10 Best Autotune Apps for Android and iOS

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Many people like to sing a song. For some people, it is a talent and others want to sign as a result of a happy mood or in the bathroom. The song is one of the most emerging industries and becoming more popular due to short video platforms.

There are many auto tune apps available to make your song better. It is also known as pitch correction and this is why many singers are singing in movies.

You need to have a smartphone and an auto-tune app to get started.

Best pitch correction apps

There many pitch correction apps available. But we have collected some of the best autotune apps that can make your song better.

So let’s check them.

1. StarMaker

StarMaker is of the most famous singing app and music community. No matter which category of the song you like this app contains millions of songs with high quality music and roll lyrics.

This app allows you to record your karaoke with various voice effects like Vinyl, Distant, Party, Warm, Fascinating, etc. There are also various options to fine-tune your song and make corrections.

You can use the pitch correction feature to make you sound like a pro singer. There is a huge community of singers and song lovers. You can join it and get valuable advice for the world’s leading singers.

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2. Tune Me

Tune Me is the ultimate auto-tune app that records tracks with pitch effects. The collaboration feature automatically syncs vocals with beats.

You would get over 500 beats in that app and you can use it for free. The app performs fast processing and records full-length music.

There is also a pro version of the app. With the pro version, you can record multiple lines in your track or recover over your mistakes. It is also ad-free and you can create a chorus-like effect of duplicated vocal tracks.

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3. Voloco

Voloco is another best Autotune app that processes songs in real-time. Using this app is very easy and you can start correcting your music after installing the app.

This app comes with 8 vocal effects. Select a beat from the beat library containing thousands of songs to rap or sing over. If you want to make final editing in other apps then you can export it from the Voloco app.

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4. Rapchat

Rapchat is another free auto-tune app to record the song the spot and add vocal effects. The power of this app is the number of beats present in it.

Rapchat contains more than 20,000 free beats to choose from. You would definitely get your favorite one here.

Your rapper journey should be started with a name. Use the Rap Name Generator feature inside the app to create an unforgettable rap name for yourself.

Sing your rap and use the auto vocal tune for a better song. After making final modification, you can share raps on Snapchat, Instagram, Soundcloud, and more

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5. Super Voice Editor

Super Voice Editor is one of the best voice changer app effects for voice editor. This allows you to use the voice recording feature to record songs anytime.

You would get some important features in the editor like MP3 cutter, voice changer, and audio tuner among plenty other.

After singing a song you can erase the unnecessary parts and fine-tune the remaining.

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6. Smule

Smule is a very popular social singing app. Currently, this app has over 100 million downloads in Google Play Store. This app has all the features you would ever need to make your song of high quality.

Use the record function to sing and add studio effects. The pitch correction feature allows tuning while you sing in real-time. This way your song will automatically be corrected and you would get a clear and high quality song at the end.

This app had a massive library of songs. Smule allows you to upload your song to their platform and became popular.

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7. AutoRap by Smule

If you want to be a rapper then AutoRap by Smule app is for you. With the AutoRap app, you can record a rap song with an impressive beat in a matter of minutes.

Just choose your rap style and the app will add beats to your song automatically. There are many beats available in the app and you can use them for free. If you have an original beat then you can upload it to the app.

Join the AutoRap community where you would get thousands of rappers and explore great songs from the community. You can share your song on the community and ask for feedback.

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8. Song Maker

Song Maker is another app used for pitch correction. The app contains a lot of beats that you can use in your song. You can be stating recording your sing and add various beats right away.

If you ever searched for beats to add in your YouTube video, then most of them come with copyright issues. This app offers hundreds of loops and sounds to mix in your song without the copyright issues that usually come with downloaded music.

After adding beats and loops you can save it and share it with friends.

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9. Pitched Tuner

Pitched Tuner claims that the app is designed for musicians and singers. You can quickly and easily tune your musical instrument using the microphone on your Android device.

This chromatic tuner app works with a wide range of devices violin, mandolin, flute, guitars, voice, and more. As you know the background sounds and instrument tones play a great role in any music.

So tuning them using this app will improve the performance. The app has a very easy to use interface and you can easily tune any device.

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10. BandLab

BandLab is an auto tuner and social media platform for singers. Throw in creative music effects, beats, loops, and vocals from hundreds of free sound packs available inside the app.

Use the multi-track digital audio workstation (DAW) to record songs live or import, mix, splice, and tweak tracks for the perfect mixdown. You can remix any track and make your own mashups.

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So these are some of the best autotune apps available for Android and iOS. Many believe that there is a hidden singer in all of us. If that’s true then we can fine-tune it. The above apps would be helpful for this.

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