best apps like Omegle

20 Best Apps like Omegle For Android And iOS

The network of social media platforms has captured the internet users from all around. Though they are on different platforms according to their likes and uses but the purpose is always the same i.e. chat with regular or new friends. Do you know some of the best apps like Omegle? ...
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drinking game apps

Best Drinking Game Apps For Android And iOS

Drinking has become a common habit among most people. It is now even not age restricted. Some people drinks for fun and some makes it a habit. There are some drinking game apps available for Android and iOS. A stress full day in the office and after that, a party ...
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best bill reminder app

15 Best Bill Reminder Apps To Keep Track Of Bills Due

Every month we pay a lot of bills. But it is a headache for someone to remember the bill amount and due date. In a result, we forgot to pay bills in time and sometimes pays extra amount. Have you heard about bill reminder apps that are making life easier? ...
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dance apps

23 Best Dance Apps For Android And iOS

Many people want to learn dancing or want to make some fun, but few of them know about dance apps. Dance is a fine art, so whenever we see someone showing some great dance moves, one thought come to our mind that “I wish I could dance like this”. But ...
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Xiaomi Redmi Y3 – Budget Selfie Beast

Famous smartphone manufacturing brand, Xiaomi launched its latest Redmi Y series phone. The latest released Redmi Y3 is a successor of the existing Redmi Y2 handset with huge improvements. Let’s see all the details about Redmi Y3. Redmi Y3 comes with a 6.26 IPS HD+ water drop notch display. In ...
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Gmail schedule

Gmail’s 15th Birthday Update: Now You Can Schedule Emails

Believe it or not, but Gmail has now been with us for 15 years. It was first announced on April 1, 2004. Now Google is celebrating a decade-and-a-half of existence and has added some new and improved features. The biggest update is email scheduling. This is one of the much-awaited ...
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Vulkan Runtime Libraries

Vulkan Runtime Libraries – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

The world is full of strange things. One of the strangest named in PC world you'll come across is Vulkan Runtime Libraries. So after heard this word, many questions arise. Do you know what is Vulkan runtime libraries? It seems like malware or virus much time due to lack of knowledge. But ...
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Android launcher apps

15 Best Android Launcher Apps Of 2019

The dominance of the Android operating system over the smartphone industry is due to the endless customization opportunities that it offers to its users. Then comes launcher Apps which gives a complete makeover to Android smartphones. Android launcher apps give you an option to make your phone's UI beautiful. Every ...
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how to backup WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

How To Backup WhatsApp From Android To iPhone (Easy Ways)

Social media networks turn out as an essential part of our daily life. There are many social media Apps present on Play Store but Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube are on trending. All the apps have some interesting unique features that attract people every time. Among them with ...
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Password Checkup

Google Launches Chrome Extension That Detects Stolen Account Details

Google is celebrating the safer internet day by spreading some awareness. Meanwhile the tech giant has launched a new Chrome extension called Password Checkup. It will become in your browser and help protect your account from third-party data breaches. This new tool has the intention to keep your data secure ...
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best registry cleaners for Windows 10

17 Free Registry Cleaners for Windows 10

Are in search of free Registry cleaners for Windows? Then you have landed in the right place. Well, most of us using Microsoft Windows as an OS of computers. Microsoft recently releases a new version of windows called windows 10. When it comes to the Speed of PC, it is ...
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best Android strategy games

Best Android Strategy Games In 2020

For hundreds of years, we are using strategy in various sectors. Our ancients made strategies to keep himself alive in the stone ages. If you turn the history you can find more example of strategy where the big battles are won only for good strategy. Nowadays people also love that ...
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best puzzle games for android

10 Best Puzzle Games For Android

You might have heard that solve puzzles increases your IQ level yes! True. But not everyone can able to solve puzzles. To make your mind sharp and refreshing it is a great choice to go after the best puzzle games for Android. Since puzzle games challenge your brain, so you ...
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6 Best Taxi Apps And Ride Sharing Apps For Android

Taxis are the best option if you want to travel shorter distance independently. But traveling alone might cost you a little more. Thanks to the evolving technology that brings some best taxi apps and ride sharing apps for Android as well as iOS devices also. These apps changing the way ...
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World’s First Foldable Phone Launched

The world is running after the new and advanced technology. From notch display to in-display fingerprint sensor, Face ID to in-display camera we have come across many new technologies this year. We have heard a lot of rumors that this year, a new foldable phone will be there. We may ...
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Top 10 Uses Of MS Excel In Daily Life

Life is full of tasks and daily routines. The daily routine may vary from person to person, but we have to perform them. As technology has impacted our daily life we can’t think a world without it. In our day to day life, we are using various technologies to make ...
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how to backup iPhone contacts to Gmail

How To Backup iPhone Contacts To Gmail (Easy Ways)

Whenever you switch your old phone to a new one, a big question arise in your mind and i.e “How to backup all the data from an older phone to a new one”. What is your previous device Android or iPhone it doesn’t matter because of all we need to ...
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how to hide your IP address

How to Hide Your IP Address (and Why it Is Necessary )

In today’s era where malware attacks are becoming very common, there is always a fear of data hacked. Once you entered the internet world, it is possible that anyone can hack your account and can reveal your data. You can’t control that thing. But can hide your IP address to remain ...
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Best PDF Compressors to Compress Large Files

Are you searching for the best PDF compressor? Then you are in the right place. We are now in the digital age. To tie off with the growing technologies we have to walk a step to step with them. As the internet and computer have become our part of life, ...
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What Is eSIM? – Everything You Want To Know

We are using mobile phones for decades. We have crossed through several technologies. The first mobile phone is not like as it is today. With the mobile phone, one SIM card is mandatory. As you know the SIM cards hold a unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number that confirms ...
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