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How to Do Omegle Video Chat on Android

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Do you want to have some fun on Omegle? Then you should know the whole procedure from scratch. Sometime you may want to do Omegle video chat on Android. Then this post would be helpful for you.

As you know already, Omegle is known for its video chatting platform where you can do live video chat with strangers without revealing real identity. Many people prefer to do this using their desktop/laptop. While some people prefer to do this on the Android smartphone.

But they may not know how to use Omegle on android phones. For this, I will discuss the process step by step.

Before jumping into the process, I want to discuss something about Omegle. So let’s discuss this one first.

What is Omegle?

Omegle is a free text and video chat website. It was created in 2009 by an 18-year-old kid named Leif K-Brooks.

Initially, they provide a text-only chat feature on their website. The best and unique thing about this website is, you don’t have to register for the service and don’t have to pay a dollar.

The service randomly connects a user to another one in a one-on-one chat session. You can reveal your real identity or chat anonymously using the spy names “You” and “Stranger” or “Stranger 1” and “Stranger 2”.

After getting thousands of visitors, they launched a video chat feature on the same website. The video chat window also has a built-in text window.

After the huge success of this platform, many similar services include Tinychat and Whisper emerged. We have written a dedicated post on Omegle alternatives. So feel free to check that one also.

However, people misuse the service and take it to the spam level. Users often ask for personal information uses kinky language on chat. Omegle might be fun if both users have the desire and want a real conversation.

Omegle website

Your safety completely depends on you and never give personal information to anyone there.

Omegle has faced a lot of controversies over the years because of some unusual activities on its platform. It costs its Android app and the app has been removed from Google Play Store.

Omegle claims that they are monitoring all video chats done in the platform but still imperfect. They also actively ban many users who are trying to abuse their stated terms and conditions.

As there is no registration Omegle, they ban users based on their IP address. One can easily bypass it using VPN services so this is not an effective method.

Throughout the years’ many new features have been added to the platform like Spy mode, Dorm Chat, Interest tags, unmonitored video chat, etc.

Top features of Omegle

Let’s discuss some of the top features of Omegle.

  • Omegle service is totally free and no need to pay a single dollar. There are no hidden charges also.
  • No registration or Login required. Head to the website and start text/video chatting.
  • Live free online video chat with strangers without revealing your personal information.
  • Randomly pair you with someone on Omegle instantly.
  • Thousands of users online at any point in time.
  • Quality audio and video quality.

Steps to follow

Follow these steps to do video chat on Android devices.

  • Open Play Store and download the Puffin web browser.
  • Install the app and launch it.
  • Type ‘’ in the Address bar and press enter.
  • Then you are inside the Omegle website.
  • Click on the three vertical dot (⋮) option present on the top right corner of the browser.
  • Then enable the ToggleKey ‘Request desktop site’ option present there.
  • Then reload the page in desktop mode.
  • Tap on the video option. On the next screen zoom on the page as per your need.
  • Omegle will prompt you to access your phone’s Microphone and Camera. So click on the Allow option.
  • After that Puffin browser asks you to allow the phone’s camera and microphone. Simply click the allow option.
  • Wait until the process completes. Then Puffin shows the ‘I’m Not A Robot’ captcha. Solve the captcha and answer the question correctly.
  • That’s all and now you are ready to chat.

Note – If the latest version of the Puffin browser doesn’t work, then download the APK file of the old versions. The Omegle official mobile app is not available in the Google Play Store. We don’t recommend you to install any Omegle APK file.

Why use the Puffin browser?

You might wonder why should we use the Puffin web browser instead of other popular browsers. Well, that’s a good point to cover here.

Puffin browser

These are some of the reasons for using the Puffin browser for Omegle video chat on Android.

  • It supports all online flash files.
  • Theater mode for Flash videos and games
  • Supports social webcam like Omegle, Chatroulette, etc.
  • Desktop view
  • Cloud protection
  • Supports mouse, keyboard
  • Data saving feature (Extremely helpful for streaming Flash content or videos that requires more bandwidth)

Features of Puffin browser

Here a list of some more features of this Puffin browser

  • Fast page load and rendering speed
  • Download to cloud
  • Adobe Flash support
  • The color theme for toolbar and sidebar
  • Incognito tab option

Note – We don’t encourage or restrict you from using Omegle. All the information listed above for informational purpose only.


So these are the steps you can follow to do Omegle video chat on Android. Famous mobile browsers like Chrome, UC Browser, and Firebox never support all flash files and Omegle video chat feature. So you need to go with the Puffin browser.

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