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10 Best Prank Apps for Android and iOS

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Pranks are the best weapon to troll friends and family members. For this, you can use some prank apps. This type of apps contains various ways to entertain people.

This includes prank call a friend, Prank call with a tap. Pick a prank, laugh out loud with a hilarious fake call, etc.

These are not the only things you can do with the help of apps. Many more to explore and have a fun time.

10 Best Prank Apps

We have analyzed many prank apps available in Google Play Store and Apple App Stores. We have picked some of the best apps among them.

Check out the list.

1. Whoopee cushion

Whoopee cushion appWhen some people gathered in a place and someone fart, the whole environment turned into a laughing unite. This app contains fart sounds of different kinds that you can listen to when you are with a friend or you can prank anyone with it using a timer.

This App contains more than 50 high quality loud fart sounds. All the fart sounds are named according to their execution and expressions.

You can set a timer and place your phone under the couch. Don’t forget to turn the smartphone volume louder if you want to hear the sound louder. Once the fart sound executes laugh harder as you can.

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2. Celebrity Voice Changer

Celebrity Voice Changer appCelebrity Voice Changer lets you change your original voice to any celebrity voice instantly. If you ever tried a voice changer, you have noticed that the echo effect is there and the output was not clear.

Right now this app is only available in English. When you are with your friends, then take every person as a celebrity. Then start talking in your favorite celebrity voice and have some fun.

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3. Broken Screen Prank

Broken Screen Prank appIf someone sees a broken display, then the tension is at the next level. So you can apply this rule for a prank. Use this Broken Screen Prank app to create fake screen illusion.

The app simulates the real cracked screen and loud glass cracking sounds on your phone. The broken effect created by this app is so realistic and all your friends will believe that your phone was broken and they may be scared.

This app contains many realistic crack wallpaper with breaking glass sound. When you set one, it seems your screen has broken in real.

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4. Fake Chat Maker

Fake Chat Maker appPrank your friends with Fake Chat Maker app WhatsMock. This helps you to create fake chat conversations and make fool your friends. When you are with your friends start the conversations. Your friends will assume that you are chatting with your girlfriend.

To create more suspense among them, you can hide your device from them. This way they would be more curious and ask you about the conversation. It has full emoji support and you can control both sides of the conversation.

You can also take a screenshot of your conversations and show them to your friends. This app supports Image, Video, and Audio files.

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5. Fake call – prank

Fake Chat Maker appLike Fake Chat Maker, The Fake call app can also be used as a prank call app. It simulates fake incoming calls and seems like a real call.

Open the app and you will find an option to start a fake call. Tap schedule call to set a timer for fake call prank. Choose a character from a list such as a girlfriend, police, or pizza.

You can also set a caller voice so that the prank is at the next level. Set a ringtone (you can set a prank tone for this) or use the default ringtone. When the phone will ring, your friend assumes that the incoming call is real.

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6. JokesPhone

JokesPhone appJokesPhone is one of the highest-rated and most downloaded apps in the joke apps category. When you are with friends and family members, you can pass jokes through this app.

Install and launch the app. You would find that the app contains hundreds of jokes for various situations. This app allows you to add jokes in a favorite list.

The app has a unique feature to send a joke call to a friend. Select a joke from the app and enter the mobile number of your friend. The app will generate a fake enormous call using their system and deliver to your friend. It would be like a general incoming call. When your friend will receive the call the joke will be played.

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7. Doorbell Sounds Prank

Doorbell Sound Prank appDoorbell Sound Prank is a new and innovative type of prank you can apply to your friends and family members. The app contains a huge collection of doorbell sounds.

From old-fashioned doorbells to modern days rings and buzzers, this app contains all. All the lists are in a number list format where you can play one after another.

Play a sound and your friends will think that someone is on the door. You can ask them to open the door. When they open the door there would be no one and pranked him.

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8. Fake call girlfriend prank

Fake call girlfriend prank appFake call girlfriend prank app is also a good way to create a funny environment among friends. When you open the app you would found that the app allows you to simulate a fake incoming call.

Set a call simulation and fix the timer. You can choose a girlfriend’s pictures from the character gallery of the app. The app also allows you to set a voice when answering the call to talk back. This seems the call real and friends will think that someone really called you.

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9. Razor Prank

Razor Prank appThis app creates an illusion of trimming and also comes with real sound. To start this prank turn on the razor by tapping on it inside the app, and it will start to vibrate and make noise.

Take the smartphone screen close to the head of your friend and the sound will change, for creating the illusion that you are actually cutting hair. The app uses a proximity sensor for providing a more realistic experience.

If you come with the new style of a prank then your friends will be impressed and you would have a lot of fun.

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10. Door Knocking Prank Sounds

Door Knocking Prank Sounds appSimilar to doorbell sounds, door knocking is also a new prank you can try on your friends. When someone knocks the door we think a visitor comes to your home.

This app contains a list of door knocking sounds to choose from. You can pick one of them and create a fake illusion. With these genuine door knocking sounds, you can send your friend or family member to answer the door and find no one there. Repeat multiple times for maximum fun.

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So these are some of the best prank apps for Android and iOS. Whether you want to play a prank on your friends/family or if you just want to have a good time, the above apps will provide you loads of fun and whole new experience.

Which one you are going to try next time? Feel free to comment and let us know. Do you use any other apps for a prank? Then tell about that as well.

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