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Android P, Full Name And All You Want To Know

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Whenever Android releases a new version it is in the trending news. Nowadays Android is more famous than Apple. When Android P release (March 8), people are more excited. There are some special features in Android P. Here I am going to discuss the new Android P features.                                   

What is Android and it’s different variants

I think the silliest question. What is an Android question in mid of 2018? I’m pretty much sure all of you know about android. The mobile operating system now a day’s present on all smartphones and tablets. But there are some devices like i-phones and other which are not working on Android.

So let’s come to the point, Android is the mobile operating system developed by Google, based on a modified version of Linux kernel and other open source software. It’s designed for touchscreen phones and tabs.

Google then developed android TV for TV, android AUTO for cars, wear OS for watches and many more. Different types of android also used on gaming comforts, digital cameras, PCs and in other electronic devices. After reading the Android P features you will get much clearer.

Day by day Google develop new versions of Android and add some new features in it to maximize the performance and customer satisfaction. Google also releases apps. Here are some best Google apps. There are lots of variants present from the starting of android like.


Code name

Version number

Initial release date

(No codename)


September 23, 2008

(Internally known as “Petit Four”)

1.1 February 9, 2009


1.5 April 27, 2009
Donut 1.6

September 15, 2009

Eclair 2.0 – 2.1 October 26, 2009


2.2 – 2.2.3 May 20, 2010
Gingerbread 2.3 – 2.3.7

December 6, 2010


3.0 – 3.2.6 February 22, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich

4.0 – 4.0.4

October 18, 2011

Jelly Bean 4.1 – 4.3.1

July 9, 2012


4.4 – 4.4.4 October 31, 2013
Lollipop 5.0 – 5.1.1

November 12, 2014


6.0 – 6.0.1

October 5, 2015


7.0 – 7.1.2

August 22, 2016

Oreo 8.0 – 8.1

August 21, 2017

Android P


May 8, 2018 (beta)


I think you may know all these things. Then You can skip these things. So here comes the best part. I am sure that you can find some things here.

Android P full name

Although there is no official name released by Google, Still here is some prediction.

Who doesn’t love pancakes? Maybe Monsters and terrible people. This is the strongest name suggestion.

Another prediction. Imagine the day with Popsicle. Who doesn’t love a cool popsicle on a sunny day of work?

I think you may like pizza. Someone said pizza is life. Why not Android P will be Android Pizza?

Another strong competitor. Pound Cake. From a historic European appetizer to an American classic, the pound cake is an essential dish.

Google will release the name and no need to extend the list with many more name starting with p.

You guess, what will be the name.

What is Android P beta

As we know Google is looking all around the world and continuously trying to do something out of the box and developing new features for better performance.

So now Google launched the ninth version of Android which is called as Android P on March 8, in Google I/O 2018. But (Android P)  is not it’s the original name, its original name is coming soon.

Though it has lots of new interesting helpful features, unfortunately, it not supported in all the latest smartphones.

New features in Android P

Now let’s have a look what more Android P bring with it for us.

