How to Add Music to a Video Online for Free

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Videos have become an essential part of all of our lives in the past few years. Nowadays, videos are in all types of fields. They are in the marketing field, entertainment field, business field, education field, and many more.

All someone needs to make a video is a camera and some good editing tools. But videos without music or background music will be pretty dull. So, it’s necessary to add music to videos to make them exciting and outstanding.

For adding music to your videos, you will need some tools, so to help you find the best tool, here are some of the best sites that help you add music to a video for free.

Add Music Using YouTube Studios

YouTube studio was launched by YouTube a few years ago, and YouTubers widely use it to edit their videos before they post them on YouTube. All you have to do is sign in to YouTube studio from the menu on the left side corner select the options Content.

Click on the video that you want to edit, and again from the left side corner menu, choose the options editor; from the rows of audio, click on the option add audio track and take the help of the search filters to search and choose the audio that you want.

And then, you have to add the music and finally click on the save option, and you will have your video with music saved.

Tool for Adding Music

InVideo is another best tool that lets you add music to your videos. This tool has assembled a staggeringly natural stage that assists you with adding music to your recordings in just a few seconds.

All you have to do is log in or sign-up to this video editing tool and select a template as they have a wide variety of options in the template area, so choose the best one for you and then upload the video that you want to edit.

InVideo website

Now you have to choose audio from this tool lyric video maker and add it to your video. After this, finish up your edits, and there you go, you have successfully added audio to your video.

Add Audio Files to Videos Using Kapwing

Kapwing is one the best sites which helps you in adding audio and background music to videos. In Kapwing, you can attach an audio file and cut and paste the YouTube link or TikTok.

One can alter the timing, volume and even trim the video and sound layers, confine your video’s unique sound and mastermind a few clips together on the timetable. Using the Kapwing studio, one will be able to add as many audios as they want.

Kapwing website

One can also add several video layers. Using Kapwing’s easy editor option, one can add the music without any hassle. One can also loop the audio. But Altering video and sound from a similar window isn’t an alternative, and this is one of the only obstacles while using Kapwing.


VEED is an online site that allows you to add videos to your music and that too for free. You can add unique soundtracks and background scores for your videos using VEED.

VEED has a very easy-to-use editor, which helps you edit your videos and add music to your videos much more straightforwardly. One plus point of VEED is that you can eliminate the already present audio and add another audio. website

VEED also has an option called ‘clean audio,’ which allows you to make the audio for your video crystal clear and that there isn’t any type of interference in the audio. All you have to do to add audio to your videos using VEED is to upload the video that you want to add the music to and then click the option audio and upload audio.

You have your audio added and then save the video, and you have the audio added to the video and ready to be published.

Add Audio Using the Online Converter

It is a video tool that will help you to merge your audio with the videos. You can also replace the already present audio from the video and add another audio of your choice. The subsequent video has a similar span as the first video, and if the new sound is more limited than the source video, the sound will naturally start looping.

You can set the volume and start position of the recently added sound. And the format of the output will be MP4. Using the online converter to add the audio to your videos is simple; you have to select the video you want to add.

Then you have to select the audio and click the add option, and there you go, your video is successfully merged with your audio. But online converters only have the essential video editing tools and will require much more time to merge the audio with the video than the rest of the sites.

Use is a website that is used for adding audio for videos. All you have to do to merge your audio and video files is upload them. This process of uploading might take much longer than the other sites as the maximum MB of files is already set.

Pixiko website

So, the videos must not be too long as you will not add music to them. After you have uploaded the audio and the video, all you have to do is simply click on the button which says ‘merge,’ and the site will combine the two files, and you will get your video combined with the audio. At last, you will have to click on the ‘done’ button the video is saved. 


Music has always been something that draws the attention of everybody. By adding music to your videos, you will be able to attract more people. You can use any of the above-given sites for merging your videos with the audio of your choice and making a video that stands out from the crowd.

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