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10 Best Palm Reading Apps for Android and iOS

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Many people always curious to know about their future. So they apply various methods to know about that. Some people use their zodiac sign to and some people use horoscope.

Beyond that, one of the most common ways to know about the future is through palm lines. This also one of the oldest traditions to know about the future. In the old days, people use telescopes and other astronomical instruments to watch the moment of stars and predict the future according to them.

So many people rush to astrologers to check their palm lines. Do you know there are some palm reading apps that can do the same thing?

Hard to believe but it’s true.

List of best palm reading apps

There are many apps in this category. But we have listed some of the best palm reading apps.

1. Astro Guru

Astro Guru appAstro Guru is one of the most famous palm reading app for Android. If you are excited to know about your future then this app would be helpful.

Know about your fortune based on your birthday & through your palm lines. This app has a palm scanner and you just have to scan your palm lines.

Astro Guru uses advanced image processing technology to analyze the lines. In addition to that, you will get daily horoscope

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2. Palm Reading

Palm Reading appAre you curious about your future and want to know about it? You might have checked your hands through palm readers.

Now, no need to go to them. You can check your palm lines through this Palm reading app. The app interface is quite old looking and gives the feeling of old astrology books.

The app analyses the lines in your palm and shows some future related things. This app is very easy to use and you will not face any difficulty in using it.

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PALMISM appPALMISM is also a helpful app to analyze your palm lines. Open the app and point your camera to your palm.

Keep your hand on the camera while scanning until the analysis is finished. After the analyze completes, then the result will be shown. It will show future predictions.

The application analyzes the headline, the heart line, luck line, and the lifeline.

In addition to that, you can also see the future prediction by choosing a horoscope sign or birthday.

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4. Palmistry Decoder

Palmistry Decoder appIf you are an iOS user and searching for a good palm reader app, then this app can be helpful.

Everyone’s palm print is unique, and Palmistry Decoder provides personalize predictions. This app has its in-built palm scanner. It analyzes their specific location and shape of the palm lines.

After analyzing, it provides details reports in an understandable language.

It has also a fun feature as well. Do you want to see what your future baby looks like? Well, this app can predict this one also. Just upload photos of father and mother on this app. The app will show a cute future baby image. It would be very interesting.

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5. Horoscope 2019 and Palmistry

Horoscope 2019 and Palmistry appHoroscope 2019 and Palmistry app is one of the most advanced apps in this category. It has a daily horoscope feature that keeps you update.

The app has an in-build palm scanner. Place your app in front of the camera after lunching the scanner. Then the app takes a photo of your palm lines and analyzes it. After the analysis completed, it shows you the future prediction.

The way of representation of predictions is graphically rich. It shows some progress bars on various aspects like life span, health, success, etc.

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6. Fortune teller

Fortune teller appAs the name suggests, the Fortune teller app helps to view some future predictions. The app claims that it partner with the most experienced astrologers around the world to provide accurate data and predictions.

They have the Zodiac Horoscope feature that shows the prediction based on zodiac sun signs. It supports Chinese horoscope based on Chinese zodiac sign and Numerology horoscope based on the date of birth.

It also has a palm reading capability. Scan your palm lines and the app shows you some future predictions.

You can also set custom push notifications so that you would never miss an update. This app also allows you to share interesting findings on social media.

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7. Palm Reading

Palm Reading appThis app is easy to use the Plam Reading app that you can use at regular intervals. If you’ve ever tried to read your own palm lines, you know how complex the lines are. It is also difficult to understand palm reading charts.

Please note that it is not a free app. This app works differently than other apps in this list.

First, you have to take a clear picture of your palm lines. Then the app will show you a list of palm readers. Choose one of them as they are all experts palm readers. Then complete the billing process and send the image.

After a few minutes, the palm reader will send you the report. It contains all future predictions.

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8. Free Palm Reader

Free Palm Reader appDo you want to know what the future holds for you? Then this simple Free Palm Reader app will help you.

This app helps you to learn palm reading. Palmistry esoteric practice where you have to analyze the palm lines and predict the future.

The app has an in-depth step-by-step guide with infographics. All the steps are described thoroughly and you can learn palm reading easily. Then you can apply this skill to you or on your friends and family.

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9. Basirly

BasirlyBasirly is a famous Fortune-telling app available for Android and iOS devices. This app analyses your palm lines and shows a report based on that. The old Vedic look of this app creates a feeling of old Veda books.

In addition to that, it also features Coffee Cup Reading, Faces Reading, Tarot Cards Reading, Love Counselling, Spiritual Counselling, Dream Interpretation, Daily Horoscopes.

All you have to do is send your request and you will receive a reply privately within hours.

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10. Palmistry Guide

Palmistry GuideIf you want to know about your future through palm lines, then this Palmistry Guide will help you.

The app has an in-built palm scanner. It analyses and predicts your fate. This app sends you to personalize daily horoscopes. There is also a horoscope feature based on your zodiac sign.

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So these are some of the best palm reading apps for Android and iOS. If you are curious to know about your future, then you can try these apps.

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