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11 Best Event Listing Sites to Promote Events

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If you are a business owner or artist, you would definitely understand the importance of listing your event online. To promote your skill or product, you need to conduct events regularly and there is no use in those events if nobody is there to attend your event. This is why it is important for business owners and artists to find a platform where they can talk about their events and let people know about them.

If you are also one of those people today we have something interesting for you and it is event listing sites. Read the article further and you will find out what we are talking about.

Top Event Listing Sites

Yes, today we are going to introduce you to the 11 top event listing sites where you can list down your event and gather an online audience. This way, you will not only be able to increase the reach of your business but also find some people who are genuinely interested in your event. So, here dig into the details.

1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is inarguably the best in this category. From its remarkable features to user-friendliness, the site is just one of a kind. As you will land on the site, you will see a bunch of events varying in different niches that are going to happen in your city in the upcoming time. You can explore them and learn how to make the event listing on this site.

Eventbrite website

To list down your event, you would need to create an account on the site that is absolutely free of cost. You just need to put your email address and you are ready to go. With the fact that it is a very popular site, you will definitely get a good response if you do your job in the right way.

2. Eventful

Join this community of motivated people, who are there to motivate you and make your words reach thousands of people. Unlike other such sites, you don’t need to sign up on this site. Instead, you need to contact their team and they will handle your work. Make sure to be precise with your details while telling them about your event.

Eventful website

Having been in the business for more than 20 years, the site is definitely a leader in the market and will give a boost to your business by implementing your event in the best way. Besides that, the interface of the site is also remarkably easy. What else you can ask for?

3. Meetup

True to its name, Meetup is a place where like-minded people gather and search for people with similar interests. You will get tons of benefits by listing your event on this site because it will be in front of people who are really interested in that. You are sure to generate some genuine leads through this site.

Meetup website

To get ahead on the site what you need to do is to just sign up and then you are free to list your event in any niche like art, culture, fashion, food, or just in any industry. You can promote your event by joining other similar events and directly interacting with people who are interested in that event.

4. Ticketmaster

This site is popular among people who are interested in the entertainment industry. Given the fact, if your event is related to art, music, theater, sports, and any other such industry, you can list it down on this site and make your words reach the right audience.

Ticketmaster website

Like many other event submission websites, it is also completely free and safe to use. You are free to create your account on the site and list down as many events as you want. Just make sure not to spam because it is a community of genuine people.


Listing down your event on is just a single-click work. Visit the site and click on the ‘create an event’ option that you can find at the top of the site. After that, it will automatically navigate you to fill in essential details and make your event listing public. website

Just in case you don’t understand what information you need to fill in, have a look at other’s event listings on its home page and get a basic idea. Once you have listed your event successfully, you can log in to the site anytime and monitor your listing.

6. 10Times

10Times boasts to be the biggest event listing platform, which allows you to list down your event regardless of its niche. Yes, you can list any type of event on this site. The interesting thing is that this whole process is extremely easy and hassle-free.

10Times website

To make an event listing, click on the ‘create list button’ and sign up on the site with either your Gmail account, Facebook account, or even mobile number. That’s it. This is all you have to do to target the right audience on this site. To understand how things work on this site, join in events and have personal experience.

7. Eventbee

Submit your event on Eventbee and see people coming to you like bees. This site has a huge user community from different fields including culture, art music, food, entertainment, and many other such niches. Given this fact, you can expect your event to be in front of the right people if you choose this site for event listing.

Eventbee website

The unique thing about this site is that it is not free. You would need to pay a minimal amount of fees to list your event on this site. Maybe this is the reason that it works in a more professional and customized way to offer you possibly the best results. Don’t worry about the fee because it is just as little as $1 for the basic plan.

8. Conference Alerts

As the name suggests, this site is for people who want to stay updated with the latest events happening in their favorite niche and keep other people updated with their events. As you will land on the site, you will find the option of adding your event right on the front.

Conference Alerts website

Just in case you are doubtful about the niches allowed on this site for event listing, scroll down and you will find all the categories right at the bottom. Usually, there is no such niche that is not allowed on this site. The incredibly easy user interface of this site makes it a loved event listing site.

9. Yelp

Yelp is probably the most popular event listing site out there without a doubt. The thing that makes this site so much popular among young digital business owners is the fact that it is not restricted just to a particular niche. Its community is huge. Given this fact, your event will be in front of thousands of like-minded people on this site.

Yelp website

Whether you are the owner of a restaurant or an artist, you can list any type of event on this site and promote it. Regardless of the fact that you have a digital business or a physical store, you can use this platform to grab the attention of the right people.

10. Eventsget

When it comes to the latest event listing tools and websites, Eventsget will definitely make a place on the list because the site has been very much popular among the youth. The reason for that is its user-friendliness, neat design, and no complex features.

Eventsget website

Unlike others, you can select the location of your country on this site and customize the site according to you. On the top, you will see the ‘create new event’ option. After clicking on it, it will navigate you to create an account. Only after that, you will be able to list your event on the site.

11. Conferize

If you are really serious about your business and don’t mind going for paid event listing, have a look at Conferize, which is a wonderful website for event listing and will definitely give a boost to your business. Since it is a paid site, you can get promising results from it.

Conferize website

After looking at the subscription fees of this site, you might be doubtful, but once you have done it, you would understand why it has this much fees and how it is different from others. To let you explore the site completely and be satisfied with its service beforehand, It offers you a long free trial of 4 weeks.


Planning an event is useless if you can’t implement it properly. This is why take the help of these event listing sites and promote your event appropriately in front of the right audience.


Do free event listing websites yield no significant results?

Well, you can’t really say that. Definitely, paid sites are far better than free ones, but it does not mean that you won’t be able to yield any significant results from them. In some or other way, they will definitely help you.

Can I list down my event for a lifetime on these sites?

You need to check this thing from site to site because every site has its own feature. Some do offer lifetime listing but some have a time limit.

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