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14 Best Font Style Apps For Android and iOS

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In day to day life, we are surrounded by a lot of texts. From simple text messages to font style of a popular blog, we saw it on a regular basis.

A well-designed font may grab people’s attention and them more likely to share it if in social media. Same boring texts many not impact a lot in some cases.

There are some font style and typography apps that can help you to use various font styles. Sometimes we need some stylish texts to use in images. So some typography apps are available for this purpose.

Font style apps list

There are many apps available in this category. We have tested various apps and shortlisted some apps. Here is a list of best font style apps for Android and iOS.

1. Stylish Fonts

Stylish Fonts appAre you bored with your regular fonts and looking for something new and stylish? Then Stylish Fonts app would be helpful for you.

The easy to use interface of this app allow users to choose awesome fonts in a few taps. Stylish Font app will install 50 Stylish fonts on your smartphone and you can use it anywhere.

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2. HiFont

HiFont Android appHiFont is of the most famous and most downloaded font style app for Android. The fonts range from various styles like cute, darker , clean fonts, galaxy, love, pink, romantic written, color fonts, comic, candy fonts and many more for you.

The app contains more than 4000 fonts available to download. In addition to that, you can add your own fonts. HiFont handpicked hundreds of most stylish and coolest Animoji fonts. So just change a font there would a change of a feeling.

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3. Hybrid Fonts

Hybrid Fonts iOS appHybrid Fonts is one of the good options for iOS users. The app has a very easy to use interface with no distractions. The dark background with white text looks very nice.

This app features a nice collection of 70+ stylish fonts for messaging and regular chatting. The app works fine everywhere and no additional app is needed for using these fonts.

Just type your text in the app and the variation of texts will appear in the app. Choose your style and copy it. Then paste it as you wish.

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4. Font App – Cool Fonts Keyboard

Font App iOS appIf you are using an iPhone and searching for a font style app then this Font App would be helpful. This is one of the highest downloaded apps in iTunes.

The app features more than 150+ stylish Fonts. Just copy texts and paste them in applications like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook.

In addition to that, there are 180+ beautiful stylish keyboard themes.

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5. Font Rush

Font Rush Android appAre you searching for stylish fonts to create quotes? Then this app would be helpful. Font rush app comes with 200 + amazing fonts and 250 + Beautiful background images.

This app automatically turns your words into stylish text. Note that, you can’t copy these texts to any other app as you have done in previous apps. This is helpful if you want to make attracting images for social media sharing or similar purposes.

In addition to that, you will find some basic editing options to make your image stand out.

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6. Typo Style

Typos Style Android appTypos Style is very similar to Font Rush app. It is one of the best apps to create word picture art designs and typography picture art.

No need to spend hours to make a beautiful picture art. You can use the app’s library to make a stunning image using stylish fonts.

There are many pre-designed images with beautiful texts. You can just edit the text or background image and make your own quotes in a few seconds.

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7. Cool Fonts

Cool Fonts iOS appCool Fonts is the most famous and highest downloaded font app in iTunes. There are hundreds of awesome fonts available in this app.

In addition to that, the app has various stunning keyboards themes. You can use one of them to replace the system keyboard and get a better experience of typing with nice buttons.

The best part of this app is, it can support all the major texting apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.

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8. iFont

iFont iOS appiFont is another good option for iOS users. It lets you install new and stylish fonts to use in various apps like Pages, Keynote or Microsoft Word, etc. It also works perfectly with instant messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

This app also allows you to add your own custom fonts in .ttf, .ttc, .otf formats. The comparison feature allows you to compare different fonts and weights.

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9. BlueWords

BlueWords Android appBlueWords is one of the simplest font style app. There are various text styles available in this app and it can be directly integrated to the keyboard.

The fonts support some of the major messaging apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

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10. Classic Font Style

Classic Font Style Android appClassic Font Style app is also one of the easiest apps for this purpose. The app will install 44 Stylish fonts on your smartphones.

Note that, as per the description on the Play Store this app only supported on Samsung Galaxy and oppo phone and compatible with this App. We have not tested this app in a wide range of phones. The app might update and increase the reach in the future.

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11. AnyFont

AnyFont iOS appAnyFont is another famous app for iOS devices. You can install any additional font in OpenTypeFont- (.otf), TrueTypeFont- (.ttf), or TrueType Collection- (.ttc) format on your iPhone or iPad.

There is a dedicated FAQ section to solve your queries and you will not face any difficulty. You can go with in-app purchases to get an optional bundle of 1,000+ fonts.

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12. Better Font-s Cool Keyboard-s

Better Font-s Cool Keyboard-s iOS appBetter Font-s Cool Keyboard-s is also the most famous app in the iOS store with thousands of positive reviews. The app has a great collection of fonts.

There are over 180 stylish fonts to choose from. Write with Emoji text, bubble letters, upside-down text and many more. You can use these fonts in various places like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Kik, iMessage, Viber, etc.

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13. Fancy text

Fancy text Android appIf you love to write in Fancy Texts then this app would be helpful. This app comes with some awesome features.

If you have ever requirement of nicknames, this app is helpful. It contains a nickname generator tool that creates stunning names with decorative texts and symbols.

The app has an inbuilt scanner where you can scan your texts. This app features more than 130 stylish fonts. Emoji name maker converter is also a handy feature to create nice looking texts.

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14. Cool Fonts

Cool Fonts Android appCool Fonts app allows you to create awesome fonts. There are hundreds of stylish looking texts in this app and you can use it in various places.

Just write your texts in this app it will generate various fonts. You can simply copy and paste it in WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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So these are some of the best font style apps you can use to generate some fancy texts. Depending on the frequency and font of the user you are looking for, choose one of the apps of your choice.

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