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14 Cool Office Gadgets To Make Your Workspace Fun

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Are you fade up with your office job? Want to relieve stress at work or even improving your work in the office? Here may be the solution with the help of cool office gadget.

When you come to work the office environment is very straight and full of stress. There is a limited resource that the office has given you.

Every office is not like Google office where you can customize your own desk in your choice. If every office like that will awesome.

To say frankly, if you don’t like the office desk like your home office obviously you are not going to spend more time there. So it may necessary to invent something on the cool stuff for your desk.

List of best office gadgets

Here is a list of unique office gadgets that may help you to improve your productivity. You can say these gadgets now become must-have office accessories. Let’s discuss.

14. CableDrop

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In the technology world, Computer and digital devices are very common to see in every workplace. A typical office desk must have a CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.

Hence there is a choice of wire in the office desk. Sometimes we face trouble to organize them and which wire is from which device.

This cool office toy may help you to order the wires. This may be the best solution to this problem.

A pack of 6 CableDrop is available on Amazon for just $8.

13. Drinklip cup holder

Drinklip cup holder
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Are your drink slips out of the table? Don’t worry Drinklip is for you.  Drinklip is a portable Cupholder for desks. It allows you to put a slot for holding your drinks practically anywhere on your office desk.

It is made from plastic and can clip onto any table or horizontal edge. You can save the desk from dirty drink marks.

Drinklip is available on Amazon for just $9.

12. Sticky Note Roll

Sticky Note Roll
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Are you using Post-it notes and your message exceeds the paper? Sticky Note Roll is for you.

Just Roll it and you can write as long as a message you want to write. No need to precise your message within limited words.

Sticky Note Roll is available on Amazon for just $8.

11. Skypanel Fluorescent Light Diffuser

Skypanel Fluorescent Light Diffuser
Source –

Sometimes we irritated by seeing the walls and roof of the office again and again. It may seem more irritating after long work hour.

Skypanel Fluorescent Light Diffuser is a light panel designed to reduce stress and harsh glare emanating from existing fluorescent lighting.

It may give you the feeling of being outside and relieve stress.

Skypanel Fluorescent Light Diffuser is available on Amazon for just $38

10. Portable cup warmer

Portable cup warmer
Source –

Are you most often forgot your coffee on the table and it went cold. This a cool stuff for your desk.

Just put your coffee on the gadgets and the device will hot your cup. You can drink hot coffee all day.

The portable cup warmer is available on Amazon for just $30.

9. USB Mini Fridge

USB Mini Fridge
Source –

Do you love to take cold drinks during work hour? Well, this office desk gadget will help you.

USB Mini Fridge is a portable fridge that you can connect it to your PC through the USB port. Chill your drink and enjoy it anytime during sticky work hour.

It will take about 10 minutes to chill your cold drink.

USB Mini Fridge is available on Amazon for just $30.

8. Desktop Punching Ball

Desktop Punching Ball
Source –

Office atmosphere full of tensions and stress. Sometime you may have the idea of punching in the face of your boss. Well, it will cost you more.

So why not you keep that job in this Punching Ball. You may assume the Punching Ball in the face of your boss. This is a cool office toy.

It will help you to relieve stress and always bounce back for more punch.

Punching Ball is available on Amazon for just $20.

7. Monitor Rear-View Mirror

Monitor Rear-View Mirror
Source –

Are you a boss and no 8 gadgets hurt you. Is your co-worker mock at you on your back? Don’t worry there is something for you.

Monitor Rear-View Mirror is a gadget that can be attached to your monitor. Hence you can keep an eye out for those who mock at you in the back.

You can use it at the office as well as your home PC for Checking on your back sigh anytime and well protect your privacy.

Monitor Rear-View Mirror is available on Amazon for just $5.

6. Wireless key-finder

Wireless key-finder
Source –

Although it is not an office gadget indirectly it is related to your office. Many time when you went for office suddenly you notice that the car key is not there. Hence you spend half an hour finding the key.

The official time was late that day. This cool office stuff can help you. Attach this device to your key and enjoy.

This device also has the anti-lost tracker can chain your easy-lost & connect it to a smartphone to prevent loss. This may be the best office gadgets 2018 you can enjoy.

Wireless key-finder is available on Amazon for just $5.

5. A smart wearable device to correct your posture

Upright Smart Posture Trainer
Source –

By sitting, lots of hour in the office chair may cause back pain. The Upright Smart Posture Trainer is cool office stuff for your back.

It supports your back during work it will help you to sit up straight during the office hour. The small wearable gadgets may make a big difference if you have back pain before.

Upright Smart Posture Trainer is available on Amazon for just $110

4. Cyanics iStick Desktop Organizer

Cyanics iStick Desktop Organizer
Source –

You may come across many desk organizer in the past. But Cyanics iStick Desktop Organizer is completely different.

It is one of the best office gadgets. It’s size : 21.3 x 4 x 3 inch. Weight: 1.54 lbs

It has a USB port and every memory slot. It has dedicated space for every item.

Cyanics iStick Desktop Organizer is available on Amazon for just $40.

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3. Portable Wi-Fi Scanner

Portable Wi-Fi Scanner
Source –

Sometimes you may not in the office and there is a need to scan the document. The nice office gadget is for you.

Just connect your PC to this device through Wi-Fi and scan document. Move the cool gadgets over the document and it will scan. You can scan documents to JPEG and PDF file format.

This smart device can free up a lot of space on your office desk.

Portable Wi-Fi Scanner is available on Amazon for just $96.

2. Sony Digital E-ink Tablet

Sony Digital E-ink Tablet
Source –

Take your work on the go with Sony Digital E-ink Tablet. This high-tech office gadget is for busy professional.

E-ink Tablet will give you the experience of writing with pane and paper. It is ultra slim and high contrast so you can read clearly even in bright sunlight in outdoor.

E-ink Tablet comes with a stylus and this allows easy drag and drops feature.

Sony Digital E-ink Tablet is available on Amazon for just $700.

1. DeskCyle

Source –

Health is wealth. You may have hardly co-ordinate between work life and your health. It is quite difficult to give some time to exercise for some people. Have you ever think about exercise right from your office desk. This is a gadget for health conscious people.

DeskCycle is a mini exercise bike. It can help you to burn your extra calories and your health. Hence you can increase your productivity and brain power from the comfort of your desk.

Simply put the DeskCycle under your office desk and start pedaling. You maintain your fitness from the desk.

DeskCyle is available on Amazon for just $160.


Those are the list of some useful office gadgets. Tell me are you going to buy any of the office gadgets. These cool gadgets may boost your work in the office. Did I forget to mention any office gadgets which may deserve a place on this list? Write a comment below and let me know.

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