattoo designer? Then This tattoo maker app would be very helpful for you.

This app has an awesome tattoo design tool that helps you make various designs. There are various tattoo arts and text styles that you can choose as your template.

Rather than practicing on humans first, you can try here. You can practice various new designs here and then apply it to humans. This is a good app to have some fun as well.

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4. Tattoo design apps for men

Tattoo design apps for men appThis is a good app for visualizing tattoo designs in real-time. A virtual tattoo maker easily applying tattoo designs on a photo and also gives you a real tattoo look. Just take a picture of the part and apply the tattoo that you want to print.

This editor app has lots of men tattoo design ideas. It includes scorpion, swords, horoscope, black & gray, dragon, love, beautiful butterfly quotes & fonts. It also provides tattoo for arm, neck, chest, forearm, legs, 3d, shoulder, etc.

The app has a library of tattoo designs and templates that can be used to make a new tattoo.

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5. Tattoo Maker – Tattoo On My Photo

Tattoo Maker appThis tattoo maker app gives you a unique experience of tattoo design. It gives you hundreds of the latest tattoo ideas. One of the main features that help you insert tattoos into photos.

There are 3 exclusive categories like Mini tattoo design, Thailand Tattoo design, and Tribal tattoo. This helps you to quickly find various tattoos.

The best thing about this app is, it not only have Tattoo ideas for men and women but also have various tattoo design ideas for Couple tattoo. This is a rare design collection that you would find on this app.

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6. Tattoo Designs

Tattoo design appIf you are struggling to get your next tattoo idea, then this app would be helpful for you. You will get tattoo designs like a body tattoo, arm tattoo, cute tattoo, big tattoo, leg tattoo, couple tattoo, love tattoo, etc.

Various designs like 3D Tattoo Design, Abstract, Demon, Eyes, Leo, Angel, Butterfly, Scorpio, Skull, Spider and many more. Find your best tattoo designs from the wide collection of designs.

This app also allows you to share your favorite tattoo designs with your friends and social media. You can also download the design and show your tattoo designer.

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7. +3500 Tattoo Designs

+3500 Tattoo Designs appAs the name suggests, this app contains a huge collection of tattoo designs. If you are run out of design ideas or want to try something rare, then this app would be helpful for you.

The not only contains the design ides in templates or graphical illustrations, but it also has the real photographs of peoples who have printed it in their body. In this way, you can get an idea about how it looks like in your body.

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8. Tattoo Designs (by MooAppMaster)

Tattoo design appIf you can’t find anything interesting or rare in the above app, then have a look at this app. This app has an even larger collection of tattoo designs.

According to the app maker, they have a huge collection of more than 5000 tattoos in various categories. Their categorization feature is also helpful for finding good design in seconds. Crawl through the wide range of categories and you would find the best one.

This app is available for Free in Google Play Store.

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9. Latest Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Latest Tattoo Designs for Men and Women appIn this list, we have discussed some tattoo design app. But this app is dedicated to women. This app contains hundreds of latest tattoo design that is the best fir for all needs.

Women prefer to place tattoos in the finger, wrist tattoo, waist tattoo, back tattoo, shoulder tattoo, neck tattoo, ankle tattoo, and many more. As per your needs, you can choose one.

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10. Inked: Tattoo My Photo

Inked appTattoo My Photo is a professional Tattoo Editor app that allows you to edit the photo before actually getting a Tattoo. This provides a good way to try the shapes before placing them in your body.

Include various tattoo styles like an abstract wing, angel, wings, muscle tattoo, neck tattoo, butterfly, color tattoo, dragon, fire tattoo, skull, flower and leaf, heart, cross, designing tattoos and many more.

Place the app in your body virtually. This app allows you save the design and you can share it in social media.

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So these are some of the best tattoo design apps for Android. If you want to make a tattoo then the above apps would be helpful for you.

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