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Best City Building Games for Android and iOS

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City building games are very popular among gamers. Do you like these types of games where you get a chance to design amazing cities, colony, communities, and settlements?

City building games are one of the popular sub-genres in the gaming niche that one can really enjoy.

These type of games allows you to manage everything in your simulated cites. It is also very similar to strategy games where you have to apply your strategy skill to manage the various aspects of the city.

Top 10 city building games

Here is a list of some of the best city building games.

1. City Mania

City Mania appCity Mania is one of the famous city building app available for both Android and iOS. This is developed by the popular game development company, Game loft.

The app comes with awesome features and you can make a beautiful city of your own. You’re your strategy skill and make your city unique and feature-rich.

Craft hundreds of gorgeous buildings in your city. Expand its diameter from a tiny peaceful town to a huge bustling metropolis. Decorate your city with landmarks, towers, waterpark, etc.

Build the emergency requirements of the city like the hospital, fire station, etc. Then you have to assign some jobs so that these things can be done.

You can visit your friend’s city and look around it. You will have some ideas that can implement in your city.

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2. Megapolis

Megapolis appMegapolis is the most famous city building simulator app. This game has more than 50 million downloads in the Google Play Store.

Build a stunning city with skyscraper buildings and towers. Ever wanted to combine Eiffel Tower, Statue of liberty and Stonehenge all in the same town? It is not possible in real-life but now it’s possible with this game.

Construct infrastructure such as a state highway for rush hours, Ring Road for vehicular traffic, an underground network for vehicles, railway stations for cargo and passenger trains, etc. Build an airport with a number of airplanes and send flights all over the world.

Build manufacturing industries and produce various stuff. You can sell it inside the city or transport it to others. Build up a military base inside the city, develop new weapons and enter the arms race.

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3. The Tribez

The Tribez appThe Tribez is a cool game where you can explore the virtual world of tribes. It will provide you unique experience and allow you to know tribe cultures.

Explore new islands and enjoy their unique village’s structures. Explore the lost island and find the last surviving dinosaurs and some strange creatures.

Build your own tribe and make your own tribe village. There are tons of items, characters, building structures, and decorations for the village. Plant some crops and drop some water. Harvest it and supply to your peoples.

The cool thing about this app is, it does not need an internet connection. You can play it anytime and anywhere without worrying the internet connectivity.

There are hundreds of quests and explore some hidden treasures. There are many mysterious valleys to explore also.

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4. City Island 3

City Island 3 appCity Island 3 is another popular game in this category. This game is rich in graphics so that you will feel like a real city.

There are more than 300 items to decorate your city and make it beautiful. Build skyscraper buildings or high towers. Make some parks or tourist places to attract the citizens of the city.

Create some new buildings and allows new peoples to live in your city. Make roads for them and provides all the necessary requirements.

There are various challenges to complete and you will get some rewards in return. This game does not require an internet connection so you can play offline.

Design your island according to wish using a wide range of items.

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5. SuperCity

SuperCity appIf you like to build virtual cities then SuperCity game will for you. Using this simulation game you can build a marvelous city.

The power of the app is its decorative items that you can use in city building. The app contains more than 1000 unique buildings and decorations materials.

Beautiful graphics with attractive color and style will give a next level feeling. Harvest various crops in the free lands and export them in the city. Increase your economy by setting up various manufacturing plants.

Build relationships with other city builders and invite them to visit your city. You can also visit their city to grab some strategies. There are various quests and much more to explore.

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6. TheoTown

TheoTown appTheoTown is a cool city building simulation game that allows you to build stunning cities. Use the lands to build your various components of your city.

Use construction materials and start building a skyscraper or normal house. Repeat the same process and build as much as you can in the defined areas.

Build cities similar to New York, Tokyo, Las Vegas, San Francisco and more. Seriously you can build any type of building and make it beautiful.

Construct broad highways to solve overgrowing traffic. Solve the traffic problems inside the city by creating new connecting roads.

Build urban or rural areas for farmers and workers. Arrange the power supply of your city by building electrical power plants, solar power plants, and fusion plants.

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7. Paradise City

Paradise City appParadise City allows you to built stunning cities in the seashore. Unlike other games on this list, here you will get a chance to build your beautiful city in the bay of the sea.

At the beginning of the game, you will have a vacant island. You will have you build your city here using the various construction materials. Then you can convert it to the beautiful metropolis on this paradise of islands.

Build seaside hotels & resorts to give it for rent. Build some roads to connect the various builds and make the communication easy. There are 9 different island paradises and 200 plus buildings and farms to unlock.

This game doesn’t need any internet connection. So play it without any hustle.

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8. SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt appSimCity BuildIt game is also the most popular game in the city building game category. This game also has the Editor’s Choice award.

There is a number of features that allow you to make a beautiful city. Build skyscrapers, parks, landmarks, roads, airports, railway stations, factories, and much more.

Assign various tasks to peoples and make the job done. Build fire stations, hospitals and other necessary things that are needed in a real city.

There are various challenges that you have to solve. It helps you to grow to rank. John Mayer’s community and get a chance to meet other players. Collaborate with them and grab some ideas. Apply them to make your city beautiful.

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9. Dream City

Dream City appDream City is a fun game where you can build skyscrapers with your design skills. There are hundreds of construction materials that you can use to make a beautiful city. This is also a good choice if you are looking for free city building games.

Pick any landmark and you would good to go with it. Now you can utilize your design skill to make that place into a beautiful house or a landmark. Build Eiffel Tower, Angkor Wat, Sydney Opera House, etc. inside your city and makes it a tourist place.

Collect hundreds of unique houses, civic buildings, businesses, and landmarks. Create scenic view places like a harbor. Walk around your city and explore new places.

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10. Townsmen

Townsmen appTownsmen is a combination of city building games and strategy also. In this game, you will get a chance to build ancient palaces, castles and many more.

Unlike other games on this list, here you can develop your tiny village to a grand medieval empire. Find the best spots for mining ore, harvest various crops of your farms and collect coins as taxes from your citizens.

Build your military and pack your armors and swords. Protect your village from the angry neighbors and trend your army for this.

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So these are some of the best city building games for Android and iOS. If you want to have some fun or just want to burn some free time, then these games would be helpful for you.

Do you know any game that should be on this list? Then feel free to comment and let me know.

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