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15 Best Rooting Apps For Android

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So finally you decided to root your Android phone. You are going to step foot in the OZ land of enhancing features. Modifications, special application, and custom ROMs await you. As you are here means you must be searching for the best rooting apps for Android. I am going to provide you the list.

Well, rooting an Android phone simply gives you administrative privileges (or root access) on the system. When you are using your Android phone you are just a guest. You can just use the features given by Android. But after successful rooting, you will able to make any changes to the system files.

Before going to any further discussion let me clear something. You must have a clear idea of what is rooting and what are the advantages and disadvantages of rooting first?

If not, that’s ok. Most people have not.

Like everything in this world, there are some advantages and disadvantages to everything. No doubt about that. But the question is, do you know it or not.

This may be disgusting, but I think I have to clear this thing first.

Let us see what are the advantages and disadvantages of rooting?

Advantages and disadvantages of rooting


Normally you have seen advantages first. But Let’s start off with the disadvantages first. These are some of the disadvantages of rooting your Android phone:

Phone’s Warranty

Every phone comes with a warranty. Once you root your phone, forget about your warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty becomes void.

If any problem arises after rooting even if it is not caused by the rooting there is no warranty coverage by the manufacturer. It will be a waste of time trying to claim warranty cover for the damages.

Poor Performance

As a user, your intention of rooting a phone is to improve the phone’s performance. But some users have experienced a reduction of performance after rooting their phones.

You may have installed the best root APK but As the core file changes the phones lost both performance speed and features. You may notice some unusual things like high battery consumption or phone overheating.

Bricking the phone

There is a high risk of rooting. Your phone may be dead. As the heading suggests, A ‘bricked’ phone means a dead phone and is the same as carrying a piece of rock in your pocket. To say frankly, the phone is dead and unusable.


As your phone rooted, it lost the security features. Now your phone is an easy target for viruses, malware, adware and all sorts of crapware. It is very similar to your PC. When you root your phone, you can also flash the device’s ROM using custom programs. Whenever you make changes to the core software code, you are opening the ways for the virus.


There are some disadvantages also. If not, way peoples are so crazy about it. There is thumb rule, root your phone if you really need it. But never do so for curiosity. So I assume that you know what you are doing.

Running special apps

Most people root for this region. Rooting allows the phone to run some special apps that can not run otherwise. This will allow you to take control of which apps can access the root system.

Free up Memory

Memory is a major problem for some users. On a normal phone, whenever you install an app, it gets stored in the phone’s internal memory. By rooting, you have the capability to move installed apps from internal storage to the SD Card. Thus it frees up the system memory for more app or file storage.

Custom ROM’s

I think this is the most powerful feature of rooted phones. Once rooted you can have one of the hundreds of custom ROMs available. You can do a variety of functions with this. Something like speeding up the processor. It changes the whole look of your phone.

After seeing all the above advantages and disadvantages of phone rooting, now you have a clear idea of what I want to tell.

Best rooting apps for Android list

Here is the list of some good Android rooting apps. It gives you some enhanced features.

1. Flashify

This is an app for you if you like to have a lot of customization and don’t want to spend a lot of hours getting get. Flashing manually is heavy work for you. Flashify can do it automatic flash for you.

The app is free but there is a limitation. You can only perform three free flashes per day. I think this is more than enough. If you want more you can purchase it. Or you can add them to your queue and they can be flashed the next day. This app has over 1 million downloads in the Google Play Store.

Flashify rooting app user interface

With Flashify, you can do a lot of customizations. You can flash your recovery.img, boot.img, and zip files. Do you want to automatically backup these to your local or cloud storage? Don’t worry, the app automatically syncs them also.

The app permits you to restore the kernel and recovery using an SD card. If you don’t know where to get your recovery files on your phone, just download directly from this app!

Download From Play Store

2. JRummy

JRummy is a popular developer of root apps in the Google play store. The apps vary in cost. There is a free version as well as a premium version.

JRummy apps

Some of those apps include the root file explorer, BusyBox installer, popular ROM Toolbox a BuildProp editor, and many more. The ROM Toolbox is the flagship app with many built-in features.

Download From Play Store

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3. SuperSU

SuperSU is one of the most popular root apps. One thing every rooted Android user should do is remove those pre-installed system apps. This is simply known as bloatware. It was already in internal storage and system resources.

SuperSU rooting app

There is a list of all the apps that have ever requested root on your device. You can also do stuff like fully unroot your Android device, keep logs, and more. it develops a number of rooting apps for Android.

Super SU manages all the apps you give superuser permissions to them. But there is a lot of other cool features as well. It’s one of the root apps that every root user knows about.

Download From Play Store

Note – I just saw that this app is not available in Play Store. This might be a temporary issue or permanent. If the app is not available in Google Play Store then you can download the app from their website. Visit the SuperSU website and you will found relevant download links. We will update you as soon as the app visible in the play store.

4. Viper4Adnroid

Viper4Android is one of the best equalizer apps for Android. It is an incredibly detailed tool. There are some options that may create confusion.

The best thing about Viper4Android is a root tool that adjusts your phone’s sound settings at a system level. It works with all your games, and music and video apps.

Viper4Android comes with its own audio driver, an equalizer with tons of effects. It allows you to control how your audio output, and a lot more.

