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10 Best Weather Websites for Accurate Forecast

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In day to day life, we are very much dependent on the weather in various aspects. So being updated about weather is a good habit and helps in a lot of cases. Some weather websites can help you out.

Now Google also started showing local weather reports in search results directly. However, you can always check these websites to get more information.

Best weather website list

There are many websites and mobile apps that can give you weather information. But we have tested and shortlisted some of the best websites for this purpose.

So let’s dive into the list.

1. World Weather Online

World Weather Online website is one of the accurate weather forecasting websites. Their website features all the necessary things you ever wanted to know.

They have full weather reports on a location basis. In addition to that, you can get your local weather forecasting.

They have wonderful map features that contain some essential features. The High-resolution radar map displays wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, temperature, pressure and more.

World Weather Online website

Visit the Map page you will be landed on an animated map. You can see the wind direction in real-time. In addition to that, the map features temperature, clouds, precipitation. Hover your crosser over any location and it will show you the temperature.

Other main sections of the website are Sports Weather, Holiday Weather, videos. There is the latest blog posts section where you can get additional information about the latest weather.

2. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is one of the oldest and most popular weather sites around the world. On the home page of the website, you will find a big search bar where you can enter your location. You can enter your Zip code also.

Once you click on the search bar, it shows you to use your current location. If you choose so, then the website will track your location and shows the weather report according to that. Otherwise, you can type other locations as well.

AccuWeather website

Other main sections of the website are News, Maps, Severe Wether, videos. In the More section, you can get additional information about the AccuWeather, Podcast, etc.

They have various maps to check the weather around the world. You can choose the satellite version of the app to get some visually rich map.

You will find weather news all over the places inside the website. They update the latest weather news around the world.

3. Ventusky

Ventusky is the most visually pleasing weather website in the world. Once you land on the site, you will fall in love with the visually rich interface of the website.

There is a search bar inside the website. You can check whether based on locations by typing the names. On the left side of the website, you will find various options to select.

Ventusky website

Based on your selection, the map will act accordingly. The options are like Temperature, Air Pressure, Clouds, Waves, Humidity, and Thunderstorms, etc.

You can add this website to the best weather radar website list because it provides radar options.

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4. Weather Underground

Weather Underground is also termed as Wunderground and this name also reflected on the domain name. On the home page of the website, you can find the weather information of all the popular websites around the world.

In addition to that, you will get some articles on weather-related news and interesting stories. They have also a dedicated section of news and stories in a blog format.

Weather Underground website

Other main sections of the website are Sensor Network, Maps and Radar, Severe Weather, News and Blogs, Mobile Apps (Android & iOS), and More. In the More section, you can get additional information about the historical weather and Daily Forecast Flayer.

If you want to see the radar report, then head to Weather Radar Maps.

5. Weatherbug

Weatherbug is another known website for weather reports and updates. When you first landed on the homepage you will found various sections.

It tracks your location and shows temperature according to them. On right, you will find a radar map based on your location. They have added a new section that shows you the air purification level also.

Weatherbug website

If you want to see any other location’s weather report then just search it on the search bar situated in the upper right corner.

Other main sections of the website are Forecasts, Maps, Alerts, Life, News & Videos, cameras, Hurricane and More.

6. The Weather Channel

As the name suggests, The Weather Channel is one of the most famous places to get weather-related information.

When you first open the site, it will track your current location and shows the temperature under the site logo. Sometimes the feature doesn’t act correctly and shows the wrong place.

The Weather Channel website

However, you can check the weather report of any place by using this website. Just enter the name of the place or type the zip code. It will show a full report according to that. You can also get weather updates on various intervals like an hour, 5-day, 10-day, weekend, or monthly basis as well.

The home page is filled with weather-related news and articles. There is a dedicated section of maps to get real-time weather information with radar reports.

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SAT24 is another website to keep track of whether regularly. When you first land on the website you will notice that the viewable interface is quite narrow as compared to other websites in this best weather we.

The first section of the website reflects the same interface as Ventusky. You will get the exact features as on the Ventusky website. We have described this website earlier in this article. So check that out.

SAT24 website

The website also fetches weather information from other websites like Windy, Meteoblue, Darksky, and

Other main sections of the website are RainViewer (for rain forecasts), Sea Surface Temperature, Waves Height, Videos, Flight Radar, Lightning Radars, Earthquake Radar and Speed Test (for your internet speed), among some other options.

8. Windy

Windy is also a popular weather website. It features an awesome looking animated map to keep track of various aspects.

You can simply drag the map to view the weather around the world. Zoom in and Zoom out feature allows you to check the climatic condition of various places.

On the upper-left corner of the website, you will found a search bar. Enter any location and it will show you the weather report of that particular place.

Windy website

In addition to that, the site shows you about some other factors such as wind gusts, rain and thunder, temperature, clouds, waves, air quality and more. Click on the More layers options and it will show you many options on the right-hand side of the website.

9. Wetteronline

Wetteronline is a popular website in Germany to keep track of the weather. The website is completely on the German language.

If you want to access the site outside, then you can use the Google Translate feature as well. As soon as you land on the website using the Google Chrome Browser, it prompts you to translate it to the English language.

Wetteronline website

The home page is divided into various sections. You will find a real-time weather radar report with an animated map. Just below that, you will find the weather forecast report.

10. Weatherwx

Weatherwx is another website to track weather conditions around the world. The website is quite old looking but features the necessary things.

Weatherwx website

On the homepage, you will find world weather maps where you can see the maps with weather conditions. They have also categorized the weather reports according to continents like Africa weather, Asia weather, Antarctica weather, etc.

On the weather map section, you will find real-time maps with the necessary details.


So these are some of the best weather websites you can check for regular weather updates. This real-time forecast report helps us to decide what clothes to wear if you need to take an umbrella with you or grab some sunglasses etc.

Am I missing any accurate and useful weather websites on this list? Feel free to comment and let me know. If it fits this list, I would add it to this list also.

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