Top 5 YouTube to WAV Converter

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If you are looking for the best YouTube to WAV convertern then you are in the right place. Here we will discuss some of them.

YouTube is skyrocket nowadays. YouTube was started as a small video shareable platform to a giant multi-billion dollar company owned by Google.

It has millions of active creators and user that make the platform do huge. From videographers to movie marketers to musicians looking to grow their videos and content.

If you have anything to know about the WAV file, then check the Wikipedia article.

Fine, now you have no doubt about the WAV. So let’s come to our main discussion.

Uploading music videos on YouTube is now becoming a trend for the young generation. Instantly the music videos are spreading like a forest fire to millions of YouTube user. YouTube has millions of user base so it is a great platform now.

Besides the widespread popularity, the music video creators are earning huge amount of money from YouTube. Creators are also notifying the latest albums and music series through YouTube notification.

A study shows that around 40% of the total music around the world is listed on YouTube. So you can imagine how much the number is?

A number of users upload free or Creative Commons media onto YouTube. So it makes these platforms for creative types. Anyone can reuse the media for their next film, episode, or video game.

Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t allow you to download this type of files.

If YouTube itself doesn’t provide the options, there is only one option left. To download the copyright-free content, we have to use the third-party source.

Many people try to get the highest quality copy of something you can. So MP3 or AAC is not enough. So WAV is the perfect audio file format for amateur content creators.

The choice is yours. There are various ways to do this. You can download and install a desktop program on your computer or you can use an online converter tool.

If you have a regular requirement of this you may go with the desktop programs. If you have less requirement, then it is good to go with the online converter. Why put extra programs on PC when we have fewer requirements and that can be done with online YouTube to WAV converter.

Why WAV File Format? Convert YouTube to WAV

The WAV has superior broadcast quality. WAV files are lossless, uncompressed & CD-quality music files.

If you are looking for reusing audio behind your animations or any other project; WAV is the best candidate to add quality to your project.

There is no sound gap or encoder delay on WAV files.

Now, you have a clear idea about the benefits of WAV file format.

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Things to know before downloading

So you have now all set to download the WAV file format of YouTube videos. Before going to download any software keep these things in mind and then proceed.

As you are searching for downloading the best WAV converter for YouTube videos, I am sure that you are looking for quality.

Different YouTube videos contain different bitrates depending upon how the video was downloaded. There are some audio-only videos on YouTube. Here is the same case.

YouTube contains millions of soundtracks. So there is no guaranty every sound audio has sam bitrates. A lot of videos was uploaded to 240p or 360p. These are video quality, not audio bitrates.

There is a more possibility that these low-quality videos contain low-quality bitrates also.

Millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. The latest videos are recorded and uploaded on high-resolution audio and video quality. So here is a high possibility to get higher bitrates and better sound quality.

YouTube to WAV converter – online

Do you have the intention to download things online? I have. Most people choose this method because it is easy. There is no need for any software programs to install on the computer.

Just go to your browser and type the query or URL(If you know) then press enter. Done. You are ready to download.

If you make a simple google search for best YouTube downloader, you will find thousands of search result. Unfortunately, most of the downloaders are buggy. They contain creepy ads and sometimes malware.

Don’t be harass. There are also some websites to convert YouTube videos to WAV format.

Here is the list of best WAV file downloader websites.

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1. OnlineVideoConverter


As the name suggests OnlineVideoConverter is one of the best tools for this.

The site allows you to convert media from YouTube into a file format. The file format including audio formats like MP3, AAC, and yes, WAV and video formats like MP4, M4V, MOV.

in fact, this website contains advertisement but not creepy. Unlike other downloading sites, weren’t inappropriate and there is a clear user interface.

Downloading music clips is very easy.

  • Post a link from YouTube and selecting your download method from a drop-down menu.
  • Once you’ve selected your file format and tapped on the “Download” button.
  • It fetches the data from YouTube. You’ll see a nice processing bar and your file processed and the conversion begins.
  • Being honest, once your link is ready, you’ll be lead to a page that contains many advertisements. It may be difficult to find the download link from the ads. But not so difficult.
  • You’ll see a link to download your video.
  • Do you choose the wrong file format? Don’t worry. You can also reconvert if you chose the wrong file format.
  • Clicking on the download link will begin your download. According to your downloading speed, it will download.

The great things about OnlineVideoConverter have the ability to download a dozen different types of files. You can download both audio and video, to be used in your project.

Overall it’s a solid choice for web-based WAV downloads. There is also a Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers extension for OnlineVideoConverter.

Check the output of the WAV file and write a comment below about the converted quality of this site.

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2. YouTube-To


YouTube-to has a series of different websites for downloading YouTube videos to specific file formats.

Majority of users download audio files for their phones and iPods from YouTube-to website.

Unfortunately, you don’t find the WAV file downloader on the home page of the website. I don’t know why YouTube-to doesn’t promote their WAV file downloader. YouTube privacy guideline violation may be the cause.

