Free Course Hero Account – 100+ Working Accounts (2023)

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If you are here means you too are searching for Course Hero free account, right? Well, look no further as we have brought you the entire list of 100+ free course hero working accounts. In this article, we will take a closer look at Course Hero and its services. Also, we’ll cover its features, step-by-step processes, advantages, and more.

Course Hero is a leading online platform that offers access to all different kinds of academic resources. The platform has a whole collection of study materials, including notes, study guides, and other educational content. These study materials are contributed by students and educators from all over the world.

Course Hero Free Logins

Whether you’re in high school, or college, or pursuing a graduate degree, Course Hero can be the perfect learning platform to help you deal with your academics. The free account is the basic version of the Course Hero platform that provides users with access to many of the courses.

In addition to its huge library of study materials and tutoring services, they also offer a wide range of tools to help students stay organized and manage their studies effectively. This includes access to a study calendar, flashcard maker, and personalized study plans that might be hard to find on other learning platforms.

Course Hero login

Access the Course Here login page by visiting the official website. With a free account, you can access study resources, upload and share your own study materials, and connect with classmates and other users. However, the free account also has some limitations, such as limited access to resources and materials, compared to the people who have purchased premium Course Hero accounts.

Benefits of Using Course Hero Free Account

Here are some of the known benefits of having Course Hero over others:

The Growing Library of Study Resources

With a free account, users can access a broad collection of study materials, including notes, study guides, and other educational content, contributed by students and teachers from all over the world.

Top Schools & Universities

The platform has courses offered by different schools and universities, such as Arizona State University, New York University, Saint Leo University, University of Maryland, University of Missouri, Wayne State University, and more.

Course Hero free account

So, without going to multiple sites, you can get all of your favorite courses using just one single place.

Verified Textbook Solutions and Explanations

They offer easy-to-understand textbook solutions verified by top educators. The explanations are designed keeping all types of students in mind. You can seek benefits from these solutions and get easy explanations of hard concepts.

Upload and Share Study Materials

Users can upload their own study materials, including notes, study guides, and other resources, and share them with classmates and other users.

Features of Course Hero

Available Hints and Videos

Every course consists of hints and videos to make the learning process less complicated and easy to grasp for students. You can solve your problems by using those hints as they will help think through how to reach the right solution on your own.

Browse All Subjects

It consists of all different subjects, ranging from math, science, engineering and technology, and business to social science, arts and humanities, history, foreign language, and more. Additionally, each subject is divided into different branches to make it easy to understand for students.

Collaboration With Classmates and Other Users

The free account allows students and educators to connect with one another, share notes and resources, and help each other in solving queries.

24/7 Homework Help

You can never get stuck with your homework since they are ready to help you out with any doubt, regardless of time and location. Their 24-hour homework assistance is always ready to provide you with answers in as fast as 15 to 30 minutes.

You can simply enter your query or upload a picture of it and within a few minutes you will get the correct answer with the explanation.

How to Create or Get a Course Hero Free Account

Creating a Course Hero free account is quite a straightforward process. It doesn’t require much of the user’s time and gets finished easily.

Here are the steps to follow to create a free account on Course Hero:

Step 1: Open any browser on your device and visit the Course Hero website. Ensure you are using its official website not the duplicate ones.

Step 2: Tap the Join button on the right top corner of the screen. You will be taken to the sign-up page.

Step 3: Find and click on the “Sign Up” button. You can complete this process through different options, including Google, Apple, email, and Facebook.

If want to teach other students as a tutor, you need to sign up as an educator.

Step 4: Enter your email address and create a password.

Step 5: Now, provide all the required information, such as your name and academic institution, etc.

Step 6: Confirm your email address by clicking on the confirmation link sent to your email.

Step 7: Once you have gone all the process and confirmed your email, your Course Hero account will be activated. You can now start using the platform and access all the available courses, textbooks, and materials.

Note: Creating an account on Course Hero is absolutely free for all students and tutors. However, you might be asked to pay a charge or purchase some courses or textbooks in order to access them.

Different Means of Using Course Hero

Course Hero is available in different forms and can be used through multiple devices.

iOS App

Apple users can have it on their devices as an app. You need to download and install the app to use their resources.