Some basic functions like equalizer and bass boost are also there, and you can configure them separately for various uses.

Viper4Android is one of the best Android rooting apps for but it has a complicated install process. You have to download and read the installation process on the official XDA thread website.

Download Viper4Android on XDA

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5. Servicely

Servicely is an app that especially helps to control background services. This will allow you to prevent running background apps like Facebook while your device screen is off. It may improve battery life and performance.

Servicely app

It’s a stops the unwarranted wake ups of your device. Now thanks to improvements in Android’s Doze Mode. It’s still even in power for those who want to manage their running services a little more.

Download From Play Store

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6. Greenify

Greenify is an awesome app without root. But the real power of it with root privileges access. Greenify is an app-hibernation tool. It means, essentially lets you take control over when apps are awake and consuming system resources and want to put them a rest.

Greenify app

There is more enhancement in the latest update. It includes a ‘Shallow Hibernation’ engine for Android Marshmallow. –This app has 4.4 rating and over 10 million downloads.

Download From Play Store

7. Tasker

You can make your phone do anything you want with this powerful application. Tasker is a full system automation app. It can automate anything you do regularly (Normal user) with your Android phone. Here the only limit is your imagination.

Tasker app

Many of the functions don’t need root access (permissions). It is very useful with or without root.

Download From Play Store

8. Cerberus

Google’s Find My Device service is the renamed version of the old Android Device Manager. It is an easy way to locate a misplaced phone quickly. But if you want a more robust solution for this, go for Cerberus.

Cerberus has a wide range of options for protecting your device. It has some advanced options like, it’ll alert you take a picture of any unauthorized person who tries to access your device or the SIM card in your phone is changed. This may be the free Android rooting app for finding Android devices.

Cerberus app

It doesn’t need root permission to work. But if you do use it on a rooted phone, the app will survive a factory reset. This app has 4.3 rating and over 5 million downloads.

Download From Play Store

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9. Amplify

Do you have come across this situation? You wake up in the morning and find your phone has inexplicably drained half of its battery overnight. This called a wakelock. This is where an app or process prevents your smartphone from going to sleep. It uses power at a much higher rate than it should be.

Amplify app

Amplify app needs no configuration at all. All you need the Xposed framework to use Amplify, and it works as a fine with Greenify.

Download From Play Store

10. Orbot

Simply, Orbot is a proxy app. It uses Tor to encrypt and keep your phone data anonymous. It works with any browser. Orbot is a safeguard to your privacy while you’re online. It can also route traffic from your apps through Tor.

Some third-party proxy apps won’t work with proxies. But there is no restriction with Orbot. It provides a more level of privacy.

Orbot app

Where Orbot is better than an ordinary VPN or proxy app. You may give it root access to make it function system level. It provides a more level of privacy.

Download From Play Store

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11. Rashr

Rashr is a new app in the field of root apps. It comes with both free and optional donations for development support. It has flashing capabilities. Rashr supports a variety of things like kernel backup, IMG flashing, recovery flashes, logging, and much more.

Rashr app

This is maybe the best flashing app available right now on Play Store. It still gets regular updates.

Download From Play Store

12. DiskDigger Photo Recovery

How many times you delete photos by mistake? If you’re using a cloud backup service like Google Photos or Dropbox, then you can restore but if not, use DiskDigger instead.

DiskDigger Photo Recovery app

DiskDigger scans your internal storage for deleted images, videos multiple other types of files as well.

Download From Play Store

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13. Magisk

Magisk is one of the most popular rooting apps and it is also a powerful root app. It’s quite new in this field. Magisk has a variety of other functions, including modules that add even more functionality. Its big function is allowing you to hide your root very effectively.

You can do stuff like watch Netflix while rooted. It’s a real must-have root app. It’s no longer available on Google Play Store and you can find it in the official site of XDA developers. The app gets updated at regular intervals.

Download Magisk On XDA

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14. Emoji Switcher

Emoji are everywhere. Every phone manufacturer has its own set of emoji. Some are better than others you can’t use one platform Emoji in other. so if you would like to switch to very quickly in the rooted phone.

Emoji Switcher app

Emoji Switcher gives you 10 alternative sets. You can switch between tons of different emoji expressions. It has over one million downloads in Play Store. If you are looking for diversity and original Emoji switcher for your phone then this is the right choice for you.

Download From Play Store

15. Root Checker

Do you root your phone? How do you know it? Well, Root Checker is for you. Verify proper root access is configured and working fine or not. It is a Free, fast, easy. It has over 50 million downloads.

Root Checker app

Root Checker shows you whether root access is properly installed and working or not. Many times users experience issues along the path of installing, configuring, and gaining root access to there phone. For some users, the process can seem complex while for others the process can seem simple. It may be the best apps to root Android phones.

If the rooted are installed and working properly, these applications will prompt you. You may accept or deny the root access request from Root Checker.

Download From Play Store


After a long list of the best rooting apps for Android, we are at the conclusion. I assume that you have read this article top to button clearly. Rooting also counted in the Android user’s common mistake. If you really need this then go for it otherwise get rid of this. It is not bad in discovering new things.

If I have missed any best rooting apps, let me know in the comment. I will add it.

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