  • New user interface for the quick setting menu.
  • Notification design has been changed, i.e you can find more rounded icons in the notifications and the icon color change to blue when they enable if you go to the setting you can see the icons on the left are in different colors.
  • You can change the older navigation bar to the newer one by – go to setting>system >gesture >swipe up on the home button >enable. Now you can see a pill like a button in the navigation bar. After that short swipe up the home button you can see the recent activities and long swipe you will see all apps. It also allows to access recent apps by swiping right, it acts as a spring like a button.
  • App action, with app action feature your phone use AI not just select apps but suggest you on the base of your likes and usage.
  • A screenshot button has been added to the power options. Long press the power button you can see a screenshot option present there to take a screenshot. This feature also available in the quick setting menu of some smartphones.
  • Adaptive brightness feature improved with the help of AI. i.e after adjusting the brightness of your phone 2/3times, AI understands your preference and recommend the exact level of brightness to you depending upon your lighting conditions.
  • It redesigned the volume slider, i.e there is also an option for control the media volume as well as call volume. So that you do not fumble between media and call volume.
  • Adaptive battery saving feature that will increase the battery power by limits the apps that are not used more. So that you will get perfectly optimized battery life.
  • You also have the experience of accidental rotation of phone screen when you operate it during bedtime for watching videos or doing something. But in Android P it will no longer interpret you, an icon arises near to the right of recent apps icons If you want to rotate the screen then just tap on that icon. Otherwise, the screen remains the same, it will not change automatically.
  • A DND mode available, i.e when you place the phone face down it will mute all types of notifications and calls and messages also but you can choose the contacts who can call you at that time. If you say “sursh” to the Google-assistant which is the command for the DND mode, it will activate this feature for you.
  • A dashboard feature available which provides the details of how you used your phone for the whole day. It also includes stats like how many times you Unlocked your phone, how much time you spent in total, what time you used the current apps, how much time you surf the internet or even make calls.  This feature will help the users to set a time limit for some apps to make sure that they are not spending too much time on apps like YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. When the uses time exceeds from the set time limit, the app on the home screen becomes greyed out to remind users of their goals, you will also get a recommendation from an app like YouTube to take a screen break. Is not it a good feature?
  • Google also brings a new feature called “wind-down’ mode in Android P. you will just have to tell the Google- assistant when you would like to go to bed. Then this mode turns the display color to black and white automatically after a fixed time, making easier on the eyes and helping the user relax before going to sleep.

So these are some special interesting features which you can find in Android P beta version.

Google says that all of those features are part of the company’s new digital wellbeing’s initiative.

Which feature you like the most? Leave a comment and let me know.

Can I install Android P on my phone

Good question. After seeing those special interesting features all of us want the Android P to be the part of our phones. But there is a question arise can your device support Android P? Most likely if you don’t have the device like Google pixel, Google pixel XL, Google pixel 2, Google pixel 2XL,

Essential phone, Nokia 7 plus, oppo R15pro, Oneplus 6Sony Xperia XZ2, vivoV9, Vivo x21 UD, Vivo x21, Xiaomi MI mix 2s.So if you don’t have these phones unlike you can’t enjoy the power of Android P.

And if you have a one from above phones, then surely you can install the Android P beta version in your phone and also enjoy the thrill.

If you have not, that’s ok. I have not also.

How to install Android P beta in your phone

If you have one of the above phones you can easily install Android P in your phone. If you have pixel devices the process is very easy. Open your browser just go to Android beta and signing up for access to the new release version of Android P. Make sure you are signed into Google with the account which tied to the phone you will be using.

After register, you will get a notification on your device about system update is available. And click on to update. After the update, you will see in the system that your device is running on the latest Android P version.

If you want to install the Android P on the non – Google devices, it takes a bit of extra effort. Just go to Google developers page and if you have the eligible device and you sign into Google the device will appear there and find your device click on ”get the beta” option, follow the process and complete the steps that will come after. By completing the steps, you will be eligible for a complete power pack performance of Android P. 

Congratulations, now you are in the dreamland of Android P. Enjoy.


Great technology should improve our life not distract from it and Google dedicated to building technology that is truly helpful for everyone. Google always trying to make technology better and simple. So every time it brings something exciting features that help people for better understand their tech uses, focus on what matters the most, create healthy habits for your family.

In the latest Android P, you will find all of these features, which will make your life little easier and take you to the next level of tech. Though the name of Android P is not confirmed by Google it is hearing that the name will be “pineapple “.

Unlikely this latest version of Android not supported in all new smartphones, but we have to hope for the best that Google brings system update for Android P  in our new smartphones in upcoming days and is also able to enjoy the latest beta version and its helpful features. As it is a beta version Google will soon release the stable version of Android P or Android 9.0, what you say.

Just wait and see what the name Google releases for Android P version is. Have you any name suggestion for Android P version. Leave a comment below.

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