facebook vs facebook lite

Facebook vs Facebook Lite

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Facebook has released a lite version of its mobile app. Facebook built this to work smoothly with poor data connections (2G) and low-end phones. Every people can’t afford a smartphone with 3GB RAM and high-speed data or. Keeping that in mind facebook launched the lite version. But you may confuse which one you should use Facebook vs Facebook lite.

Facebook is not alone to release the lite version. Twitter, LinkedIn or Google also released a lower version of their mobile app.

The Facebook app was released in 2015. Initially, Facebook launched this app for countries like India, Srilanka, Bangladesh. After seeing the popularity, then it releases the lite version for the majority of countries. If you just take a tour of leading apps stores like Google Play Store or Apple app stores you will find the lite version app has millions of downloads.

Facebook Messenger needs a separate app to chat with friends. But the lite version of Facebook has in-built chat options.

Sometimes it may confuse what to use. Facebook or Facebook lite. Let’s take an in-depth look at this app and try to find answer all of your queries. So let’s get started.

In this article, I have taken some parameters to differentiate between Facebook vs Facebook lite.

Comparison between Facebook and Facebook lite

App size

We are very much aware of the storage of our phone.

App size is a major factor when it comes to comparing two apps. The major difference between Facebook and Facebook lite is the size. While the Facebook app size is 59MB when download and the light version is 3MB. Surprising but true.

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Battery use

After space the second most important thing that we are aware of is Battery.

Intelligently use the battery is challenging in case of the smartphone. As Lite version is only 3MB it uses very less amount of battery. The main version uses a huge amount of battery because it is heavyweight.

RAM use

Let’s compare the RAM uses. There is no second opinion that the standard version of Facebook consummation is very high. As the size of the app is just 3MB it consumes very less amount of RAM. It is lightweight and runs faster. Who won the comparison, on Facebook vs Facebook lite. Obviously Facebook lite.

App crashes

It is a major issue when we talk about the performance of the app. App crash means it stops suddenly. You may have experienced the situation when using the standard version of Facebook.

There is very rare( nearly no) app crash in Lite version of Facebook.

The loading time of images and posts

Let’s see the comparison battle on Facebook vs Facebook lite.

Well, if you ask me who loads fast, the simple answer is it depending upon the internet speed. Some say the lite version loads fast. They are not laying. It loads fast because it was made for slow internet connectivity.

The standard version of Facebook also loads fast in 4G networks. But not everyone is lucky to have high-speed networks. Who wins the battle? You decide.

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Autoplay videos on Facebook

When you scroll down your news feed in the original version of Facebook, videos start playing automatically even you don’t want. This is ridiculous.

Auto-play videos consume more data. This is something I hate in the standard version of Facebook.

But in the case of Facebook lite, you choose which video to play. It consumes less amount of data.

User interface

Facebook lite is a small version of the standard version. It tries the best to looks like the original version. Lite version has smaller text and ions. It lacks graphics and animations.

Lite version doesn’t show the profile photos of anyone in the notification panel. Instead, it shows small low-res images of likes comment on something.

The standard version of Facebook contains high-end graphics and animations. If you need this then go for it.


Do you think why I added this point? Is there any cost factor?

Hell yes,

Both are free apps, but you have to download, updates and data transfer cost in both version. Is it or not.

Considering these points Facebook is way cheaper than the standard version. The resign you know.

App speed

The Facebook standard app is heavyweight and may run slower on low RAM phones. It contains high-end graphics that may cause a bit slower loading.

Lite version is an optimized version of the original version. So everything is optimized and loads faster.

It may take little-bit time do a task in lite but in the standard version you just and tap and the task is done.

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Auto refresh feature

Auto refresh is an iconic feature of the standard version of Facebook. Here is no comparison on Facebook vs Facebook lite version. As the lite version is intended for low data connectivity Facebook omitted this feature. You can do this manually in the lite version of Facebook.

I like this feature in the standard version. If you also then enjoy it.

Build-in Messenger

You know this very well.

Standard Facebook app has no chat option. You have to download its messenger app separately. You may say Facebook forces you to download another heavyweight 46MB Messenger app.

Thanks to Facebook lite. It has built-in Messenger to chat. Obviously lite is not as attractive as Messenger. It has no Message bubbles are blockier and timestamps or read receipts. But the core messaging features are still there.

Are you a big fan of stickers and emoji? Facebook lite will not cheat you. Lite version also includes some optimized emoji.

which one you should use?

Here comes the main question. You may have already got the answer. I have discussed several points regarding this. If not then read below.

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If you have a phone with less RAM and slow internet speed then Facebook lite is a good replacement.

But if you have a high-end phone and a good internet connection you may choose the standard version. If you like high-end graphics and images then the Facebook standard version is for you.

Facebook loves and collects your data through their apps. No matter which one you are using, you are not hidden. The data leak of Facebook is on every newspaper headline in regular interval.

If you ask me I like the Facebook lite app. Analyze all the above points and choose wisely.

What is your choice? Please comment below.

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