You will do one thing. Just adding /WAV.php to their standard homepage URL. This is the easiest way to find the page.

YouTube-To is simple and easy to use the website. Enter your URL into the bar on their WAV page.

Hit the “Download WAV” button, and the file will be instantly downloaded to your computer.

This has a great bitrate for use in creative contents. This will sound good to the user.

YouTube-to also has an extension for Google Chrome. But honestly, I think go with the website version on this one. You can bookmark the site.

Update – I am now updating this post and found that, As of 17th September 2019, the website does not show the WAV part. The home page is working fine but there is no YouTube-to-WAV option. I will update this post as we learn more. You may try other options.

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3. Office Converter

office converter also a good website to convert YouTube videos to WAV format. It also includes the file type as OnlineVideoConverter but it also contains some extra features.

It has the ability to transfer files from file types like .doc and.PDF. Office Converter is a great site to keep on hand—including for WAV files.

Office Converter allows you to convert your files from both your computer and from YouTube. If you already have an MP3 file on your computer you need to be converted into a WAV file, Office Converter can help you out.

Sometimes this website gives an error while processing. If this happens in your case, try sometime later or then go for the other websites.

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4. SaveClipBro is also a good site for this purpose. It provides various features to download and converter videos.

The user interface is clean and easy to use. The home page of this website contains only one input field to paste the YouTube video URL. Bellow that you will find some descriptions of the site. You will also find the step-by-step procedure to convert a video.


Surprisingly, this site doesn’t contain any ads. On the bottom of the home page, you will find supported services.

Head to this site and paste the YouTube video URL and hit Enter or press Start button. On the next screen, you will find many videos and audio conversion options. In the Extract Audio section, choose WAV and press convert button. On the next screen, your file is ready to download.

5. YouTube2video

YouTube2video is also a popular online YouTube to Wav converter. This allows you to convert and download YouTube audios to WAV format.

The website has a clean interface and once you enter inside the site, you will find a search like a bar asking you to paste the link you want to convert. Then hit enter and your WAV file is ready.

In addition to this, this website allows you to convert YouTube videos in many other formats. There are YouTube to AVI, YouTube to MP4 etc are available.

Now the website has developed an app for these purposes. You will find the download link of this app in the above page. In order to install this app, you need to allow this app as it is from unknown sources.

Rather than downloading this app, you can easily convert your files using the website.

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Desktop method

Now its time to release the desktop method for this region.

I personally don’t recommend to go with a desktop method. The resign you know earlier.

A desktop app for these purposes may contain malware. Unlike online YouTube to WAV converter tools, most of the desktop programs are paid. You have to pay for the software and its services.

Why pay for a service, when it is absolutely free in the online method. Altho online converters are full of ads but think about them. They provide services to you for free and earn some amount from ads. It is a win-win situation for both of us. Not a bad deal.

Putting them on a side, I am going to discuss some of the best desktop programs for these regions.

KeepVid Pro


Here we go.

The desktop methods start with KeepVid Pro. KeepVid is one of the recommended methods for downloading YouTube videos into video and audio formats.

Wait, the application has added a limitation recently. Some options are available only for paid subscribers. You have to pay $19.95 for a one-year subscription (price may vary).

A free trial of the software exists as well, allowing you to easily test the software.

it works well when downloading content, allowing you to add content easily from YouTube and keeping a full queue of videos to download. You can change your file format on a whim, and the files are saved to a specific set folder on your computer.

If you are a regular user then you can buy a lifetime license available for only $29.95.

A full list of the supported file output types can be found inside the site, but both the Mac and Windows versions support download WAV files from YouTube and other sites.

This is not the chipset desktop software to download, but a good choice.

Beside online converter and desktop application, there is also an Android application for this region. If you want this option then you may go for it.

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Is there any Android app for this?

To say frankly, Google does not allow you to download YouTube video in Mp3 format officially. So there may not be an app for YouTube to WAV on Google play.

So you have to go to third-party app providers. As you know earlier, there is always a risk of downloading apps from third-party apps. So we have not listed any

As you know, to download any apps outside Play Store, you have to turn on Unknown Source permission. To do this, simply Go to Settings>>Application and check Unknown Source option.

So If you have not any specific and urgent requirement, never go for these.

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YouTube is growing like a skyrocket. Every day millions of new videos are uploading and downloading in it. So it is a heaven for content creators.

Many creators protect there videos and audios and don’t give permission to reuse their content.

If you try to do so technically you are violating both the terms of service surrounding YouTube and the copyright status. So this is not a good idea.

But, every creator is not like this. They provide a creative commons license so that anyone can reuse the same content. If you are reusing an audio file then WAV is a good option.

There are plenty of ways to download both videos and audio files on YouTube. Here I provided some of the best YouTube to WAV converter.

Try these YouTube to WAV converter online and desktop software in this list. I will keep updating this list with some more sites if any new released. If you find anything useful in this list let me know and also other users.

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