Google Chrome New Update – Now Surfs Internet Without Any Internet Connection

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Google is now rolling as the biggest brand in the internet world and makes sure that it is not going to disappoint its user in any way. Every time when it brings an update in its products, it sniffs around that this going to assist it’s using all the way. Nowadays when we all addicted to social media and spend lots of time on it, but whenever we need an answer to any toughest question we simply go on Google and search for it. Google Chrome new update was rolled out.

You can also say that Google is like “Teacher” for those like me who spend a lot of time on research on the internet. The traditional way of learning has been changed. Just Google your query and find the instant answer. Or even you are not interested in typing, you can just call your Google Assistance and speak your query.

But sometimes you find it difficult to surf the internet with the poor or no internet connectivity.

Never feel worried. Now Google makes it easier for you with Google Chrome in the Android devices.

Yes, Google brings an update in chrome browser for Android users that they can surf the web in it without any internet connection also.

What is the new Google Chrome new update?

Google on Thursday (21 June) announced a new update in Chrome for Android devices that would let it’s user to surf the internet without any constant internet connection. Google Chrome new update like this.

This update feature will be available in 100 countries including India, Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia, etc. Google always aggravating to make the internet useful and available for all, also in remote areas where internet connection is very poor.

As per the report says this new feature save up to 70% of your data. To get this amazing feature just go to the Google Play store in your android device and update Chrome browser there. Now you are eligible for the new feature brought by Google.

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How does the new feature work?

During declared about the new update Amanda Boss the product manager, offline chrome for Android, said that whenever you connected to a free or unmetered Wi-Fi, Chrome will automatically download articles for you which are popular in your locality.

Boss, also said that if you signed in with Chrome, it will fetch data from your browser cache history and download related articles as per your interest which you can read later without any internet connection.

The articles which chrome downloaded automatically would be available for you along with all downloaded contents

What are accessible offline?

These cached articles which chrome downloaded for you as per your location and interests. Sometimes you wouldn’t like to read them but it really helpful for you when are traveling to remote areas where internet is a spotty or bad internet connection.

Nowadays Google keens so hard on developing features in Android devices with the update like Android-P. And at the same time, it works to improve internet endurance in remote areas. Which has the major focus on developing countries like India?

The data saver mode in Chrome is one such example of Google’s efforts towards the revolution. Which claims to save 70% of your data usages.

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How the data saver works and helps?

Well, if you have the question in your mind that how the data saver works? Then you asked the right question. With data saver mode on  Chrome download the articles relevant to you.

When data saver is on, most of the web traffic goes through Google servers before being downloaded to that particular device. Google server squeeze it so fewer data gets downloaded to your device.

Apart from that Google also built a data saving best Google app called Fatally, that gives you the privileges to control your mobile data usage. This app comes with some features like

  • Set a data-limit over the daily data usage.
  • A guest mode which will calculate the data used by your friend. When your friend uses the internet on your phone.
  • Highlighting the unused apps which may drain your data.
  • It provides chats of weekly or monthly usages of data.
  • Helps to find Wi-Fi on maps.
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As always Google providing some grisly facilities to its users, don’t get surprised when next time Google makes some odd or out of the box like activities for the betterment of its user. This Google Chrome new update like that.

So till Google brings some new updates,  update your chrome browser and enjoy this new feature of Google Chrome “surf the web without internet”. Have you any suggestions about it. Please write it below in the comment section. I always love to hear from you.

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