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12 Best Instagram Downloader Online (Free)

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A picture says thousands of words. Instagram is the most famous photo-sharing social media platform. Now Instagram also launched its own video sharing platform IGTv as well. Do you want to download some pictures or videos from Instagram? Do you know what is the best Instagram downloader online?

When surfing the Instagram you may want to download that photo. But unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow you to do that in its app. You have to go to third-party services.

There is a number of mobile applications to download multiple Instagram photos. Many people hesitate to install a separate app only for this use. The extra app means some extra pressure the on phone as well.

Now you are all set to go to download all Instagram photos from any user.

But wait wait, Let me clear one thing.

Note: Before you download anything, do think about your intentions with the content. Respect other user’s photos and videos. For safety, purposes ask permission to reuse, reshare or distribute the content they have created.

Once check out Instagram’s policies and advice on copyright before you take any potentially dangerous action.

Best Instagram downloader online

Here is the list of best online Instagram Downloader. If you ever intended to download photos and videos from Instagram, then these sites will help you a lot.

1. Instasave Online

InstasaveOnline is the best Instagram video downloader and photo downloader online. You can save Instagram images and videos on PC or mobile.

This Instagram downloader can help you to download photos and videos from any browser and any device like Android, Mac, iOS, and PC.

So you don’t have to download a separate app for this just go to the website and paste the link of photo or video. This website will prepare a downloadable link and you can easily download it.

The website interface is like this.

InstasaveOnline Instagram downloader

2. PostGrabber

This web-based Instagram picture downloader can grab all the images associated with a single post. Just copy the link of the post you want to download and paste into the box on the website.

Then Click ‘go’ and the web app will snatch all the content you want. PostGrabber is one of the simplest and easiest Instagram photo downloader tools. You can also see the latest downloads at the bottom of the page. But there is a limitation.

It will only download with public Instagram posts.

PostGrabber Instagram downloader

3. InstaSave

InstaSave is a famous Instagram photo downloader online. Here you can easily download Instagram photos and videos.

Just copy the post URL and paste in this website and press Submit. It will give you a download link. Just try once and leave a comment on what is your experience with this.

InstaSave Instagram downloader

4. Dredown

This was one of the most famous and first Instagram video downloader online apps. Actually, you can download media files from all the leading social media platforms with the help of this website.

On the homepage of the website choose Instagram. Then simply paste the URL of the post you want to download into the search bar and click the ‘Dredown’ button.

The online software will instantly begin to download the MP4 file for you to save on your device.

Dredown website interface looks like this.

Dredown Instagram downloader

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5. DownloadGram is one of the most popular and free Instagram downloaders online. It provides one-click Instagram photos and videos download online.

The website has a nice looking interface with a scrolling image. Just copy and paste your Instagram post link in the site and click Download. It will provide you a Downloadable link.

If you posted an Instagram video link or picture link then it will show Download Video or Download Image button to save it.

DownloadGram Instagram downloader

6. 10Instagram is a good way to download Instagram videos online. You can use this site to download image and video from Instagram.

Just paste the URL of the post and click the link Download Now button. It will automatically convert your link to download image/video link.

The website interface looks like this.

10Instagram downloader online

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7. Downloader4Insta can be also used as an Instagram image and video downloader. As like other websites just paste the URL in it and Hit on Download button.

It will provide you the file to download.

downloader4insta online

8. GetSocialVids is a simple web interface and effective website to download Facebook & Instagram videos. You use this website to download video from Facebook to computer.

The web interface looks like this.

Getsocialvids downloader

9. W3Toys

W3Toys is a new name in this field. This also has the ability to download Instagram videos to your phone or PC.

As like other sites in this list just copy and paste the URL on this website and click the GO button. It will provide a downloadable link.

The web interface looks like this.

W3Toys downloader

10. Dinsta

You can easily download a media file from Instagram with Dinsta website.

Just put a URL and click Go. This will provide a download link.

The web interface looks like this.

Dinsta downloader

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11. ForHub

ForHub is a good Instagram photo or video downloader. The instruction is clearly mentioned in this site.

Just paste a URL on this website and click Download. It will provide you with a download link.

The web interface looks like this.

ForHub downloader

12. Insta-Downloader

Insta-Downloader is also a good Instagram photo downloader. As like other sites you have to copy a URL from the Instagram and paste it into the website.

With the help of this website, you can download only photos.

The interface looks like this.

Insta-Downloader downloader


Here is the complete list of some of the best Instagram downloader online. Most people are using these online Instagram downloader to download Instagram images for free.

As Instagram is growing very fast there is need to download photos and videos. So I think this list will help you to download Instagram photos and videos on your device.

Check all the websites and choose which one is good for you. To say honestly, I am not promoting any website. I just add some knowledge to you.

Have I missed something on this list? Feel free to comment me bellow and let other people know. Provide your valuable comment so that other readers can know about the Instagram downloader online. If you get any value from it, don’t forget to share with other people.

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