Google Chrome New Update – Now Surfs Internet Without Any Internet Connection

Google is now rolling as the biggest brand in the internet world and makes sure that it is not going to disappoint its user in any way. Every time when it brings an update in its products, it sniffs around that this going to assist it’s using all the way ...
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download Amazon Prime video to PC

How to Download Amazon Prime Video to PC and Mac

Nowadays way of watching movies, sports, serials, News and TV shows has been changed due to the technology and speed of the Internet. Now we can stream our favorite contents anytime and anywhere if there is no Internet connection also. Just download them when you have an Internet connection and ...
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Top 5 YouTube to WAV Converter

If you are looking for the best YouTube to WAV convertern then you are in the right place. Here we will discuss some of them. YouTube is skyrocket nowadays. YouTube was started as a small video shareable platform to a giant multi-billion dollar company owned by Google. It has millions ...
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amazon prime music download to pc

How To Download Amazon Prime Music To PC

If you are a music lover then you must have too many songs in the Playlist of your computer and also have some music apps. Do you know? There are some music apps which provide service for free and some provide with a cost. Do you know how to download Amazon ...
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Android P

Android P, Full Name And All You Want To Know

Whenever Android releases a new version it is in the trending news. Nowadays Android is more famous than Apple. When Android P release (March 8), people are more excited. There are some special features in Android P. Here I am going to discuss the new Android P features.                                    What ...
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common android user’s mistakes

Don’t Do This With Your Android Phone – Common Android User’s Mistake

Today almost everyone has an Android smartphone. This operating system is easy to use, which is why new consumers also understand it easily. During the use of Android phones in a few days, we start to understand you as a parent. Do not say when faith increases even more then ...
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best rooting apps for android

15 Best Rooting Apps For Android

So finally you decided to root your Android phone. You are going to step foot in the OZ land of enhancing features. Modifications, special application, and custom ROMs await you. As you are here means you must be searching for the best rooting apps for Android. I am going to ...
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what is a DAT file

What Is A DAT File And How To Open It?

Hello, readers so you have a lot of confusions and doubts on DAT file like How to open a DAT file? How to convert DAT file? How to download a DAT file? And how to open a winmail.DAT file? How to open a DAT file on Excel? etc. etc. So, ...
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why is my phone overheating so quickly

Why Is My Phone Overheating So Quickly (Explained)

Is your phone overheating? Don’t worry, it is not only your problem. Most of us face the same issues. Sometime you may fire-up and ask yourself to know why is my phone overheating so quickly. First, let me clear one thing, your phone doesn’t heat itself. It may completely depend ...
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how does wireless charging work

How Does Wireless Charging Work On Phone

We live in a world of wireless. Communication became more fast and reliable. We are using various devices and using wired charging from our childhood. Whenever we need to charge a device, we connect a power cable and go. But do you know you can do this wirelessly? Here comes ...
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