best gaming phone under 15000

Best Gaming Phone Under ₹15000 To Buy In 2018

At a certain period of time, it was considered that video games could only be played on Pc as it has a separate high-quality processor(the CPU), motherboard, RAM and comes with intensive graphics design which offers a better experience to users. True, but the problem is you can’t take your ...
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water cooling

How Does “Water Cooling” Work On Phones?

Smartphones are getting smarter each day. There is a flood of technology used in today’s smartphones. Manufacturing companies are making the smartphones super sophisticated. This industry has seen a dramatic increase in the last few years. We have seen advanced technology like water cooling (liquid cooling), in display fingerprint scanner ...
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Best Smartphone Under 15000 With Good Battery Backup In 2019

Who else doesn’t want a smartphone with good battery backup, which kept you charged up for a whole day or for days on a single charge? If it comes at the affordable price range, then it is even better. So, as per the needs and requirement of costumers companies are ...
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New Xiaomi Pocophone F1 – Xiaomi’s Affortable Flagship Phone

Xiaomi is going to launch a new Pocophone F1 model in India. Xiaomi confirmed the date as August 22. The phone will be the affordable flagship phone of Xiaomi. The name of the phone will Xiaomi Pocophone F1. The may be expected to be with the Snapdragon 845 processor with a ...
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how to move apps to SD card without rooting

How To Move Apps To SD Card Without Rooting Your Phone

Is your phone running out of space? Is it showing a pop-up with “insufficient space” written over it, whenever you want to store something? Do you want to know how to move apps to SD card without rooting your device? Well, most of the time this problem arise if you ...
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how to save a video from Facebook messenger

How to Save a Video from Facebook Messenger and from Native App

Facebook has become the biggest social media network having millions of active users. Have you seen any video and ever wonder how to save a video from Facebook messenger? Well, maybe. It is that platform where you can share your photos, videos stories, etc. But the video has dominated all. It ...
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why is my phone battery dying so fast

Why Is My Phone Battery Dying So Fast (Solved)

Smartphones are the biggest gift from the technology world to humans. Day by day as technology becomes powerful and stronger, smartphones are becoming more effective. Nowadays the common asking question from every smartphone user is “why is my phone battery dying so fast”. This is pulling all of us towards ...
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how does keylogger works

What is keylogger and how does it works actually

Technology has become a part of our life. In day to day life, PC or laptop is like one of the common things everyone using. Do you know your input activity on the keyboard can be tracked through keylogger? After hearing the word “keylogger” suddenly there are many queries comes ...
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Best Funny Face Video Apps for Android

People are making fun of their own face and voice by using funny face video apps. People generally get irritated when someone makes fun of their face and voice in front of them or by drawing irregular shapes on their face and dubbing their voice in photoshops or by using ...
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Spotify to mp3 converter without recording

Top 8 Spotify To MP3 Converter Online

Music plays a great role in life. Have you ever intended to download music from Spotify? Then you need Spotify to MP3 converter for this. At the stage of high-speed internet connectivity streaming online music and videos are very common and also on trending. There are a lot of platforms ...
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how to read a deleted WhatsApp message someone sent you

How to Read Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp? This is one of the most common questions my friends ask me. So I think it is the right time to make some research and make an in-depth article for this. WhatsApp, we may use this at least once a day. It becomes ...
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3D animation apps for Android

Top 10 Best 3D Animation Apps For Android

Showing your caliber always gives you pleasure and confidence, it does not matter what is the field in which you work, if enjoy your work then you will definitely succeed. But remember you have to do things in your own unique way and try to give your best. When it ...
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Instagram downloader online

12 Best Instagram Downloader Online (Free)

A picture says thousands of words. Instagram is the most famous photo-sharing social media platform. Now Instagram also launched its own video sharing platform IGTv as well. Do you want to download some pictures or videos from Instagram? Do you know what is the best Instagram downloader online? When surfing ...
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how to download video from Facebook to computer

How To Download Video From Facebook To Computer

Facebook has become the number one social media platform. In today’s internet loving world, Facebook is life for some user. The user base has consistently increased day by day. Millions of images and videos are uploaded on Facebook every day. You may have been using Facebook and also uploading your ...
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Google Chrome New Update – Now Surfs Internet Without Any Internet Connection

Google is now rolling as the biggest brand in the internet world and makes sure that it is not going to disappoint its user in any way. Every time when it brings an update in its products, it sniffs around that this going to assist it’s using all the way ...
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download Amazon Prime video to PC

How to Download Amazon Prime Video to PC and Mac

Nowadays way of watching movies, sports, serials, News and TV shows has been changed due to the technology and speed of the Internet. Now we can stream our favorite contents anytime and anywhere if there is no Internet connection also. Just download them when you have an Internet connection and ...
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Top 5 YouTube to WAV Converter

If you are looking for the best YouTube to WAV convertern then you are in the right place. Here we will discuss some of them. YouTube is skyrocket nowadays. YouTube was started as a small video shareable platform to a giant multi-billion dollar company owned by Google. It has millions ...
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amazon prime music download to pc

How To Download Amazon Prime Music To PC

If you are a music lover then you must have too many songs in the Playlist of your computer and also have some music apps. Do you know? There are some music apps which provide service for free and some provide with a cost. Do you know how to download Amazon ...
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Android P

Android P, Full Name And All You Want To Know

Whenever Android releases a new version it is in the trending news. Nowadays Android is more famous than Apple. When Android P release (March 8), people are more excited. There are some special features in Android P. Here I am going to discuss the new Android P features.                                    What ...
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common android user’s mistakes

Don’t Do This With Your Android Phone – Common Android User’s Mistake

Today almost everyone has an Android smartphone. This operating system is easy to use, which is why new consumers also understand it easily. During the use of Android phones in a few days, we start to understand you as a parent. Do not say when faith increases even more then ...
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