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Best Red Eye Removal Apps for Android and iOS

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Have you ever clicked a photo and found that the eyes are read in it? It is a common issue you may have faced once in life. You can easily overcome this using red eye removal app.

The color of the eyes depends on the genetic changes and varies from person to person. But human does not have a red eye. It is believed that devils have red eyes.

The cause of red eye may vary but the common reason is the flashlight. Sometimes flashlight reflected from retina leads to red eye.

You can easily get rid of the red eye by using the bellow apps.

List of best red eye removal apps

To avoid the red eye effect you can take some actions as well. But it is not needed even because you can easily remove it with red eye removal apps.

1. Eye Color Studio

Eye Color Studio is one of the best red eye removal app for Android and iOS. If your image has a red eye then you can easily remove it and replace another color.

Eye Color Studio app

This app has various eye color (over 150 eye colors). In addition to that, you can create your own eye color from its photo gallery.

To remove your red eye effect just upload a photo from the photo gallery. It will automatically detect your eyes in the image and provide various options to edit.

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2. Eye Color Changer Makeup

Eye Color Changer Makeup is also a good app that lets you change the color of your eyes. You can use it to remove the red mark on your eyes in the photo.

Eye Color Changer Makeup app

This also allows you to change the size of your eyes and make them beautiful. You can use the inbuilt eye colors or create your own.

Adjust the opacity of the eyes so that it fits the photos and looks realistic.

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3. Visage Lab

Visage Lab is a professional beauty app having various options to beautify a photo.

Remove wrinkles, pimples and outline the eyes and also whiten the teeth in seconds.

Visage Lab app

In addition to these options, it also removes red-eye from photos. Just upload an image in the app and remove within a second.

It is a fully automatic face retouch app help you to make up your skin.

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4. PicShop Lite

PicShop Lite is a good photo editing app with tons of editing options and various filters. This makes this app a premier mobile editing suite.

PicShop Lite app

You can use this app to remove red eye effect and replace with different eye style and colors.

This app has integrated social sharing platform so that you can share the image instantly after edit.

Other useful features include Teeth Whitening, Blemish Remover, Blur, etc.

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5. Cymera

Cymera is a popular selfie camera App for Android and iOS. The app has more than 800 effects and design elements.

Cymera app

This app has real-time selfie filters which help you to take a selfie in different styles. It has also beauty makeup tools to beautify your face and give them a glowing look.

Increase or decrease the contrast of the photo or brightness and eliminate the red-eye effect easily. You can use this to remove red eye on the iPhone.

Cymera has 200 kinds of natural hair and faces makeup items to beautify your face with.

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6. Facetune2

Facetune2 is an easy to use photo editor app. It has various artistic tools like makeup brushes to paint hair or skin.

Facetune2 app

You can easily remove pimples or wrinkles instantly by easily swipe over it.

If you want to remove red-eye from the photo then this app is also helpful. It’s easy to use interface allow you to easily remove it and gives you natural eyes.

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7. Eye Color Changer by VysionApps

Eye Color Changer by VysionApps is a specialized tool to beautify your eyes. This app has many natural and realistic eye colors to choose from and eye color changer that gives your eyes look real.

Eye color changer app

There are hundreds of eye color and design to choose from. You can change the size of your eyes to make them beautiful.

This app can be used to remove the red eye effect. The easy to use user interface allows you to edit eyes and gives them a beautiful look.

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8. Eye Color Changer

Eye Color Changer is a nice app that allows you to change the color of your eyes lens. This app uses a unique blending technique to create a different effect that looks very natural on the eyes.

Color changer app

There is a very big list of eye lenses and you can choose your favorite color. You can the size of the eyes to make them more beautiful.

App’s interface is very attracting and the editing process is also easy. You will not face any difficulty if you are using this app for the first time.

This app also helps you for red eye removal and makes them real.

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9. Eye Color Changer Real

Eye Color Changer Real is a nice app where you can try hundreds of eye colors and lenses and add it to your own photo.

Eye color changer real app

This simple eye simulation app has automatic eye detection technology. The cool thing about this app is, it has more than 222 eye colors to choose.

You can put different-different lenses on each eye and give your face a different look. You can also use this app to remove a red eye on your photo and replace with natural eye color.

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10. Wizard Photo Editor

Wizard Photo Editor provides some best editing tools in one app. You will find almost all the editing option that a photo editing app should have.

Wizard photo editor app

You can use this app for regular photo editing app or casually. If you have clicked a photo and found that, in the photo, your eyes are red and looks like devils, then you can change in this app as well.

This app provides a specific option to remove red eye effect with just two taps.

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So these are some of the best red eye removal apps you can use to remove red marks on eyes in a photo. As red eye effect happens on a regular basis, you can use these apps to overcome it.

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