how does wireless charging work

How Does Wireless Charging Work On Phone

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We live in a world of wireless. Communication became more fast and reliable. We are using various devices and using wired charging from our childhood. Whenever we need to charge a device, we connect a power cable and go. But do you know you can do this wirelessly? Here comes a wise question, how does wireless charging work?

Wireless charging seems like a concept that came from sci-fi. But it is not true. It is real. This technology is now widely using. As this is a revolutionary technology you must have to some idea about technology. In this article, I am going to discuss each and everything related to wireless technology. So let’s get started.

What is wireless charging

First of all, let us see what is wireless charging?

In normal charging, you need a wire. The here same thing happens, the only difference is that the wire is connected to a charging base instead of your phone. You need to drop your phone on the charging base.

The charging base can be in any size or shape. When you’re not using your phone, just put the phone on the charging base and the phone will start charging. The wireless charging process is very easy and once you start using you will be familiar with this.

How does wireless charging works

The technology behind wireless charging is very simple. A normal wireless charging contains two resonant inductive couplings. This is because to transmit signals between the phone and charging pad.

These are specially designed to transmit electricity without touching each other. It just like a normal wired connection. The charging pad connected to the power supply.

The charging base plugged into a wall outlet to function. It has a transmitter coil which transmits low power signals and your phone has a receiver coil. The base sends signal regularly and the receiver in your phone starts resonance. The base station changes the amplitude of its oscillation and the vibration is faster.

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You may confuse what is oscillation do in the wireless charging? Well, Oscillation is a timed repetitive variation. In this case of an electromagnetic coil. You can think this as a vibration.

After the power being sent your phone know power is being sent and inductive charging begins.

The coil is normally in the backside of your phone. the receiver coil connected to the battery charging circuit. Your battery charges using the energy induced by the magnetic field.

The concept behind the wireless charging is the same as a generator. Mechanical energy creates electrical energy.

What are the benefits

As the feature is using in the wide range of products there are most some benefits. The no 1 benefit is wire. It does not have any connecting wire between your device and charging pad.

You have spent an hour to find out the charger and it is not only your problem. Most of the people having the same problem and that’s why the wireless charging may be the alternative.

Another good feature is that the technologies can be built into a wide array of everyday objects like your office or desk a kitchen countertop.

There is no hole in charging pad as well as your device charger entry point. So both will be protected from water, dust, and other corrosive materials.

Another nice feature is that it has built-in functionality to shut down the charging process when charging is complete.

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Is there any drawback

Yes, there is.

The biggest disadvantage is this system is not efficient.

The whole process is working on transmitting and receiving. Almost half of the energy is lost either in the process of creating the magnetic field in the charging base or the process of sending the energy from the transmitting to receiving coil on your phone.

Another drawback of wireless charging is that both (charging base and phone or smartwatch) is in contact so that it starts charging. If you separate any of them, the charging process will be stopped.

Do you know what is a smartwatch?

Wireless technology might be slower than normal charging.

This process is quite expensive so everyone can’t afford that much of amount for this fancy stuff.

Is my phone support wireless charging

Good question.

Well, Wireless charging support in a few devices. Modern devices like Apple iPhone 8 and further, Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8 and more and some smartwatches like Apple Watch, Moto 360 and LG Watch also support this technology.

You may have the doubt how can I charge my phone wirelessly?

wireless charging

Some devices will support the technology with the addition of a special case or an attachment of some kind. Check once is your device has this ability or not.

If your device does not support wireless technology don’t worry, most of the device doesn’t have built-in support for this.

Nowadays most of the morden flagship-level phones are using this wireless charging like Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and iPhone 11.

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How can I charge my phone wirelessly

Some phone comes built-in wireless charging support. Some phones still can charge this method without built-in support for this.

There is some special case available only for this region. Search for them and know first is it support your device or not.

If not then that’s ok. Charge your phone with your traditional charging cable and it is good for your phone.

Do I need no switch a new device

Well, the answer may vary from person to person. After reading the advantages and disadvantages you may have a clear idea about it.

If you want the answer from me my simple and straightforward answer will be no. Why spend a huge amount just for this built-in feature phone. You can charge your device beyond this.

Does the phone heat up during this process

The answer is yes. Most phones and some chargers heat up slightly on the backside. This is happening where the wireless charging is taking place.

It usually generates a bit of waste. This waste heat can even make the phone battery overheat. It produces more heat when compared to the traditional cable charging.

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Is wireless charging safe

You may have a question about its safety. Let’s clear this.

The well-known form of wireless charging is Inductive charging. It is very safe to use. The electromagnetic field generated and transmitted by the transmitters is very small and weak in power. Only can operate over short distances.

Inductive charging has been used in many applications, such as your electric toothbrush, medical devices and more. An international organization, International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has tested and found no evidence of adverse effects on human health.

Wireless charging transmits low power electromagnetic without contact with exposed electrical connectors. So it is safe to use.


I think that I have cleared all your doubts regarding wireless charging from how does wireless charging work is wireless technology is safe or not.

It has no special work, just to charge the device wirelessly. If you want to spend a handy amount of money just to charge your device wirelessly then go for it. Unless not.

This method is quite cost-effective. It can’t replace the traditional charging in the near future. You can imagine the future, where wireless charging is available public locations and you will not face any trouble to charge your phone and smartwatches. It allowing you to just place your smartphone on the charging base and charge it.

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