Guest Blogging – A Beginner Guide for Bloggers

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When a person is new to the online business, he doesn’t have a line of customers who are eager to buy his product.

Let’s he has made a new web page but there are no chances that the new audience will visit his site until he builds relationships with other online marketers.

To make this thing possible and give exposure about the business to the audience, one has to make relations with the people already in the field.

These people can be proven a stair of success if one builds a good relationship with them.

But the question in everyone’s mind is that how this thing will impact a new business and why one will give his customers to a new person.

So, here we will discuss this in detail and talk about the guest blogging that can help to rank a website.

What is guest blogging and why is it important?

In short words, we can define guest blogging as publishing your post on someone’s website or page.

Here the blogger will send his article to the website owner and he will publish the article on his website.

This thing helps to build relations with the owner who is publishing the post on his website and also gives exposure to the guest post.

Guest blogging

When the reader visits the website and sees the post related to his need, he will check the post that will help to increase the traffic on your new page.

So, the traffic from that website to your website through a blog post will create a good impact that can help to rank your new website and increase its revenue.

8 Tips for the Beginners

For a blogger who is new to the field and has no idea about guest posting, here are 8 best tips for him.

These tips can help him in making his post published and get good reviews over a small period.

Define your niche

The first and foremost task that one has to do is define his niche in which he has to publish the article. Because it could decide the future success (or failure) of your blog.

By doing this, one can easily find the websites to which he has to target for his guest post. Some bloggers simply pick any keyword and write about whatever pops into their minds. It is the worst strategy for long-term success. Decide whether you will pick a narrow niche or a broad niche.

Also, he can write the content on a specific point that can help to engage the audience there.

Set the Goals

Setting realistic and achievable goals is very important if you want to grow your blog. Pen down your goals and intentions before publishing the article. You must know that how you will target the audience.

If you are going to sell a bed for example, then go and search for the furniture article and make your plans according to it.

This thing will help to find the right website that can help you to bring traffic to your page and generate revenue.

See how other work

If you are new to the blog posting then try to take help from the bloggers who are old in this field. There’s a lot you can analyze and learn from your competitors. You learn their success or losses.

Look at their posts that how they are presenting their content and which websites are they targeting to get the audience. Find out where your nearest competitors may be lacking and grab that opportunity to fill in the gap.

This factor can help to give you a proper guide and give you a track where you can estimate the demand of the readers.

Use the S.M.A.R.T. way

To enter the market and compete with the big guns already sitting there and attracting the traffic you have to be smart.

After being smart, you have to work S.M.A.R.T. That means you have to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-oriented to achieve the goals.

The topic one is going to publish should be related to the website. It should be relevant to the other topics.

So, the user can get relevant answers on a single page. These common factors can make the post more attractive and ranked.

Find relevant pages

After selecting the niche and setting the goals, the most important thing is to find the relevant pages. Blogging is absolutely still relevant in 2021 and beyond.

To find the relevant pages, one has to visit the web pages, social apps and look for the other source lists that match his niche. This means if you want to start guest posting on the travel niche, then find blogs that are publishing travel relates posts.

This thing will provide an idea to the blogger and he can easily filter the best websites and pages from this research. It can also maintain your marketing strategy and define the structure of your relevant content.

These can help him to go for the best pages where he can rank his blog and get the traffic.

Check DA PA of pages

Getting all the best websites, check the domain and page authority of each page. Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) are the metrics that provide some insight into how strong your site’s SEO.

This is the main key factor. To get more traffic, get a page that has good domain authority. It’s quite simple to check the DA and PA of a website. You can either use Moz’s LinkExplorer or any other third-party tool for this.

This will cause a positive impact on the blog as it got a backlink from a website with a good reputation.

One can use a tool like Prepostseo that can give you the domain and page authority of the page and make it easy to select the best website.

Send email to the bloggers

After getting the main website that one is going to target the next thing is to negotiate with the bloggers. Struggling to get email instant responses from other bloggers? It’s no surprise that most emails sent to guest bloggers every day are getting ignored.

You can use outreach tools to make the design process effective. Send the emails to different website owners and ask for their demands for a post. Select the best blogger from there and make a deal with him.

Provide quality work

To leave a good impact on the website and get traffic through them, try to give quality content in the post.

The content used in the blog post should be fully optimized. Quality work is a necessary point that everyone wants.

Try to give the content that has no plagiarism in it. For it, one can use any tool to check plagiarism.

Quality content on an average website is far better than bad content on an authoritative website. You should focus on quality rather than quantity.

Google crawler will simply give negative points to both websites and can cause a to de-rank them.


For beginners who have just started their websites, they can increase their traffic and domain authority through guest blogging. Guest blogging is one of the key factors that can help to get success to any website. The only thing that a person has to focus on is making quality content and publish it on an authoritative website.

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