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Top 5 Lyrics Apps for Spotify

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Songs have an amazing power to attract humans. Sometime we may dance with each bit of song and really enjoy. Sometimes we just use it as a mind refreshers and just plug in earphones and enjoy.

Previously we prefer to store the songs in the hard drive and listen from them. Now in the age of the internet, many people prefer to choose a cloud platform. This is why Spotify evolved.

Thousands of songs are consumed through this platform. You may have using this for a while. Sometimes you may want to read the lyrics. Then there is no direct way to do this in the app.

So for this purpose, you can use some third-party apps. There are many lyrics apps for Spotify. Let’s dive into the list.

List of lyrics apps for Spotify

Here is a list of best lyrics apps for Spotify that you can use.

1. Musixmatch Lyrics

Musixmatch app

Musixmatch is one of the best lyrics apps that contains a huge collection of song lyrics. It supports Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Play Music.

The app interface is quite simple and you will not face any difficulty to navigate inside the app. The app will notify you when a new lyrics came.

All the lyrics come with Google translate feature so that you can get the tracks in your preferred languages. If you want to get lyrics from your Spotify playlist, then this app would be helpful.

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2. QuickLyric

QuickLyric app

QuickLyric is also a helpful app to get lyrics from Spotify. Their floating lyrics feature allows you to enjoy your lyrics without interrupting the current task.

The app can easily store lyrics for offline access and supports synchronized lyrics. QuickLyric can also recognize any song and show lyrics according to it. Just hold your phone to the music and it will show you the lyrics instantly.

In addition to Spotify, it also supports Google Play Music, Apple Music, Napster, etc.

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3. SoundHound

SoundHound app

If you are searching music app for Spotify then, this app is helpful. SoundHound is officially recommended by Spotify itself.

The app will show you any song that you are playing on Spotify. You can also get the full playlist of that song with lyrics. You can automatically transfer your discovered songs into a Spotify playlist (you need to have Spotify Premium subscription).

Have you heard a song it stuck in your head and you want the lyrics? just press the button inside the app, sing or hum the tune, and the app will do the rest. It shows you the exact song with lyrics.

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4. Genius

Genius app

Genius claims that they have the world’s biggest collection of song lyrics and crowdsourced musical knowledge. In fact, they say that they have 1.7 million-plus song lyrics. The Genius app is also officially recommended by Spotify.

They have recently added the feature to detect any song lyrics while playing it in your favorite music streaming services like Spotify. If you want to know the lyrics of any song that is playing now, Just hold your phone up to the music and tap the soundwave button. Then the annotated lyrics will appear.

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5. Lyrics Mania

Lyrics Mania app

Lyrics Mania is also a helpful app to get song lyrics instantly. The app has an integrated music player and you can listen to your music and get lyrics in real-time.

If you are listening to a song with an external player or music streaming services like Spotify, Google Play Music, etc… and wish to read the lyrics then you also do this. With the Lyrics Mania app, you get real-time lyrics of the song while you’re listening to, even in streaming.

This app is available for Android and iOS.

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So these are some of the best lyrics apps for Spotify you can use. Install one of the above apps and you will get your favorite lyrics while playing the song.

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