Android App

If you are an using android device, you can have this app via Google Play Store. It is free to download and install.

Chrome Extensions

If you don’t want to download it on your device, you can access it as a chrome extension. Regardless of having a different device, you can save it on your browser and visit it easily with just a simple click whenever you need to.

100+ Course Hero Working Accounts

So, below is the list of 100+ free accounts that anyone can use to access their platform.

To use them, you need to enter the same email address and password given here. However, if you are facing issues with any of the accounts, it could mean that the user id has been blocked and can’t be used. These are premium accounts that are 100% working.

If you are not able to login into any account or the password you are entering says incorrect, it means someone has changed it.

S.No. Email address Password
1. noel21
2. ydamore
3. Zylo1R654free
4. druQQ23free
5. gyeW45Ljjfree
6. PressFlatReady3
7. SalveFleaChilli
8. jermey60
9. nikki89
10. SlowlySteadyTake44
11. HoVersDamars32
12. asokasnnsss
13. as821as111s3
14. rjknasnms1
15. r96r2rtsss
16. as82as22ss
17. as8r55r1as
18. as71as21s
19. s82as111s
20. s95as111as
21. r92d22sas
22. gyeW45Ljjfree
23. druQQ23free
24. WWQ@Rqfree
25.    Zylo1R654free pO67345free
26. pO67@Rqfree
27. r43T&free
28. WWQ345free
29. maySART5free
30. AAAgt3free
31. hyit453!
32. Ywh410free
33. ChivasParingComers0
34. YEP93wmZ
35. VTqdPQ6R
36. WowItWorksYes
37. SlowlySteadyTake44
38. HoVersDamars32
39. GrapeyGroap22
40. bipbip1234
41. tty6a2107
42. Cou25$rsehero
43. pass52@word
44. omgF&1234
45. god#$love
46. heyyou@123
47. alexkn20owall
48. damnlucky
49. lovegod
50. notforyou
51. noobstudent
52. foryouhavesinned
53. LiArti78!
54. MIKSTu58
55. Heybroilu&
56. PressFlatReady3
57. SalveFleaChilli
58. ChivasParingComers0
59. YEP93wmZ
60. VTqdPQ6R
61. WowItWorksYes
62. PressFlatReady3
63. SalveFleaChilli
64. ChivasParingCoe0
65. YEP93wmZ
66. VTqdPQ6R
67. WowItWorksYes
68. SlowlySteadyTa4
69. HoVersDamars32
70. GrapeyGroap22
71.  99#shh%58*
72. laurence69
73. frami.esmeralda
74. elza.dare
75. lehner.adah
76. jess.leannon
77. kendrick44
78. oliver30
79. hpmill312
80. ksanford24
81. clark.beier
82. mylene96
83. pitej27846
84. Ywh410free
85. hyit453!
86. AAAgt3free
87. maySART5free
88. WWQ345free
89. fogage6322
90. cekoyog633
91. wisimah978
92. lohijib863
93. cepicij290
94. vivaw12323
95. lohoxa3205
96. koss.sincere
97. terry53
98. sawayn.sid
99. hammes.araceli
100. iparker234
101. dicki.kacey
102.                                                                            gerlach.pauline
103.                                                                            gkassulke
104.                                                                            bkuvalis
105.                                                                            mfritsch
106.                                                                            trent70
107.                                                                            tkeebler
108.                                                                          lauriane24
109.                                                                          ahackett
110.                                                                          eino40
111.                                                                          estelle.lakin
112.                                                                          walker.javon
113.                                                                          hruecker
114.                                                                          r43T&free
115.                                                                          pO67@Rqfree



Using a Course Hero free account is an excellent way for students looking to improve their learning and achieve academic success. Here is a list of free Course Hero accounts with email addresses and passwords. With access to study materials, and benefits, such as 24/7 homework help, access to top schools & universities courses, and subjects, and the ability to connect with other classmates and users, this online learning site provides different useful tools.

Whether you’re a student or an educator, if you’re looking for an online platform to help you get success with your academics, be sure to check out Course Hero’s free account today.

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